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Published on 07/29/2011 at Fri Jul 29 19:37.
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Sadly, Mebane won't be wearing Orange and Blue this season. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

The hits keep on coming.

It appears the Kyle Orton trade has fallen through.  The Broncos didn’t accept the Dolphins offer and now Miami has moved on.  With few other teams in need of a quarterback willing to accommodate Denver’s demands, the Broncos are now stuck with Orton.  There’s a chance that they don’t mind.  Maybe that was the plan all along.  If that is the case, it makes the situation all the more frustrating.

The news comes a day after running back DeAngelo Williams, a player many Bronco Maniacs had on their wish list, re-signed with the Carolina Panthers.  On top of that, reports that running back Willis McGahee had signed surfaced earlier today but are now being retracted.  As of now, McGahee is not officially a Bronco.

Capping off a depressing day, heavily desired Seahawks defensive tackle Brandon Mebane has re-signed with Seattle.  And here’s the killer: Mebane signed a 5-year, $25 million deal — something the Broncos should have easily been able to match.

In defense of the Broncos Brass (Head Coach John Fox, Vice President of Football Operations John Elway and General Manager Brian Xanders), Denver is going through a rebuilding period.  It will take more than one offseason to fix the Broncos defense and it may not be realistic to think quarterback Tim Tebow is ready to lead the team to the Promised Land (which is Indianapolis this season).

Hopefully the Broncos still have plans to sign a solid defensive tackle.  What are your thoughts on all that’s gone down today, Broncos country?

  • cj

    Rocky Bernard got cut from the giants. wouldnt mind him or Ty warren. Warren is scheme diverse. Cullen Jenkins is to expensive. idk we arent aggressive enough in anything we do. Im gonna be the first to say it… Maybe John John And Brian dont no what the hell there doing

  • VinceMarine

    I think we lost out on Membane and Williams because they didn't want to leave the cities they were in.  Membane was quoted as saying he wanted to stay in Seattle.  That is tough to compete with no matter how much money is involved. 

    The whole Orton mess is what makes me mad!  Just trade him already and get it over with.  If we get a 3rd or 4th round pick then take it!  We can't afford his cap number and still try to fill all the holes we have.  I hope Xanders and Elway haven't given up the season and try to build slowly.  IMO we need to be aggressive and go out and get what we need. 

    I'm interested to see these supposed DT's they are brininging in this weekend.  I haven't even heard of them!

  • anthony33

    They haven't done squat.  I saw a report on ESPN this morning saying again that the Broncos (Bowlen) are cash strapped.  They hired Elway to “pretend” they were serious about rebuilding and to appease us idiot fans that actually believed it.  Don't know if Elway and Xanders know what they are doing or not, but clearly there are bigger issue than what meet the eye.

  • Jon

    I heard that Miami didn't even officially offer a trade for Orton! Nobody even wants him.

  • Jack

    +1000 dude. We WILL NOT get any DTs with talent just whole bunch of below average ones! #1 pick here we go

  • Mhhurricanes

    IIt seems everyone is signing players but us. Either we have money or as some reports state we don't. Let's be honest it just makes no sense to sit and watch teams sign HIGH QUALITY PLAYERS AND WE LOOK AT SECOND RATE SITUATIONAL PLAYERS. I realize this team won't get fixed in one off season but enough all ready get us one HIGH QUALITY PLAYER THAT WILL BE A STARTER LONGER THAN THIS PRE SEASON. I'm tired of hearing excuses and double talk. Get us 1-2,quality impact player before they are all gone. If Bowlen does not have the money to field a contender than sell the team or sell part of it to get financial help. To many teams are blowing by us and improving leaps and bounds over us.

  • Matthewbstreeter

    McDaniels got all of the blame for poor transactions the last few years but maybe Xanders was a large component of that.  He seems to lack either the fortitude or motivation for doing what needs to be done to fill the gaping holes in this team.  So much for restoring hope to the orange and blue faithful.

  • cj

    the last couple years john fox has signed like no free agents. That's why Carolina has so much dough. Fox likes to rebuild a team through the draft, but looking at his old draft picks the only success was defense and RBs.

