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Published on 08/28/2011 at Sun Aug 28 04:10.
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Denver Broncos rookie linebacker Von Miller (58) chases down Seattle Seahawks running back Justin Forsett (20) during their pre-season NFL football game in Denver August 27, 2011.  (REUTERS/Rick Wilking)

Denver Broncos rookie linebacker Von Miller (58) chases down Seattle Seahawks running back Justin Forsett (20) during their pre-season NFL football game in Denver August 27, 2011. (REUTERS/Rick Wilking)

The Von Doom Machine is a thing of blurred orange and blue beauty.

Arms flailing, cleats churning, the pass rushing duo has proven to be an insurmountable pair to every foe they have faced. Incredible speed off the snap from rookie Von Miller. Power and experience from 2009 sack king Elvis Dumervil.

And, to the keen eye, notable adjustments from both players as the game moves along. Different angles against the same player. Bouncing off blocks in unexpected ways. Evolving attacks that render revolving quarterbacks.

The two combined for 3.5 sacks Saturday in a 23-20 last second victory over the Seattle Seahawks that showcased what promises to be a vastly improved defense from the unit the Denver Broncos fielded last year. The first team defense surrendered only three points and 39 yards in one half of play. For the third straight week, the Broncos’ starting defense shut down its opponent. Seattle’s only offense-driven touchdown came in the fourth quarter, with their starters playing against second and third-string Broncos defenders.

“I think we’ve shown some promise,” head coach John Fox said. “We’ve still got a long way to go because this is still preseason. This was our most extended play in the preseason, and I’ve been pleased with the progress we’ve made on defense. Obviously we thought a lot of Von Miller to draft him in that spot and getting Elvis back is huge, both in the locker room as well as on the field, so they’re a pretty good little tandem.”

“It is great to have a mentor technician that can show me how to be a better pass rusher,” said Miller. “Anytime you have someone that is better than you, you can learn from them. It makes the learning curve a lot easier.”

Injuries to D.J. Williams and Brodrick Bunkley leave them in some questionable waters, but one can only be impressed by the tenacity, discipline, and talent (yes, talent) this Broncos defense is displaying.

The offense, on the other hand, was more of a mixed bag.

Kyle Orton and his fellow starters simply began the game on the wrong foot. The unit began its first series committing back-to-back penalties, and the first three Broncos’ possessions resulted in two 3-and-outs and an interception.

By the second quarter, things had improved, but it wasn’t until the third quarter that the offense really clicked.

“This is pro football and this is the NFL. We’re not going to go up and down the field every week,” said Fox. “That’s why it’s a team game. I think we did struggle—some of it was self-inflicted and some of it was inflicted by the Seattle Seahawks, but I thought we regrouped. We fought back, and we made some adjustments at halftime which is critical in Game 3 of the preseason. I thought we had a nice drive to start the third quarter.”

Orton’s third quarter touchdown drive was indeed a thing of beauty, a great series for him to end his preseason campaign, and an excellent way for him to stamp out any doubt that may have creeped into fans’ or critics’ minds through the first two quarters of the game.

Tim Tebow, who had been under heavy scrutiny this week but had few opportunities against Buffalo, entered the game in the third quarter. Tebow was his usual self — chaotic behind center. Fun to watch. Impressive outside the pocket. He had his usual batch of fumbled snaps and underthrown targets to go with a handful of impressive plays, however, and it’s clear he’ll settle in his backup role this season.

The Broncos again looked dominant. Again one hesitates in getting too excited, since the competition was not good, but, Tarvaris Jackson or not, the Broncos didn’t allow the opposing quarterback to outperform his reputation Saturday. For years, we know they would have. This defense, led by Von Doom, promises to be a game-changing unit.

  • Danno

    At least our defense is no longer a weak hitting late to every play joke.  We need DJ and Bunk…I hope they are OK.  They may now wear orange again.

  • AtomicLeo

    Am I the only one who has visions of Rivers laying on the turf? :evil grin:

  • Greg Stant

    anyone think prader should be using dip on the sideline?

