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Published on 07/29/2011 at Fri Jul 29 11:04.
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Another year in head coach Josh McDaniels' system has quarterback Kyle Orton looking better than ever (

Is everyone ready for another season of Kyle Orton? Whether he starts or not, you better brace yourself for the neckbeard. The Dolphins have signed former Panther quarterback Matt Moore to a two year deal. Moore will compete with Chad Henne for the starting job.

The fact that Moore was signed in lieu of Orton means that the Dolphins were more interested in acquiring a player to compete with Henne rather than some to start over him. Orton was tempting, but in the end it was just too expensive for the Dolphins’ front office to roll the dice on.

It looks like Denver fans are going to see Orton vs. Tebow round two at training camp this year. As of now, it looks like Orton is winning.

  • MeOMy


  • NMBronc-in-DC

    For F*&^s Sake!  I don't recall ever hating a Bronco's player…ever, until today.  This offseason just went from bad to f&^*$^& aweful.  $&^#%$ &#^%#$% *#&#^%#%$^%#

    And I am not on even on the Tebowagon; I personally think Quinn will beat him out.  &#*$&^#$ *#$&(#$^*&# (*&#$^**#$  #$(*&^#$(.

    Well, that settles it.  My Elway jersey stays in the closet until that Pu$$& is no longer wearing the Broncos uniform.

  • T-bone

    WTH? Way to create more drama Xelway…

  • Ronster

    Face facts folks.  The job of players and teams is to collect Ws.  The qb's main mission is Ws, not to pound into the line, improvise a nice run, make you jump up and spill your brew, or get himself hurt.  Orton is the best candidate to do the W thing this season, AND if TT does make it to first string next year, or even earlier, he'll be in a better position to collect Ws then because he was sitting this year.  Now go get yourself another beer.

  • T-bone

    Personally, I'm happy paying Tebow to sit on the bench for another year.  Orton just needs to play smarter (avoid turnovers, scramble for more opportunities…) and remain healthy.  Having Moreno/McGahee combo should help take the pressure off the passing

  • NMBronc-in-DC

    5 wins in his last 19 starts.  Orton isn't the best candidate to piss out of boots if the instructions were on the bottom. I actually fell asleep watching Orton flail all over the field last year.  No beer needed.

  • Mike Birtwistle

    Well its Denver's (slight) gain and the Dolphins major loss.

    The only reason a team led by Moore and / or Henne won't finish bottom of a division with NE and NYJ is because Buffalo are even more clueless.  Unless they're hatching an Andrew Luck master plan.

  • Broncomania

    Damn…..why keep him this year, when you know hes not the long term answer and he probably will not be here next year.  Why not trade him and get anything for him rather than release him this year or lose him next year. The Broncos were probably demanding to much and now they get sh*t.  Sure Orton is a pretty accurate passer and more accurate than Tebow, but when a play doesnt go as planned and breaks down, this guy folds under pressure and he cannot scramble and make a play.  He act as if he has ankle weights on when he moves.  Im so pissed right now and that Mcgahee signing is aweful.  Hes def not a every down back, just short yardage back.  I rather have Marion barber  The front office of the broncos hasnt done anything good yet.  Im not completely sold Tebow either but  i rather give him a chance to see what hes got and win 3-5 games than have 6 year veteran and win 3-5 games. Come on bronco fans, im not bashing Orton but you know what he as to offer, he just doesnt have it to lead the broncos to playoffs and def not back to the superbowl.  We would be wasting time and def a lot of money

  • dogheadbrew

    Orton must be the most  snake bit QB in NFL history.  The dude can't buy a break.  I'm not saying it's the best idea for the Broncos to keep him, but he is a decent QB, that should have earned a shot to be a solid starter for an above average team.

    Either way, the Broncos need a clear cut starter at QB.  With Orton and Tebow on the roster I don't know how that's going to happen. Timmy needs to go out there and either step-up or fail, so we can move on.

  • MrEast

    I agree with all of those points completely. 

    I don't know what Elway and Xanders are doing.

  • mountiandave

    La Canfora  posted” don't read to much into the Moore signing”. It is a two year , $5 million deal.  Is it a good “poker  play” on The fins part? I doubt it, the worst team in the league gets a shot at Andrew Luck for a  paltry sum compared to what he would have cost 2 years ago.  I personally think the Broncos  might eventually trade Orton for very little or just cut him. The issue of his salary cap numbers seems to be a bigger issue.    That said, I think he would win more games the TT this year, but I doubt the Broncos are on a one year plan, more like a 2-3 year plan.

  • King

    I disagree.  Why do you think the Bears got rid of him?  Teams don't deal players they want to keep. 

    Orton would make a stellar back-up QB in the NFL.  There is nothing wrong with that.

  • td30ismpv

    The Tebow haters will say, “yay”
    the Orton haters will say, “*&^%$*(&^”
    I say….yawn, whatever doesn't matter if Elway is behind center, we still won't stop the run without some DT's.