    I dont see us signing hardly anyone. Maybe some of Foxs leftovers and some over the hill Halfback (McGahee) however this Vonta Leach talk is exciting

    I think all of us need to come to the conclusion that Kyle Orton is a Bronco this season and Tebow's development will lose half a season if not a whole year…. We need to shit or get off the pot

  • Jack

    if you are 20 mill under the cap how is that McDs fault?

  • Wwqq4321

    It wasn't Fox's decision not to sign FA when he was at Carolina. Their owner is a cheap ass and let most of their core players leave without getting anything in return.

  • DakotaFan

    What do we hear every year? Kyle Orton is the clear front-runner in camp. Every damn year we hear that and I naively think he will stay that way but he never does (average arm, feet of concrete). I have nothing against Tim Tebow, but for the second season in a row (the ONLY two years I've felt this way in 35 years of being a Broncos fan), I'm going into it with very low expectations. Anything at or above an 8-8 record would be surprisingly pleasing. I like to stay positive, but how can you?

  • BroncoMan24

    Its pretty sad when we get excited about signing a FB.  I mean don't get me wrong I like Leach, but just saying.   Don't take this as me getting on you.  I have seen so many people comment on other forums about how we are in the race for Leach and it just bothers me to think this will be our best pick up in FA.  Who knows… Maybe in a couple days things will be different.

  • td30ismvp

    you have been a fan for 35 years and only recently you have gone into a season with low expectations?  You must have been a delusional kid.

  • td30ismvp

    Perhaps, they realize this is a marathon and not a sprint, the last decade of overpaying players that didn't pan out is being replaced with some sanity.  Maybe they understand that we are rebuilding and that panicking and being overly aggressive and reactive will not help.  This mess will take a few years to clean up, not a few high priced free agents.

  • IrishBronco

    Exactly correct!! And in the article above it says “in the defence of Elway and Xanders…”, there is no defence.
    We have sat around and watched all the other teams be aggressive and spend money!
    Why couldnt we have sent Orton to Arizona for Rogers Cromartie?
    I think Arizona may have liked that deal more than the 1 they give the Eagles considering they wouldnt of had to give a 2nd round pick aswell!

  • flbronc

    based on the last cba, we would be about 9M over the cap.  we were able to wipe off dead money from shannys and mcd's failed players.  the new cba got us a do over.

  • anthony33

    He certainly doesn't appear to be a cheap ass now.  All the DeAngelo Williams talk of him being a Bronco because Fox was here… well he almost instantly sign back with cheap ass.  What does that tell you about Fox and the whole Carolina situation???  All their woes were blamed on the owner last year.  Not so sure.

  • dbroncs24/7

    Yea because now owners HAVE to spend money due to the new cba.

  • Wwqq4321

    exactly….Carolina was something like 50 under the cap bottom. He had to spend the money. Thats why Fox knew  he was going to be let go before his last season with Carolina. The owner ran down the payroll's during the un-capped year and left Fox and the rest of the coaching staff young inexperienced players. It wasnt Fox's money to spend!!

  • JRODZ19

    Three years ago, the “Experts” were jamming the fact down our throats that we absolutely didn't have the players to suddenly switch to a 3-4 defense under Mike Nolan. Heard the same thing two years ago & more of the same last year. Now we go back to the 4-3 – under yet another defensive coordinator. It's important to keep in mind those kids who wouldn't fit in the 3-4, are all now 4th & 5th year players – originally suited for the 4-3. It's not time to panic about the D-Tackle spot. We will be MUCH better stopping the run this year. Without our lineman having to drop into coverage & our LB's flying around like they can, we'll be MUCH improved. Dennis Allen & Fox are a HUGE upgrade in shaping a defense from the slackers we've had under Mc-Dummy. We'll be fine and we won't have to break the bank to do it.

  • DakotaFan

    LOL- didn't know any better as a lad, apparently. Guess we shouldn't have won XXII and XXIII (listen to me saying “we” like I played on that team!!!) Just makes me wish there was SOMETHING to get excited about. C'mon, John Fox- make me BELIEVE!!!

  • DakotaFan

    LOL- didn't know any better as a lad, apparently. Guess we shouldn't have won XXII and XXIII (listen to me saying “we” like I played on that team!!!) Just makes me wish there was SOMETHING to get excited about. C'mon, John Fox- make me BELIEVE!!!