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Published on 03/22/2011 at Tue Mar 22 19:51.
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  • The Denver Broncos are not interested in Tiki Barber, the former New York Giants star who is attempting a comeback even though he hasn’t played in four years and will be turning 36 in two weeks. [Denver Post]

Barber retired at the top of his game in 2006, but the Broncos aren't interested in the aged running back. (Reuters Pictures/Mike Stone

  • On Tuesday at the owners meetings in New Orleans, the NFL adopted several new rule changes in hopes of making the game safer. []
  • One of them however,  has the potential to eliminate all kickoff returns, especially at Invesco Field.  Kickoffs will now take place from the 35-yard line and since Broncos kicker Matt Prater already has a high touchback percentage, it seems unlikely than many kicks will be returned.  [Broncos Zone]
  • While Vice President John Elway and General Manager Brian Xanders have acknowledged that trading down in the draft is an option, their interest in this 2011 quarterback class is sincere.  [Denver Post]
  • Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is among the 32 31 players that fans can vote for to be on the cover of Madden NFL 12.  (That’s 31 players because the Seahawks players suck so much so that have such huge fans that they are represented by The 12th Man in the voting — the fans.)  You can vote for Tebow here.  [Predominantly Orange article]

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  • Video: Elway and Xanders talk about what they took away from their visits to pro days and how the Broncos are preparing for next month’s draft.  [Denver Broncos Official Site]
  • Broncos Head Coach John Fox said going to meetings and Pro Days with Elway is like traveling around with Elvis Presley, as the legendary former Broncos quarterback is pretty popular.  [Denver Post]
  •’s Adam Rank has put together a list of who he thinks are the Broncos greatest draft busts of all time.  Follow the link to see who made the list.  []
  • On Monday,’s NFL writers ranked the top 10 pass-rushers in the league, and Broncos outside linebacker/soon to be defensive end Elvis Dumervil was not among them.  ESPN AFC West blogger Bill Williamson thinks he should have been.  [ESPN]

  • CJ
  • 5280

    i really like what Elway said about why they are choosing to look at the crop of QB's in this years draft. “It's very rare that you have three guys who are at least 6'4 239 lbs. and run a 4.6 40.” that is the best way to describe why they are at least taking a look at the QB's because he is exactly right. Kapernick is at least 6'6 and can really move. I mean, why not look at a specimen like that. Mayock said lapernick is gonna be great. he has a cannon too and he showed it off at the senior bowl and the combine. we do need Defence but i dont see the problem making sure your not passing something up thats too good to be true.

  • areferee

    Agreed “Mile High Man”.

    Go here for a possible avatar:

  • Jon

    Thanks, I'll add it.

  • LarryB

    Right. Let's all just rush over and vote for a second-string QB who has all of three games under his belt. Just because we're Broncos fans . . .

  • south florida bronco fan

    i dont like the idea of using our early picks to go for quarterbacks. we currently have a good starter in orton, and two backups that have great potential. we simply couldnt out score alot of our opponents because they mowed through our defense. i will be really dissapointed if the broncos dont go for a d tackle or peterson….imagine an opposing quarterback looking at champ and peterson, wheres he gonna go. dumervil will be back….just hope we have a season this year

  • steeplebomb

    hell yeah thats what im going to do! I for one think that its hilarliously awesome that no matter how good a year charles had, he's still not going to win against Tebow the media darling. So what if he's deserving? so are at least, like, 5 other players in that group of 32. In an offseason of the lockout following one of the worst seasons in this team's history, I will gladly take the small victory of pissing chiefs fans off everywhere just because i can.

  • steve

    Barber would come cheap as a solid upgrade in our RB by committee backfield. Too bad Foxy is being ham-stringed from above.

  • enclaudio suarte

    use google chrome incognito mode and vote as many times as you want!

  • enclaudio suarte

    use google chrome incognito mode and vote as many times as you want!