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Published on 04/06/2011 at Wed Apr 06 18:36.
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Is Marcell Dareus Denver-bound? (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Personally, I’ve never been a big fan of mock drafts because (a) after the first 10 picks it’s hard to predict who will pick who, which in effect makes it nearly impossible to predict who will be available where, and (b) because it is absolutely impossible to foresee and predict draft day trades.

Thus, this is less of a Mock Draft than it is a Dream Draft, with no trades involved.

Round 1, second overall pick:  Marcell Dareus, Alabama defensive tackle.  Anyone who has read BroncoTalk over the past few weeks would know that I am a fan of Dareus and think he is the best defensive tackle in this years draft.  With defensive tackle being Denver’s biggest need, the 6′3, 319 pound Dareus makes the most sense. [Video Highlights]

Round 2, thirty-sixth overall pick:  Stephen Paea, Oregon State defensive tackle.  If he falls out of the first round Denver would be wise to snatch Paea in the second.  After a great combine though, Paea’s stock is rising and it may be wishful thinking that he won’t be selected in the first round.  Coming in at 6′1 and 303 pounds, Paea would team up with Dareus to form one of the best defensive tackle combos in the league.  [Video Highlights]

Round 2, forty-sixth overall pick:  Allen Bailey, Miami defensive end.  The Broncos had Bailey in for a visit this month and will be looking to address the front seven on defense early in the draft.  Measuring 6′4 and weighing in at 288 pounds, Bailey played mostly defensive end in college but is expected to be able to play either defensive end or tackle in a 4-3 defense.  Having played as linebacker and defensive lineman in Miami, Bailey is extremely versatile and could contribute immediately.  [Video Highlights]

Round 3, sixty-seventh overall pick:  Jaiquawn Jarrett, Temple University safety.  Jarrett isn’t expected to go until the 4th round, however the Broncos don’t have a fourth round selection and Jarrett is worthy of being a third round selection.  Broncos safeties Brian Dawkins and Renaldo Hillare aging and there isn’t much depth behind them.  Jaiquawn Jarrett would provide excellent depth and become the eventual successor to Dawkins.  [Video Highlights]

Other players to watch for:


Texas Defensive back Curtis Brown is another player to watch for. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Running backs Kendall Hunter (Oklahoma State) and DeMarco Murray (Oklahoma) have drawn interest from the Broncos and are predicted to be available in the mid rounds… Oregon linebacker Casey Matthews is also expected to be available in the mid rounds and could be a steal there… a quarterback… Baylor offensive tackle Danny Watkins has worked out for the team and if Ryan Harris is not retained the offensive tackle position becomes a huge need.


Why Denver Will Not Draft…

  • LSU Cornerback Patrick Peterson

Denver’s defense is in shambles and the best way to fix it is by starting in the trenches and going from there.  Plus, cornerback isn’t a huge need in Denver, especially compared to the defensive line and safety position.

  • A Fullback

It is commonly agreed on in most circles that fullback is a position of need on the Broncos roster.  However, I don’t see any issues with current fullback Spencer Larsen.  Forgive my ignorance, but could you enlighten me as to why a fullback that can block, run, catch and contribute on special teams needs to be replaced?  Drafting a backup fullback in the later rounds would be more understandable, but certainly not before then.

  • Notre Dame Tight End Kyle Rudolph.

Similar to the fullback position, I don’t see tight end as much of a need on the Broncos roster.  Granted there isn’t much depth at the position (Daniel Coats, Dan Gronkowski and Richard Quinnare the remaing three), but a “pass catching tight end” is not even used in Fox’s offense so using a high pick on one over a defensive player would be fool hardy.

Who do you have Denver taking with their first four picks?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

  • Joshua Manning

    I was worred for a little bit, I though you were going to “mock draft” a QB. LOL!!! Good stuff!!!

  • CJ

    I like ILB Martez Wilson. Reminds me of Al Wilson.

  • CJ

    anybody with a scar like this is gotta be tough haha


  • Hansen

    I like the dream picks Jon. I'm good with Dareus @ #2, and Paea is fine but I'm thinking Marvin Austin. I am really intrigued, though, by Kendrick Ellis and would consider him at #46.

  • Hansen

    I just watched the Jarrett footage again. Yep, good choice in Rd. 3 – tough, physical.

  • Geoffhull03

    Other than Bailey, I like it. He reminds me a lot of Jarvis Moss. I agree we dont need another FB, Larsen is great. But we need a tight end. Remember, this won't completely be Fox's offense. I think we are going to see a more running overall and two tight end sets, but we will also see variations of McCoy's offense that reign down from McDaniel's system. We were effective with our 3, 4 and 5 WR sets last year and I expect us to use it again, just in a smaller capacity.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    If we're drafting for the future… In three years our defensive backfield might well be EMPTY. We can get solid trenchmen AND a CB/Safety!

    We'd never do better than Peterson/Wilkerson as we just mocked over @ MHR
    or Peterson/insert one of the six 1st round quality DT's here…

  • mikebirty

    Why draft Peterson? Because hands down he seems like the best player available in the draft.

