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Published on 02/04/2011 at Fri Feb 04 12:40.
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So it begins. In order to not jinx the outcome of the Super Bowl (the refs have that job anyway), I’m going to breaking the draft up into parts, it will be completely finished sometime after the Super Bowl.

Round 1

  1. Carolina Panthers
    Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn
  2. Nick Fairley is close to becoming a lock for the number overall pick, provided that all his skeletons stay in his closet, he doesn’t slack off at the combine, or gets injured in a freak accident. Fairley is no doubt the best DT this draft has to offer, he has had his “Suh” moments this season but he will have to continue to prove to teams that his breakout year was no fluke.

  3. Denver Broncos
    Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU
  4. The Denver Broncos are in a mission critical situation, there is zero margin for error. If John Elway, Brian Xanders, and John Fox are smart they will take the best defensive player on the board no matter what position. Right now no one would go to Ikea and buy a section of the Broncos defense from the “As Is” department, every part needs repairs. That being said, a great defense starts with the front seven, which is currently the most glaring vulnerability. However, if (probably when, his franchise tag alone would cost $15,000,000) Champ Bailey leaves for the Ravens or the Falcons in free agency every part of the defense will be in shambles.

    Last year my picks were dependent on Josh McDaniels philosophy and worked out pretty well (I didn’t get the right round, but I got the right idea.) This year I’m basing my picks off of the Brian XandersI need to keep my job so play it safe” philosophy. John Fox was the safe pick for a head coach, he has had success and experience in turning around a franchise. The front office didn’t even look at any young up and comers for head coaching candidates, they didn’t even glance at Pat Shurmur. Who is to say that they will mortgage the franchise on a player like DaQuan Bowers who has had one good year in a lack-luster conference or Robert Quinn has missed the entire last season?

  5. Buffalo Bills
    DaQuan Bowers, DT, Clemson
  6. The Broncos many not take the flashy and risky pick but the Bills sure will. Last year Ralph Wilson Jr. wanted to go out there and get more flashy players to make a difference, so they drafted C.J. Spiller at 9th overall even when they had Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch, and it is speculated that they tried to grab Tim Tebow at the end of round one. DaQuan Bowers does make sense here though, his finished his last season with 16 sacks and had great performances in big games like the one against Auburn.

  7. Cincinnati Bengals
    A.J. Green, WR, Georgia
  8. The Bengals are ex-sponging their wide receiver divas and are now left with Jerome Simpson and Jordan Shipley to carry the corps. A.J. Green is an amazing prospect with a bit of a troubled background, this is a classic Bengals pick.

  9. Arizona Cardinals
    Von Miller, DE/OLB, Texas A&M
  10. Von Miller has had extremely dominate performances over the past two seasons despite a scheme change going into the last one. The performances didn’t stop then either, Miller shined at the Senior Bowl. The Cardinals may be hurting in a lot of places, but outside linebacker really stands out. Both Joey Porter and Clark Haggans are 34 and coming off sub-par seasons, an upgrade is seriously needed.

  11. Cleveland Browns
    Robert Quinn, DE/DT, North Carolina
  12. Robert Quinn is a monster and good fit for the new 4-3 scheme coming to Cleveland. I would mock Quinn to Denver but he missed his whole entire 2010 season due to NCAA ineligibility and like I said before, Denver’s front office looks to be in sure-fire mode.

  13. San Fransisco 49’ers
    Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska
  14. San Fransisco is extremely weak at corner even with Nate Clemens who has his on and off moments now that he’s 31 and due over 7 million this season. It will be interesting to see what Jim Harbaugh does, it’s difficult to gauge what a brand spankin new coach will do. Prince Amukamara is a pretty good selection though, he has the height, the size, the skills, and the production to back it all up.

  15. Tennessee Titans
    Marcell Dareus, DE/DT, Alabama
  16. Jason Babin had a great year, but besides that single season he has been inconsistent and a mainly a rotational player. Marcell Dareus has the size to play on any technique in the 4-3 defense. Dareus is a great fit for the tenacious and very talented Titans defensive line.

  17. Dallas Cowboys
    Nate Solder, OT, Colorado
  18. The Cowboys have to got to start protecting their quarterback. The Cowboy defense has the potential to be very good, their running back situation is more than ideal, and Miles Austin and Jason Witten can hold down the receiving. However, the ball isn’t going anywhere if Tony Romo or whoever is playing can’t stand upright.

