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Published on 04/28/2011 at Thu Apr 28 01:51.
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Von Miller rings the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange. (REUTERS/Mark Dye)

Von Miller rings the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange. (REUTERS/Mark Dye)

Chances are that by the time you read this you will have already read this. Meaning, there isn’t much that can be said at this point that hasn’t been said in terms of the 2011 NFL Draft. In an off-season that has been especially slow, two national networks dedicating daily chunks and hour-long programming to the draft and heck even we can’t shut up about it. The one thing fans of this blog and other Denver Broncos blogs around the internet can be proud of is that this season the Broncos bloggers ran circles around the local coverage. So thank you for your loyalty and let’s dive head first into what’s ahead of us for the next three days.

It is not often that the first pick of the draft is not known this close to the draft. It has been at least since the Houston Texans drafted Mario Williams over Reggie Bush in 2006. Sure everyone and their mother has the Carolina Panthers picking Cam Newton with the first overall pick in their mock drafts, that was until Carolina’s former head coach John Fox chimed in. Then the NFL Network’s Mike Mayock chimed in, then ProFootballTalk chimed in and now all of a sudden the Panthers may very well go back to picking the guy who people had them a month and a half ago… Nick Fairley Marcell Dareus. Where is Adam Schefter in this whole mess? Who does he have? We may have to wait until just before the draft to find out.

Early Wednesday evening rumors began spreading like a new release of Angry Birds, that the Broncos were in fact most interested in Von Miller, not Dareus as had again been suspected by nearly everyone in print and talk. The arm chairs took to Twitter and demanded, ‘Nay,’ ‘Smoke screen,’ and ‘No way!’ Beginning to speculate and check out what the Arizona Cardinals had to offer to move up and what the Houston Texans may be able to do to get into position to trade up.

Marcell Dareus (left) and Nick Fairley clown around atop Radio City Musical Hall.

Marcell Dareus (left) and Nick Fairley clown around atop Radio City Music Hall.

I’ll tell you one thing; the only thing we know for sure is that we know nothing. After spending four hours with 1,500 fans from all over the United States last night I can fall to my knees overwhelmed with the knowledge that no one knows anything. Last night you could literally turn from one person to the next and get fifteen different answers. It was Mayock this or Todd McShay that (oddly enough not a single soul mentioned Mel Kiper, Jr.), regurgitating what they’d read on their favorite blog, read in their favorite paper, heard their favorite analyst say, or saw with their own eyes during all those Saturdays watching college football.

Back to what we do know, Denver has the number two overall draft pick and Fox has stated that the team likes four players at that pick. Through a pure process of assumption we will say Dareus, Miller, Patrick Peterson and I’ll leave a wild card. I can’t say Nick Fairley, because I can’t for the life of me see why someone would want to give that young man $40-million guaranteed. So who is this mysterious fourth? Is it a quarterback? A defensive end? A running back? The Broncos have just recently realized that they’re in pretty desperate need for a wide receiver, is it a wide receiver? See… No one knows.

Here’s more of what we do know. Any team would be lucky to get Dareus, Miller or Peterson in the draft, but will Denver draft best player available or draft for need? No one knows. Are the Broncos interested in trading back, have they been completely honest with their interests and they would actually consider drafting a quarterback in the first round? Say it with me friends…

Here’s what I do know and a little back story on me. In my day-to-day life I do a lot of hiring and unfortunately a little firing. I hate firing, so what do I do? Over the last eight or nine years I became extremely skillful in hiring exactly who I was looking for, heck I even know within the first thirty seconds most of the time now. I have made mistakes and hired the wrong guy or gal in the past, but I learned from every mistake and haven’t made one in the hiring sector in years. Thus, no firing.

That is precisely why I eliminated Fairley from the conversation it has little to do with his obvious overwhelming talent and more to do with his interviews. I am not talking about what he’s said in print or what those in the know said of him and his interviews, I am talking about his live on-camera interviews. He’s just not someone I would hire. Not that he’s untrustworthy, he’s just not someone that I’d put my neck on the line for, that’s all. I am sure he’s a great guy and will have a wonderful career.

Now, Peterson, Dareus and Miller — Peterson especially, those are guys I would slam the table for. Men of immense talent, brains (no wonderlic jokes, please) and loyalty. While I hope that the Broncos come away with Peterson, I would not be disappointed in any of the three. I do feel that fans will be able to see what exactly they are getting with this new regime by the end of the day tomorrow though. Without free agency, trade or a draft, it’s impossible to measure progress. At the end of the day on Saturday night the Broncos staff will have done more good for Denver than has been done in arguably the last three to five years. I am sure the men calling the shots are very aware of that.