  • LarryB

    What was wrong with Kyle's second quarter play? And how were the penalties of the first quarter, along with the dropped pass by Fells – which would have resulted in a first down – and the CB sack – from Franklin's whiffed block – attributable to Kyle? I thought he did a superb job in all three quarters.

    On other fronts, the Broncos have the best O-line, pass rush, and secondary in the Division, and they are on a par with San Diego in receivers. If they can avoid any more major injuries, they are going to be a tough nut to deal with for the other teams.

  • anthony33

    I know it's VERY early, but V Miller looks every bit the number two pick in the draft.  If, and that's a very big IF, he and Doom can stay healthy, we may have the best pass rush tandem in Broncos history.

    Man, that dude is just flat out quick.

    Tebow, I hate to say it, still looks lost when trying to find open receivers.  Granted he was playing with the #2 O-Line that gave him no time, but I was a little dissapointed. 

    Orton was Orton. 

    Magahee has a nose for the end zone.
    Julius Thomas may be the steal of the draft.

    Didn't see much of Rahiem, but then again the VDOOM gave Jackson no time to get the ball down field.

    Decker is a player.

    1st team O-line will be the best line in the NFL within 2 years.

  • Broncosfanwjl

    No! I'm right there with you!

  • Jon

    All preseason I've been hoping they can keep this up for San Diego, get phillip on the ground!

  • chickenmanlives

    as a life-long, and true, bronco's fan i'll definitely support orton since he's our starter, but his second quarter performance was not good.

    the cb sack highlighted his inability to avoid the rush.  most semi-athletic quarterbacks, in my opinion, would have easily side-stepped that sack since he had such a good look at him.  elite qb's need to be able to avoid those types of sacks.  he also should have stepped up into the pocket in that situation and not taken a 16 yard loss – then, even if he does get sacked, it's a 5-8 yard loss.

    kyle is clearly smart and can make the tough throws (how about that laser to decker in the seem?) that qb's need to make, he's just very stiff and has limited athletic ability in the pocket.

    and that interception?  i thought at first that the end dropping into coverage was hidden from his view but after watching the replay it appears he could clearly see him and still chose to throw it right to him.  an unbelievably bad decision.  the worst qb decision of the night in my opinion.

    i think kyle will never be an elite quarterback.  those two plays highlighted why.  that being said, hopefully with a better running game and much-improved d, he can win us some games this year while we look for a longer-term solution.

  • R8rh8r

    Orange Julius Thomas and Cinco Ocho are awesome!

  • NMBronc-in-DC

    Great summation.  Completely agree.  The only thing that can be added is that the secondary did provide 2 or 3 coverage sacks.

  • Rcsodak

    Honestly, I didn't see one thing that I was impressed by in regards to TT's play. He looked lost. Confused. Dispirited. And then terrible.

    I believe he just played himself into the #3 spot.

    I have much more faith in Quinn this year, but fully expect fox to take advantage of the new #3 qb rule and have TT packages.

  • Nisse

    ortons misstakes are few and far between. but he still makes misstakes.

    he did just have his first born child come into this world aswell, and you cant really find a better excuse than that for not playing as good as we know he can.

  • areferee

    I'm not sure how you arrived at confused and dispirited, but “terrible” is just flat wrong, if not all three.

    Exactly how is 6 for 11 in passing for a 15 yard plus average, terrible?  I must remind Tebow detractors that he has had precious little playing time so far and only with other young reserve players.

    I support Orton and Quinn as well, but let's not acquiesce to the likes of Merril Hoge and “Boomer” Esiason without justification.

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  • herc_rock

    How big of an idiot is Pete Carroll for kicking that field goal at the end?  I still can't believe it.