  • NW Bronco Fan

    Why all the hate for Orton? As I recall, he only played on offense and they put up decent numbers.
    However, the defense couldn't stop a squad of cheerleaders. Most of the blame for last year falls squarely in the lap of the defense.
    An improved running game and a vastly improved defense will make a world of difference.

  • BroncoMan24

    Yeah I agree we could of handle this differently with Orton, but Barber or McGahee?  Barber is horrible.  He is a injury waiting to happen.  I believe that Moreno will improve over last year and McGahee will be the perfect compliment to him.  Yeah there were better backs out there, but don't blame Denver for not wanting to pay that much.  I guarantee you will see an improvement in our rushing this yr.

  • mountiandave

    TD30 and NW Bronco Fan, I agree 100%.  Without a HUGE improvement on the DL and Defense over all, this team is not going to win many games.  Question?  What would the implications be it they just cut him? I don't know enough about that to know if it is possible or prudent.   I  am sure that some one would  pick him  up if he is cut, but would he sign a reduced contract to be a back up?

  • MrEast

    “I say….yawn, whatever doesn't matter if Elway is behind center, we still won't stop the run without some DT's.”

    Ironically, Elway is behind center, and not signing DTs.

  • steeplebomb

    I'm definitely surprised that the Dolphins viewed a 3rd round pick as too much for Orton.  What they are essentially saying is that the marginal difference between a 3rd and 4th round pick is worth more than the possible train wreck of a season that can (and probably will) happen with Matt Moore and Chad Henne as their only options for QB.

    Even if the major sticking point for the deal was Orton's compensation and not what the Broncos FO wanted in return, it still seems silly to me.  Rumors are that Orton wanted a 3-4 year deal with around $6 mil per year.  That isn't really that much for a QB of his caliber.  If they go for a cheaper option for the future (like Moore or Henne) Let's say they save $2-$3 million per year.  With a cap of $120 million, is that savings really worth more to the organization than the increased number of wins that Orton could deliver?  Its not out of the question to think that an Orton-led Dolphin O in that division could get 3-4 more wins per season over the next 3 to 4 seasons.  That is huge!  Its not like they have to keep him until he's 40 if they sign him to a deal like that.  Every year, there are 4-5 teams in this league that are desperate for QB's.  Its not like they would be stuck with him forever. 

    I don't get it.  They are good enough that they aren't going to be in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes at the end of the season.  That division is tough.  Why not go for someone that compliments their strengths?  They are so worried about small details in this trade that they are willing to significantly decrease their chances of the playoffs rather than take a marginally unappetizing deal.  They are missing the forest for the trees.


  • td30ismpv

    behind a desk and not signing DT's…guess I won't complain until I see us play but from behind MY desk looks like we are not addressing the issues.

  • td30ismpv

    Don't know the numbers, but only his signing bonus is guaranteed.  Rumor is/was that we would cut him if we can't trade him.

  • AtomicLeo

    The team that surprised me was Arizona. Orton would have been a HUGE upgrade over what they have now and Denver's demands and Orton contract are peanuts compared to what they shelled out to Philly and Kolb. I was a bit surprised Miami was even interested in Orton. The Dolphins are looking for 'sexy' pick ups (see the Bush signing). Orton is not going to light the fan base up in Miami.

    My take: Miami tried low-balling Denver and Orton. Both walked away saying “Ah no thanks”. Good for them. Orton's the best option at QB today. Let Tebow earn the job. If he can't, so be it. The D needs a TON of work. We're at least another draft away before we can declare the D fixed. Let the Denver FO focus on the D this year and put an offense on the field that isn't going to lose games. 

  • NMBronc-in-DC

    Series 1:

    1st Down:  Orton hands off and then waddles away to avoid the possibility of contact.
    2nd Down:  Orton eide right by 4 ft.
    3rd Down:  Orton collapses.  Def got within 5 ft.

    Series 2:
    1st down: Orton screen left for 3 yards.
    2nd down:  Orton underthrows deep ball by 25 yards
    3rd down:  Orton hands off because the coaches know he just collapse to avoid any contact.

    Series 3:  ……………………………….

    I have a full life, except during football season when I am hopelessly committed to watching the Broncs.  Knowing Orton is our starter is knowing that a. we are playing for next year and b. there's 4.5 months I will never get back.

  • NMBronc-in-DC

    Not surprised, Not sexy, Of course they low-balled.  They know what Chi, Den and the world know.  He is a back up and is at his best with a clipboard, backing up a QB who god willing NEVER gets injured.

  • dogheadbrew

    The Bears didn't get rid of Orton, they acquired Cutler. If they hadn't had Orton in the deal, McD would have been run out of town a year earlier and the Bears would probably have a similar QB controversy, and all of that would have been awful… Maybe awful is the wrong word.