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Published on 04/20/2011 at Wed Apr 20 14:04.
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Elway said the team is looking to get four "really, really, really good players in the draft." (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

On Wednesday, Denver Broncos Vice President of Football Operations John Elway and team General Manager Brian Xanders held a pre-draft press conference with the media.  During the conference, Elway noted that the team has had “no contact” with other teams concerning trading down in the upcoming NFL Draft.  Xanders noted that those calls will start the day before the draft.

Xanders went on to say that the team may not even receive any calls, or they may receive a lot of offers.  They’ll have a plan for every scenario, prepared to trade back or select a player second overall.  Elway also said that there are “four to five” guys that the team would be extremely happy with, so they are not concerned about who will be drafted first overall.

This either means the rumor that Denver was in talks with the Redskins and Cardinals is either false or the Broncos are lying through their teeth, the former seeming more likely.  At any rate, the Broncos have admitted they will be willing to trade down, if the price is right.

Mr. Vice President said the team would have to accept 2012 draft picks if it traded down farther than eight spots, which would discourage them from doing so (due to the uncertainty of the CBA and 2012 NFL Draft).  Speaking of the CBA, Elway said he believes a deal will get done. “My belief is that they will come to an agreement, just because of the magnitude of the situation,” said Elway on Wednesday.

Elway and Xanders also touched on several player prospects in the draft, how having free agency after the draft is ideal (because they can fill team needs in FA and focus on getting the best players in the draft over looking to fill team needs), and that the team has about ninety more players on it’s draft board than it did in previous years (under Josh McDaniels).

A video of the full press conference should soon be available on the team’s official website,

  • Doom92

    And I hope they (for real) don't get any…

  • flbronc

    notice he didn't say they hadn't called someone to let them know that #2 is available….

  • td30ismvp

    He also did not mention email or texts, this time of year nobody is telling the complete truth and the horrible faults with the top picks are usually rumors in hopes that they drop a little for another team to grab. Shut off your ears Bronco fans because there is no real news until draft day.

  • Evelyn Spencer

    Hey Broncos, let's go and get ready for this coming season. We're with you all the way and damn!! it's great to see #7 back where he belongs.

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