  • Jjohnston5280

    Tebow only throws screen passes fumbles and is horribly inaccurate. This is ortons team. Ask brandon Lloyd who he'd rather have throwing him the call.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    no you're not

  • Dakota Fan

    I saw a shot of Kyle Orton where it looked like his lower lip was casting a bigger shadow than Pikes Peak. I was surprised that so many of them still chew…

  • dbroncs24/7

    I'm sick of this whole Tebow is so inaccurate b.s. So far he is 6/7, 1/2, 6/11 a total of 13/20 or 65% for the preseason. When in hell is 65% completion percentage horribly inaccurate??? Don't get me wrong Orton looks better and is the starter, but I'm still getting visions of last year when he looked great while we were in the lead or early in the game but at the end was a non-factor. Color me skeptical. I hope he proves me wrong.

  • Tdbrigade

    I am in the same thinking.  Until Orton wins games in the 4th quarter, I won't trust him at all.

  • Redna

    Nate Jones is gone!

  • virginiabronco

    absolutely agree!

  • virginiabronco

    All great points except I don't remember being in the lead much last season!

  • td30ismvp

    He has blasted Tebow at every turn, even an article about Doom and Miller…ignore it.

  • Rcsodak

    How? Cuz I watched him. Did you? He looked every bit as I said. And screw Hoge. I don't need somebody else to see with my own eyes, so you can drop the blame game.
    And stats are shit. He could have been 1/2, and still shitty if the one missed was a mile off.
    He slow. Tentative. Lost. Confused.

    Maybe you missed his turning the wrong way and running into the rb?

    BTW. DJ out 3-4 wks. But don't expect him back til after the bye, imo.

  • dbroncs24/7

    You're right we were…. until our atrocious sad-excuse for a defense let teams stomp us into the ground as if we were a pee-wee team, then came the air sacks and choking of Mr. Orton

  • 5280

    How is it not obvious to everyone why Tebow isnt doing so well.  HE'S BEEN RUNNIING WITH NOTHING BUT THE SECOND TEAMERS!!!!!! how can you prove anything when your line cant block, your runners cant run, and your recievers drop everything thats thrown to them. there were 4 or 5 dropped passes that tebow threw in the right spot, and a few would have saved drives.  it wasnt confusion you were seeing out there by Tebow, it was frustration because of having to deal with the lack of talent. he had defenders breaking free and coming at him from all angles and STILL  broke tackles and rolled out of the pocket nicely on the run and still had no one open.  ive said it before and ill say it again: If fox were to let him run with the first teamers and customize some bootlegs/playactions/option plays for Tebow we'd all get a good look at what he can really do for Denver.

    I dont want to say it so early and jinks it, but IF they stay healthy(minus who they've already lost to injury) and IF they keep up this exact style and agressive play, this defence can easily crack the top ten this year hands down.  I havnt seen that much destruction by a Denver D in quite a long time. I mean Von and Doom were constantly 3 yards up the field before any blocker even touched them. SO QUICK!  and the coverage on the back end was flawless.  they actually got the ball off a couple times and bailey swatted one away from Mike williams and Cassius vaugn looked like lightning out there. i think recievers are actually already afraid of moore out there.  And can you guys believe how well Dawk came off the edge rushing the passer?!? he almost had a sack and he swated a ball! They were just all over the place. Obviously it was only the seahawks just like last week it was only the bills, but if they consistantly play like they did saturday, then right now we can at least say they'll stomp all the bad offences they face, and you couldnt even say that last year.  i cant wait to see this defence against a top rated Offence to see what they really got. Its gonna be a good year defencively.

  • Fan From Spain

    What he said

  • TD30isMVP

    DefenSively speaking, if the defenSe can stop the run and they keep them in 3rd and long situations then Doom/Von will tear it up.  I think the defenSe will see many more screens this year since those two are pinning their ears back and motoring to the QB.

  • Fan From Spain

    What he said

  • TD30isMVP

    DefenSively speaking, if the defenSe can stop the run and they keep them in 3rd and long situations then Doom/Von will tear it up.  I think the defenSe will see many more screens this year since those two are pinning their ears back and motoring to the QB.