    Why draft a FB? Here's a crazy idea that popped into my head the other day – move Larsen back to his naturral MLB position

  • flbronc

    i also have to disagree on the stance you take on peterson. if you feel like he is a champ bailey type talent- as in potential perennial all pro you have to take him… especially because the champ bailey we have is aging. that type talent doesnt come around very often. i think that if carolina takes dareus, it's a no brainer to draft him. that being said i think i want dareus and if he is gone peterson.

    there is a decent chance that marvin austin goes in the second… if he is there when we pick, take him… otherwise my more realistic second round would be two of these guys: paea, moore, ayers,

    if in the third round we dont already have two dt's- jarvis jenkins.

  • Jon

    I wouldn't mind moving Larsen – as long as they retain him. (I'm a big fan =p

  • Jon

    I don't really think Peterson is a Bailey-like Cornerback (after you blacked out and recovered keep reading), his coverage skills are not the best I've seen from a corner entering the draft over the past few years, he is though big physical DB and a great special teamer, to me, that doesn't sound anything like Champ Bailey. Bailey is not a big jacked up corner that presses at the line and is not great at returning kicks. He is a Great coverage cornerback that has great ball skills and is a good form tackler.

  • Jon

    Ruptured Appendix perhaps?

  • flbronc

    didnt black out… i can take someone who disagrees with me that knows what they are talking about and doesnt troll.

    i guess i didnt articulate the comparison well. i agree with you that they are not the same 'type' player. he doesn't play off the reciever as much as champ does, he relies on being bigger (size not always being as tall as) and close to as fast and plays tight coverage and jamming at the line… not champ at all. i think he has potential to be better than champ in run support. i think his coverage skills are about as good as you can expect from a junior, and on par with or above any recent draft pick. he has speed and athleticism that can't be coached.

    my thoughts were that if you can lock down the corner position (traditionally a tough position to get star power in) for 10 years, do it. I wasnt saying that by taking him we are drafting champ bailey 2.0, but that by doing so we are drafting a quality player and eliminating a need for a decade if he stays healthy and plays to potential- a-la what champ has done for us.

  • Jon

    Can't argue with your logic, good points…

  • stuckinraiderland

    Boy, I hate to burst your bubble, but these are all incorrect. I was having dinner with John the other day, and he told me the plan:
    1st round–Cam Newton. Duh.
    2nd round– Blaine Gabbert
    3rd round– Jake Locker (hope he falls this far! If it looks shaky, we'll trade next year's #1 to move up to get him.)
    4th round– Colin Kapernick. A real value at this spot.

  • MrEast

    Ooooo Kapernick in the 4th, real nice :) .

  • stuckinraiderland

    Of course, my favorite part is getting Locker. An absolute must, as I've tried to make clear. But I'm glad you're excited about Kapernick. We're going to need SOMEBODY to play defense, after all.

  • Gradishar53

    No I had one… He had something very different????

  • CJ

    hahahahahah thats funny sh*t

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  • C0ntr0ly0urs3lf

    I like the mock but I am also on the patrick peterson train. He is the best talent and he is a need cuz all our starting CBs and Safeties are over 32. So that means they will all be going at virtually the same time, you dont want to wait till then to replenish CB (lets not forget alledged rapist cox might be gone). Receivers are getting bigger, PP is fast, physical, great in the run and a returner. Not Champ 2.0 but PP 1.0 because i have never seen such a physical specimen at CB before. People feel that since our DT sux we must take care of it all in 1 draft. I have to dissagree. Cant fix all our holes in 1 year. They clearly like Vickerson and I am a huge Paea fan (and austin too but paea first). We can draft DT next year too but we cant draft Peterson next year. This year is deep at DL which is why I hold hope we take Peterson. I also believe if Panthers take Dareus which is very possible PP will be a bronco. With that said I am seeing something like 1. PP 2. Stephen Paea 3. LB Mason Foster 4. S Jaiqwuan Jarrett. My dream draft I guess u could say and we agree on 2 guys.

  • Roper1dano

    asplendectomy…ruptured spleen, not really too drastic for a long term prognosis, but leaves a heck of a scar.

  • Mikey55

    I would be fine with either Peterson or dareus but if it's peterson trade the number twO to a qb team get another pick hopefully a 2nd take Peterson grab the best available dt next sign Tommie Harris or Kris Jenkins jenkins played with John fox and has been on Ir the past two years so would come cheap low risk high reward grab a MLB like martez with the extra second potential lb that could be available Thomas howard. I like haggan in the middle of a 43 guy is huge

  • Mikey55

    I would be fine with either Peterson or dareus but if it's peterson trade the number twO to a qb team get another pick hopefully a 2nd take Peterson grab the best available dt next sign Tommie Harris or Kris Jenkins jenkins played with John fox and has been on Ir the past two years so would come cheap low risk high reward grab a MLB like martez with the extra second potential lb that could be available Thomas howard. I like haggan in the middle of a 43 guy is huge