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Published on 07/27/2011 at Wed Jul 27 16:04.
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Quarterback Jake Delhomme has been released in Cleveland according to various reports.  He was due to receive $5.4 million in base salary this season so releasing the veteran with a very roller coaster career and re-signing backup Seneca Wallace was a natural decision for the Browns front office.Delhomme

Many NFL analysts have speculated on Delhomme landing in Denver as a veteran mentor for Tebow with Kyle Orton on his way out of town.   Brady Quinn can and probably will be a viable backup moving into the near future but he isn’t what we could call a veteran friend of the starter a la Mark Brunell in New York.

Jake would most likely be taking a huge pay to be a Bronco, but there isn’t likely to be much of an interest in an aging QB that can’t seem to produce consistently late in his career.  However, he could be a welcome addition at a low, near minimum salary to help Tebow and for that matter Quinn learn the intricacies of the Fox/McCoy system.  How do you feel about bringing in the awww shucks QB from Carolina Bronco fans?

  • robtink242

    i pray doesn't come close to the building.. how bout Marc Bulger or anyone else.. i rather sell season tickets for the raiders than have Delhomme a Bronco

  • MrEast
  • areferee

    About as good an idea as bringing in Brett Favre to teach the team how to properly retire.

  • Rob Bronco

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllll no!  A veteran QB might help in some situations but in other situations it can do more harm than good.  Tebow has been in the league for a year and has started three games.  He has an experienced head coach and experienced receivers and he has one of the greatest QBs of all time as a GM.  He understands the x's and o's of football – he doesn't need Delhomme fillling his head with crap.

  • chrislynch

    ABSOLUTELY NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!  Even a HELL NO for good measure.  It would not only be a waste of time, but also money we need for a pair of good DT's, and more help on that side of the ball.

  • herc_rock

    I'd rather let Nate Webster babysit my daughter.

  • MrEast


  • cj

    i dont see how brady quin is a better backup

  • robtink242

    Ok my take is if we trade Orton to Miami lets work in Orton for Randy Starks and a 4-5 round pick?


    Orton to Arizona..Orton and Ryan Harris for D. Dockett and a third round pick

  • cj

    julius thomas virgil green and mike mohamed all signed

  • Captnmusic

    No!,No,No! We already have  a good quarterback in Tebow. Delhomme we can do without. Team is starting to shape up nicely. Don't spoil this progress and make the QB position a mess. Tebow is a winner. He has poved that at UF and the three games he played in last year as a Bronco. He is a natural leader , he runs with authority , he throws well . Not too many QB' can do all those things well. Most Pro QB's are one demensional. With all our great coaches , the draft picks, college free agents etc, the players brought in this year have a lot of potential to win it all. Go Broncos.

  • cj

    Jake Delhomme wouldn't be a starter man. He would be a qb with 7 years of experience in John Foxs offense. Now how and the hell is that not a good point of reference for Tebow?! oh sorry maybe you think he should be talking to Brady quinn and Adam weber on the sidelines..  it doesn't matter what we think, john fox is going to sign him because he does know this offense and he is a veteran and prob wouldn't mind helping a young kid who wants to win in this league

  • cj
  • crazykid

    so Reggie Bush is traded to Miami. Drama!

  • Mike Birtwistle

    It would free up Brady Quinn to play defensive tackle….

  • Josh Temple

    *slams weight gainer 2000*  “There, now I'm done!”

  • Manold2008

    First off, we should have kept Orton for one more year and keep tebow on the sidelines to learn. Second if we get Jake the intercepter Delhomme and Tebow goes down who do you think Fox would put in there?? Jake thats who and then you can kiss the season goodbye!!  I dont think Tebow can give us more than 7 or 8 wins this season.

  • areferee

    OMG, Birt-Man!  That's hilarious!

  • carolina girl

    As a Carolina fan from NC – There is no one better to help Tebow learn the John Fox style.  Even though Jake has lost his edge as a starting QB – he is a GREAT team motivator and would be an asset behind the scenes to Broncos.  I hated to see both John Fox and Jake Delhomme leave Carolina.  However, it was definitely time for a change.  I also really wanted Tebow to come to the Panthers but you guys got him instead.  Just give it all a chance, they are all top notch guys!

  • Fillarde

    Jake Plummer plays a lot of handball, maybe he's in football shape.

  • Ronster

    Ditto.  I can't believe the Broncoland buy-in on letting Orton go.  He's just what we need.  And a 2nd-3rd rounder for compensation??–please, get real.  My support for McDaniels waned a bunch when he let Peyton Hillis go.  And the new Fox/Elway era begins with trading Gafney for who??  And letting Orton slip away?  Can the headshed really be buying into the simple-minded fandom that prays to/with Tebow.  Why?  To sell tickets?  I just don't get it.  That boy is going to need crutches welded into his armpits by this season's end if we start him all season. Orton is the man. And all I really know about him is what I've seen him do in our uniform.

  • Rick

    anyones BETTER  than Kyle Orton!!!!…DUMP KYLE ORTON!!!!….maybe Vince Young?

  • areferee

    I like your style Panther-Girl…

    Will you marry me?

  • Onetwentymmtrooper

    I thought Denver already had one of the greatest QB's of all time already on their staff.  Why is there even talk about bringing in a veteran place-kick holder.  Go Broncos! 

  • nancy

    well maybe not season tickets to the Raiders, but please what can Jake show Tim, answer nothing.

  • Nancy

    they do but John Elway doesn't play anymore, duh

  • nancy

    well maybe not season tickets to the Raiders, but please what can Jake show Tim, answer nothing.

  • Nancy

    they do but John Elway doesn't play anymore, duh

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