Last shot Broncos Country, who do you have at number two? State your claim now or forever hold your peace. Be sure to follow the live blog here at BroncoTalk tonight, tomorrow and Saturday for all the up to the moment analysis. I will also be live tweeting the draft from Radio City Music Hall tomorrow, so follow me at @theorangepage and I’ll probably even follow you back.

  • JayBailey24

    Could be smokescreen, but I have read enough to think Miller will be the pick at 2. Although I might change my mind tomorrow upon hearing more rumors.

  • MattDiz

    You will Jay. Broncos will select either dareus of peterson. Elway is my neighbor! I wont give it away@

  • Mike Birtwistle

    Screw the draft, there's a new Angry Birds release????

  • flbronc

    i would be a little disappointed if we end up with miller (in our natural draft spot). i feel like if you are going to draft based on need- dareus is the pick. if you are drafting pba- peterson is the pick. i am sure miller will be an alright player, but i am not that excited about plugging a projection player into a bad defense. i know dareus is a bit of a projection- but it is a scheme thing, not a change of position thing.

  • Scottey

    Coffee actually shot out of my nose reading this…..Dang it, I should know better.

  • 5280

    UPDATE ALERT: Jason La Canfora has said on Path to the Draft this morning that denver is one of the many teams trying to trade out of a pick, but not the 2nd pick. Denver might actually trade out of a 2nd rounder to get back into the 1st round to pick up more (defencive) talent. Also, a “last minute” report out of denver through the NFL network says that Denver is showing a lot of enthusiasm for Von Miller. Could Denver possibly be trying to trade with New England to get back into the 1st? Miller or Dareus? Are the chances of me being able to say “I told you so,” slightly higher then before?mmmmmmmmmmmmaybe….:-)

  • wyrob

    I agree.
    And I remember Fox saying in an interview a while back that the hard thing about the 3-4 is that it is difficult to project most college players to that scheme, and that's not the way he likes to analyze players.

  • Ian Henson

    It's getting to look like either Denver's telling everyone that the pick in Von Miller or they're doing a REALLY good job of smokescreening. Haha, they had me fooled last night when I wrote the article (I used Miller's picture in the headline).

  • Ian Henson

    Oh come on! We're all friends here!

  • Ian Henson

    Best comment ever. I try to drop at least one of these types of scenarios in everything I write just to make sure people are paying attention.

  • Ian Henson

    Armchair analysts and those in the know have been debating whether he can play 4-3 linebacker. In my head I've been debating since the Senior Bowl if he could play defensive end. He weighs what Elvis Dumervil weighs now and he's four inches taller…

  • Ian Henson

    I love your want for the 'I told you so!' I believe the Path to the Draft this morning was an updated version of last night's report, but I could be wrong given that it's draft day.

    Denver getting back into the first round is something that most people overlooked, but they've obviously got the picks to do it. Don't know who I would target in the late first round, but it may even be dare I say offense.

  • Peter

    Darius, Peterson or Miller. As long as we draft defence only ( one pick used for an OT would be OK with me), this will be a good draft. My personal want is Darius 1 – Peterson – 2 then Miller if we have to. If we trade back into the first round, my gut feeling is that they would do that to pick up Ingram. Not happy about that.

  • Josh Temple

    There is some good defensive end talent that will be remaining at the end of the 1st. I could see Denver trading back into the 1st if they're not sold on Ayers at DE.

  • Peter

    I'd be on board with that. We need a strong line that's young and can grow together. Doom, Darius, Prea and either Ayers or someone better would sound great. I'm just afraid Fox will want his running back now. Ingram should fall enough so they can trade back up. Hopefully not

  • JayBailey24

    No matter which way u slice it, as long as we get 1 of those 3 were in good shape! trading back would be OK cuz it would secure us more pick but just gets a lil risky giving away a chance to get a truely elite player and not knowing who's gonna be there at the spot u trade down to.

  • Masaga91

    it's always been a smokescreen, since day 1 the pick have always been peterson

  • JayBailey24

    hey mattdiz all i gotta say is “I told ya so'!!!

  • JayBailey24

    hey mattdiz all i gotta say is “I told ya so'!!!