  19. Washington Redskins
    Aldon Smith, DE/OLB, Missouri
  20. Aldon Smith is a freakishly athletic and prolific player should shine at the combine. Dan Synder will have no qualms with taking a flashy player like Smith, and the defense could surely use him.

  • Kyle

    Great work East! And that was an awesome tease, making them click to see the Broncos' pick, LMBO well done!

    I agree. We're in BPA mode, regardless of position, and if Peterson's still atop their board in April (Fairley's gone), he's the pick.

  • mikebirty

    i wish to withdraw my comment from the 2010 draft post.

    I think you're spot on with the pick and the reasoning. Play safe.

  • 42n8

    I don't know how you define “safe” as opposed to “smart.” I believe Fox was a smart hire: He's got the pedigree on defense and the Broncos had to know he'd keep some of McD's old staff around to help on offense before they hired him. Drafting Peterson isn't “safe,” per se, but it is smart. I just hope the Broncos don't ruin that move by getting rid of Bailey — he's too good to let go.

  • crazykid is a good draft sight too. this was a good mock though, so good job!

  • Big_Pete

    If we take Peterson or any other CB in the first round, I'm gonna give my season tickets to charity! There is no way we replace Champ with Peterson. Champ is BETTER than Peterson is right now, especially seeing we know that Champ plays at a pro-bowl level, and Peterson could be another Middlebrooks. Now, with that in mind, our Defense was HORRIBLE even with Champ. Our Defense will be equally horrible, if not even worse if we simply replace Champ in the draft. Excellent CB's can only cover for so long before the WR gets open. Without a front 7, it doesn't matter if Champ and Revis were our starters, they would still surrender passes and points.
    Drafting Peterson would be on par with us drafting another WR. It makes less than no sense when our need is the front 7 on Defense.

  • 12508

    I think Peterson is a beast but I think we need to figure out if we are going to play a 4-3 or 3-4. We also need to figure what we plan on doing out of it. Do we need to shut down corners? Do we need 4 good lbs? Do we need a nt? Are we going to blitz a lot? Once we have the answer we need to fill holes with free agents and then work the draft. I would look to get a wr in here to help Tebow and another rb to help Moreno. I would also like a factor at fb. We need everything I know. Lol. It's the NFL tho and things can change really quick. Get playmakers and surround with tough guys.

  • Kawike

    Nice mock. I'd be fine with the broncos taking Peterson as he seems to be the most sure fire defensive player available. I'm actually kind of high on Marcell Dareus. He's huge, has a pretty good motor, and can penetrate from the DT position. I'm sure that Xanders/Elway/Fox will make the right decision though.

    Also, on a side note, you have the chiefs logo next to Arizona's pick.

  • crazykid

    I couldnt disagree more with what you said. I'll take your tickets if you dont want them btw. I'm not joking when i say that too. If you actually want to part ways with them, I would gladly purchase to support my team.

  • Ian Henson

    I feel like the Broncos may actually franchise Champ Bailey, if any player in the history of Denver has been in a situation and deserved the franchise tag it is Bailey. Then again, there may no franchise tag after the CBA; who knows?

    Either way, I think Peterson is a perfect fit as I've said before… With or without Bailey. With Bailey the Broncos have the best corner tandem in the NFL, without Bailey the Broncos would have one strong corner haah.

  • CJ

    Love the Mock! other than the chiefs thing haha
    Peterson is arguably the best corner prospect since woodson

    Try and sign champ back if he wants 2 much $ then Sign Richard Marshall

  • Big_Pete

    I have 3. 1 always goes to Brother In Law, 1 goes to me, so I have 2 if you actually want to outright buy them. They are section 514 (corner endzone on Broncos Side). I usually either take friends or sell game by game on craigslist, and only to Broncos fans. Gotta keep the homefield advantage. Let me know, I'll give you email if you want it. Always want to help out fans. Oh, $58/seat per game unless they go up this offseason (so basically $580/seat per season x 2 if you want both seats)

  • Doom92

    I hate the Mock as much as I hate the idea of taking Peterson. The is a reason NO CB has ever been taken that high. Besides the fact that we need front 7 WAY more.

    Not a good mock at all… Perhaps it could be a reality but that does NOT make it good!!!

