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Bronco fans, we are only a limited amount of hours away from our precious preseason opener. I’m super stoked for this match up, so I’m doing this article real big. Time to name your starters and those who will also light up the show! Brace yourselves, it’s a long read.


QB: Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow, Brady Quinn

John Fox is no liar. Kyle Orton will play 12-15 snaps. In those snaps Orton will have a nice couple of throws here and there but will probably lead Denver to a field goal or two. I’m not expecting any touchdowns during game one and on the road.

After Orton’s showing Tim Tebow will come in (if Fox doesn’t want a mutiny from the fans) and most likely play until the mid-way or towards the end of the third quarter.

Brady Quinn will have the rest of the fourth quarter to himself. Adam Weber will most likely keep the bench nice and warm. Hey, there’s always game four buddy.

RB: Knowshon Moreno, Willis McGahee, Lance Ball, Lendale White, Jeremiah Johnson, Brandon Minor

Knowshon Moreno and Willis McGahee will likely play out the first half. Once that’s done, Lance Ball needs to be ready to be the preseason work horse at the running back position. There is no doubt that Ball can make the squad, he’s just going to have to earn it, and there is also no doubt he’ll try his hardest.

Lendale White may get some reps if he is healthy enough. Jeremiah Johnson should be slated for some fourth quarter action. C.J. Gable is a bit too fresh to get some reps and Brandon Minor didn’t practice before the Broncos left for Dallas, but he may heal up in time.

WR: Eric Decker, Matt Willis, David Anderson, D’Andre Goodwin, Britt Davis, Mark Dell, Jamel Hamler

Eddie Royal and Brandon Lloyd both sat out the last practice before leaving so I’m not certain if Fox will risk their safety. Royal and Lloyd are champs and they got nothin’ to prove to no one.

In the absence of the starting two, Eric Decker, Matt Willis, and David Anderson will take the starting three positions.

TE: Daniel Fells, Dan Gronkowski, Julius Thomas, Virgil Green, Donte Rosario

Both Daniel Fells and Dan Gronkowski may get the start, but Julius Thomas and Virgil Green will get all the fun. Richard Quinn is currently injured so he won’t probably see any time, which isn’t too good for someone on the bubble.

OL: Ryan Clady, Zane Beadles, J.D. Walton, Chris Kuper, Orlando Franklin, Herb Taylor, Russ Hochstein, Seth Olsen, Chris Clark, Stanley Daniels, Manny Ramirez, Jeff Byers, Adam Grant

After the starters leave it will the line up will probably look like (from left to right) Chris Clark, Stanley Daniels, Manny Ramirez, Russ Hochstein, and Herb Taylor. After that the Broncos should look to plug and play due to the lack of depth.


LDE: Robert Ayers, Jeremy Jarmon, Jason Hunter, David Veikune

Robert Ayers will leave after his 12-15 snaps and then Jeremy Jarmon will have to prove why Denver traded for him. FEX obviously saw something in Jarmon if they wanted him in the Jabar Gaffney trade. My guess is that Fox will give him a lot of play time this preseason.

Jason Hunter will see some plays in the third and fourth quarter and David Veikune may see some limited time as well.

DT: Brodrick Bunkley, Kevin Vikerson, Marcus Thomas, Ty Warren, Ryan McBean

This position is where the 12-15 starter snaps rule may be broken. With Louis Leonard and Mitch Unrein hurt the Broncos will be forced to play some of these guys more. Ryan McBean may play every quarter after the second.

RDE: Elvis Dumervil, Derrick Harvey, Jeremy Beal

John Fox will probably get Dumervil off the field as soon as possible. Once Dumervil departs Derrick Harvey will have the second and some of the third. Beal will come in during the fourth to try to make the squad.

SLB: Von Miller, Lee Robinson, Mike Mohamed

Von Miller will leave before the first quarter is over. Lee Robinson may be ahead of Mike Mohamed on the depth chart but Mohamed should see more playing time.

MLB: Joe Mays, Mario Haggan, A.J. Jones

Unfortunately Nate Irving is injured so he probably won’t play.

WLB: Wesley Woodyard, Braxton Kelley, Deron Mayo

D.J. Williams is still injuried so Woodyard will get the start on this one.

LCB: Champ Bailey, Cassis Vaughn, Perrish Cox, Chris Harris

Cassius Vaughn has had a great camp so he will see a decent amount of starting time.

RCB: Andre Goodman, Nate Jones, Syd’Quan Thompson, Brandon Bing

Syd’Quan Thompson sat out of the last practice before tonight’s game so he will most likely not play. However, since he’s had an amazing camp I will keep him in my lineup out of sheer hope.

SS: Brian Dawkins, Kyle McCarthy, Quinton Carter

It will be interesting to see how Coach Fox splits up the reps between McCarthy and Carter. In the end I think Carter will see more playing time due to the fact that he’s a rookie and Fox has some of his future invested in him.

FS: Rahim Moore, Darcel McBath, David Bruton

How cool is it going to be seeing Rahim Moore lined up next to Brian Dawkins? Every time you read about Moore, you’re just ecstatic to have him on your team. Moore is respectful and one hell of a player. I hope Moore stays in the game longer than the 12-15 snaps. Darcel McBath and David Bruton will have a lot to prove to make the roster. McBath, however has had a better camp and it doesn’t seem like Fox wants to keep Bruton around this season.

Peformers of the night

Tim Tebow, Jeremy Jarmon, Julius Thomas, Matt Willis, Mike Mohamed, Darcel McBath, and Lance Ball.

