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Published on 03/31/2011 at Thu Mar 31 12:30.
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Denver BroncosWe have concluded our series, Reliving the High Moments of the 2010 Season.

While it wasn’t easy, we compiled some of our favorite moments of last season in a series of six articles.  From Tebow’s first comeback win to Josh McDaniels being fired, the Broncos had a very eventful 2010 season, in addition to having a dismal one.

Now it’s your turn: Let us know what moment was your favorite part of the Broncos 2010 season in the poll below!

What was your favorite part of the Broncos last season?

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  • areferee

    Like our team in this year's draft, I took the “2nd selection” in this round, when McHoodie left the Hood. That was the first move toward a restoration of the confidence and pride that had been lost.

    A painful year, but not without its high points.

  • mikebirty

    Tebow and Lloyd were both memorable but for me it was the micro second between Eddie Royal crossing the goal-line with the punt return in London and seeing the flag from Moss' block. Coincidently, that memory was about a micro second before the worst moment of the season.

  • Neighborhood143

    Clearly the best possible outcome is drafting Patrick Peterson this year, and tanking for Andrew Luck next year. The franchise would be set for a decade of contending.

  • Josh Heath

    Tebow for sure! But Loyd was awesome too! Personally I was kinda bummed when they let Mc'D go. I do like Fox but I also liked Mc'D. If he had been given the position that coach Fox has been given (with more accountability across the board) and if Nolan had stayed for the 2010 season, McD would still be in Denver. Josh McDaniels will someday once again be a coach in the NFL…… If there is an NFL!

  • wyrob

    Lloyd, for sure. Tebow? I have high hopes for him, but he didn't dominate like Lloyd did.

  • TheTroglodyte

    Jon you get serious props for keeping this site alive and giving me something football and Broncos to look forward to everyday. As the gladiators of old would say… WE WHO ARE ABOUT TO DIE, SALUTE YOU!!!

  • Tim

    After moving from Colorado over 20 years ago I flew 5 hours from Toronto to watch the Broncos “play” Oakland. Needless to say it was difficult to keep watching them the rest of the season after that.

  • Niels Overgaard

    The most “memorable” was having flown in from Denmark in Europe to watch the Broncos play Oakland – Half way into the 1st quarter I thought: “Have I come 5000 miles to watch this cra…?”, and immediatly thought “Of cause I have. I'm a Broncos fan!”

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  • NMBronc

    I voted for McAdjective being fired….but the most memorable moment lately was finding the Broncos bar in DC. Can't wait for next season!

  • Aerobroncos

    Brandon Lloyd has to be a favorite here especially after letting go B Marsh because we now know we still have a big time number one wideout!

  • Aerobroncos

    Brandon Lloyd has to be a favorite here especially after letting go B Marsh because we now know we still have a big time number one wideout!