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Published on 03/08/2011 at Tue Mar 08 08:02.
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Late last week news hit the Minnesota Vikings were interested in acquiring Kyle Orton.  This news marks the first time anyone has publicly heard that another team was considering trading for Orton. If you look at Orton’s solely stats over the past two years then it is no surprise other teams consider him an instant starting quarterback on their roster.

Below I tallied up some of Orton’s statistical achievements over the past two seasons and compared them to a statistically similar quarterback to put it all in perspective, in this case Joe Flacco.

Over the past two seasons

orton Kyle Orton

  • Passing yards: 7,455
  • Touchdowns: 41
  • Interceptions: 21
  • Completion rate: 60.5%
  • Record: 11-17

flaccoJoe Flacco

  • Passing yards: 7,235
  • Touchdowns: 46
  • Interceptions: 22
  • Completion rate: 62.8%
  • Record: 22-12

As you can see with the exception of their records Orton and Flacco are quite comparable, and Orton had four less starting games than Flacco did. So, exactly where does Orton’s issues lay? As Kyle pointed out on twitter, ESPN’s Bill Williamson jotted down a few trouble spots.

In the fourth quarter when down by eight points or less, Orton completed 50 percent of his passes, which was the sixth worst percentage in the NFL. He had a passer rating of 51.3, which was the tied for the fifth worst in the league

Orton wasn’t much better on third down in 2010. He completed 50 percent of his passes on third down, which was tied for the eighth worst in the league. His passer rating on third down was 58.0. He threw five interceptions on third down.

So what exactly should the Broncos do? Surround Orton with a more stable offensive line and hope he continues to improve? Keep Orton around as a backup in case Tebow takes another rib shot? Or should the franchise mortgage its future on Tim Tebow and trade Orton for whatever they can get? You tell us Bronco fans.

What should the Broncos do with Kyle Orton?

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  • OrtonS*cks

    Ummm…. I forgot, who was the starting QB when Chicago went to the Superbowl, and who was third string? Hmmmmm. Give Orton a solid run game, and a defense, and you get 9-7 which he was in his last year in Chicago. It's okay dude, go buy his jersey and cry when he's gone.

  • OrtonS*cks


  • OrtonS*cks

    Orton Sucks. Is that clear Larry? Ripping on other “posters” who defend him is my God given right, as I watched every painful game he started for the Broncos. If he was a good QB for us, then tell me which Marijuana shop you buy from so I can start smoking

  • CJ

    HHAHAHAHHAHAH good one East

  • Wildjoe

    Of course I'm walking-I don't support STUPID!

  • Ash

    People seem to forget that when Orton was healthy, and before McDaniels traded away all of our talent, we went 6-0. Orton got hurt versus the Redskins, and Simms SCREWED our season into the ground.

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  • broncos fan 1

    the broncos would be better off trading orton to dolphins for a 3 an 5th round pick along with chad pennigton

  • broncos fan 1

    the broncos would be better off trading orton to dolphins for a 3 an 5th round pick along with chad pennigton

  • sping