Phew! That was a whole lot to take in Denver fans. If there’s typos or grammatical errors in this one… sue me. What do you think? SPEAK UP! How will this preseason match go?

  • Jon

    I think Lance Ball and Von Miller will have big nights.

  • MrEast

    I hope Miller does, but his time will be limited.

  • steeplebomb

    Player I'm most excited to watch on Offense: KnoMo!  It will be interesting to see if shedding that weight can give him a little more speed to break some big ones.  Hopefully it doesn't make his durability suck more than it already does.  For defense, I'm looking at you Von.  Come off the strong side and take Romo's head off and/or stuff Felix Jones on a goal line stand with a monster hit.  Rahim Moore is a close second here.  From the sound of it, we may have a hit with that pick.

    Player I'm least excited to see:  Snorton (or maybe Dorton? no? too much?)  My guess as to his stat line.:  4 for 7, 100 yards, 0 TD & 0 INT, 3 points total offense, and one rush for negative 6 yards that occurs after he is flushed from the pocket on 3rd and long and is outrun by a 330 lb DT.  Who wants to take a bet?  Tebow's rushing total multiplied by 4 will be greater than Ortons total offense. 

    Anyway, so begins my annual hunt for reliable online streams of the games.  Anyone got any links?    I'll have to check out ATDHE or whatever that site is called. 

    GO 'Murica. Go Broncos. 

  • MrEast

    Tebow for 384 rushing yards? I like it!

  • steeplebomb

    Haha yes please.  I meant multiply the Teebs production, so in this case 24 yards (x4) to get to Orton.  Maybe a little stupid but still, watching him scramble during broken plays is more exciting than Orton, even if he is having trouble with other elements of the offense.

  • 12508

    I just hope the starters stay healthy. I can't watch because I'm in NY. For the regular season I hope to see a couple of things. 1. Moreno turns into the every down back we need. 2. Tebow gets the job and just wins games. Even if they are ugly. 3. The defense becomes a factor. Turnovers!!! It's been a while since we took the ball away when it matters. 4. Home field advantage. Teams had problems in Mile High. Crowd noise was unreal. You could feel it through the tv. I hate to say it but I think Orton just puts everyone to sleep. I would rather see Tebow throw two picks,throw for 200, run for a td, throw for one, and win ugly.

  • Jon

    I would consider 1.5 sacks or more a big night, I think he can do it in two drives – that would be beastly!

  • Dominick AKA BIG D O

    this should be a pretty underwhelming performance….anxious to see if Tebow can step up any if at all… hopefully they make him throw that long post to the sideline that he struggled with last season. If they do, I'll know a good deal of what I need to after he does… 

    Looking to see how Clady and Dumervil look in their limited time… wanna get a look at Miller on defense too.. 

    It's pre-season so I'mma take a look at the Bolts/hawks game on ESPN too and some of that Iowa republican debate which should easily be the higher form of comedy of the night… 

  • Danno

    I am a little worried about Orlando at right tackle…Not just a rookie but questionable in pass coverage.  Harris will definately be helping Vick protect his blind side.  This may be a big problem.

  • john

    Don't think ya want to go to Iowa there sport, better just keep an eye on TT & so you can get what you need to “know”.

  • 12508

    I agree with Danno. I'm a Harris fan. Rookies at OT scare me. Franklin was a stretch in the second round. Hope he proves me wrong. I think this will be the first test for EFX. If they get this one right we are moving in the right direction. If Franklin stinks I'm gonna wish we went with Austin at DT. Let the games begin.

  • T-Money

    Wow really?  1 and goal at the 3 and you throw it 4 times (one was a free play)… and then walk away with 3 points… after running it for 40 yards on the drive… reallly?

  • B Atkins63

    How do you throw a long post to the sideline??

    Maybe you should stick to Wi & basket weaving.

  • B Atkins63

    Yep. There's orton & Denver's best chance at winning. Kind of looks like Carolina of the past 4-5yrs…only worse.

  • Dominick AKA BIG D O

    whatever, you know what I mean a deep out to the sideline you fuck boy… lol…

  • B Atkins63

    No, I DON'T know what you mean. Tebow threw the deep out , very well, if I recall.

    Now go ice your labia, dumb ass.

  • King

    LOL !

  • Rcsodak

    I'm still waiting for Julius Thomas to shine.

    Ipad/public transportation/no coffee?


  • Rcsodak

    Way to back your teams qb.

    Fans like you, who needs the raiders.

    Don't be a cheapass, and spend $20 on

  • MrEast

    The staff didn't use him for his catching talents that game. Thomas was given a lot of blocking assignments. After the performance he gave last night it is clear that he needs all of the practice he can get on that.

  • Teebow for a 4th!

    Mccoy/fox have some 'splaining to do. 1st drive of the yr….SCORE A F'N TD!

  • rcsodak

    And I know its hard to temper feelings on rooks…..but we need to. Even Miller.
    Going against GFosterx2 in practices isn't what he can expect to see down the road.

  • steeplebomb

    Just because I disagree with you doesn't mean that I'm any less of a fan.  If Orton is on the field, I will support him just like I do with everyone else on the team.  But that doesn't mean that I have to pretend to like every single personnel decision made by the front office.  To suggest otherwise sounds like sanctimonious bullshit to me.

  • poop salesman

    “get ya tickets?” really?

  • MrEast

    poop salesman? Really?

  • Odle

    I hope everyone's not too disappointed when Moore's preseason glow disappears.  'Bout to see McBath shine.

  • Texas_D

    I hope everyone's not too disappointed when Moore's preseason glow disappears.  'Bout to see McBath shine.