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Published on 08/12/2011 at Fri Aug 12 11:59.
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The Broncos kicked off the 2011 preseason last night in Dallas when the team lost in a thrilling 23-24 Thursday night match. Highlights of the game can be viewed below; more plays after the jump.

The above video shows quarterback Kyle Orton‘s nice connection with Eric Decker and one of Willis McGahee‘s carries but also leaves out several other notable plays. One of which can be seen below:

That was a rather comical play (minus McCray being injured) and seems to have become the norm for quarterback Tim Tebow. It was exciting, but Tebow is going to get himself killed if he keeps playing so recklessly. The clip of Head Coach John Fox talking with Tebow is classic. Though it’s not nearly as classic as this or even this (that just reminded me of this which led me to this).

In the above video, Brady Quinn throws a strike to undrafted free agent wide receiver Mark Dell who recovers after being hit and gains a few more yards. Dell looked impressive in camp, if he keeps it up, he could find himself on the 53-man roster.

That was depressing. And what’s more depressing is how identical it looked to how our defense was last season. Thankfully, that was second and third team players — but still. That’s what the preseason is for though, better to happen now than in the regular season. (And heck, that kid is fast.)

If Tebow had led receiver Matt Willis a little more that play could have been a touchdown. Willis made up for dropping a long bomb from Tebow last preseason though by making a nice play on the ball.

That’s all the film for now, what was your most memorable play of the game?

  • Delucat31

    Thanks so much for posting those classic video links to last season! I couldn't get the last “this” to work though, I can only hope it was the video I think it was. Which was:

  • herc_rock

    The Tebow scramble.  Maybe the silliest thing I've seen since Orlovsky.

  • herc_rock

    Quinn's TD pass was nice.

  • poop salesman

    the bronx need to cut teebz AND ortz and hire that guy who through 400tds in canadia. or air bud.

  • poop salesman

    the bronx need to cut teebz AND ortz and hire that guy who through 400tds in canadia. or air bud.