  • 5280

    I agree with big pete. WE DO NOT NEED A CB!!! this will slow us down. the front 7 is where its at. i think von miller will go to denver because he's the perfect fit for what we nedd and he has top 5 talent. since we dont know whether denver will run a 4-3 or a 3-4 von miller would be perfect because he can play both and be dominant at it. what exactly does peterson give ua that will change our defence RIGHT NOW? The best CB's in the league cant make a difference unless theres a pass rush. peterson can have a record book year and we could still end up 4-12 again. if denver loads up on quality DL's in the first 2 rounds they have a chance to change there defence significantly in one year, especially if start with the 2nd pick overall. i say they take von miller with their 1st pick and then trade back down in the first round with one of their 2nd rounders and snag another high quality DL like kerrigan or dareus. then maybe in the 2nd or 3rd they'll take a CB, maybe picking burney or wright. they start with cant miss DL's in the 1st and end with coachable CB's in the later rounds.

  • kerry

    Marcel Dareus would be a good fit at that pick. Fairley and Bowers are one year wonders. and if anyone here has time to watch video of Bowers in his first couple years, he looks terrible. i mean bad bad bad. im telling everyone here, Dareus is gonna be a beast. now im not gonna say he is Ndamukung Suh, but he has great strength and good athleticism. i say forget Peterson and take Dareus. i dont think it would be a reach to take him at 2. if not him then Peterson may be the only option. i HIGHLY doubt we can trade down due to the financial ramifications. unless a team like San Fran or Washington falls in love with QB Blaine Gabbert or (cant believe im saying this) QB Cam Newton then we maybe stuck. but we dont need another CB even if Champ leaves. guys we are NOT one or two players from being a contender. Bailey has not made us better in 7 years. at the very least we could franchise and trade him for something that would help longterm.

  • areferee

    East is just being clever. He knows there are more chiefs in Arizona than Cardinals. Those boids never come out west.

  • broncos627

    I hoped denver would .trade kyle and moreno to carolina for te number 1.and pick up a good dt and with the number 2 pick draft and cb and bring williams from carolina over to we need power runners .we need also to keep champ he's still good.the office needs to be good to there vets .they stuck around for the falling of troy in these last 2 seasons with bad .reps in the front office. i think we will have a decent season in 2011.

  • Rcsodak

    So you're saying Peterson is already the BEST CB prospect EVER?


    I just hope Elway & Co. aren't foolish enough to think that as well. I'm tired of listening to the analysts bashing the team for it's 'hair-brained' picks.

  • Rcsodak

    And again….KC is not in AZ…….


  • crazykid

    Peterson also offer help in the return game.
    And we don't need Von Miller. I'm a big fan of him, but we have Doom, Ayers (his natural position) and Jason Hunter at the end position. We dont need another end, we need a DT. Miller and Bowers arent DT's.

    I would be happy with Fairley (though i heard he has character issues and is dumber than VInce Young). I would be overjoyed with Peterson though, as he is an elite talent.
    Besides, we can pick up Drake and another DL in the 2nd and maybe Jerrell Powe in the 3rd. HOORAY!! :)

  • rct930

    I'm hoping for Fairley or Bowers. I think Fairley is another Neil Smith. And unless Bowers weighs in 15 pounds lighter and/or tests positive for steroids, I'm unconcerned about his early tape. If you watch his '10 tape, he is a 275 lb freak athlete, flying all over the place and making plays. And he closes fast. With him on one side and Doom on the other…or Doom and Fairley together…wow.

    Also, the new CBA will have a rookie cap. If that gets done prior to the draft, our #2 spot will be very attractive for a team that wants to trade up and grab AJ or the top QB. In this case, we could move down to pick up additional picks and still get an impact player for our defense. Or (and please don't shoot the messenger), if we trade down with the Titans or Vikings for an extra #2 (plus other considerations), we might have the option of taking Solder and using our three #2's and early #3 all on defense. Having Solder and Clady on the O line would be stout.

  • flbronc

    i actually hope one of the qb's really wows people in the pre-draft workout and someone in the top 10 wants to jump buffalo to get one. that way we could grab dareus and get another pick. that's my ideal situation, but i dont see it happening.

    on the other hand, if we do pick at two, i believe you have to pick best available player- regardless of the position. you draft on need later in the draft, imo.

  • crazykid

    SHANNON SHARPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MrEast

    Safe and smart can go hand in hand, I believe Fox was the smart hire too.

  • MrEast

    Best ever… I hope you don't think I was insinuating that. The point of the draft is not to fill your current needs, it's to lay a foundation by taking the best player available, just look at any team that wins the Super Bowl.

  • anthony33

    This team needs a ton of help on defense along with a RB and FB and more dpeth on the o-line. Trade down, trade Orton and pick up a few extra picks. From there, hope pray the scouting staff has done their homework.

  • broncos627

    I believe we will have a decent season in 2011 we need to trade orton and moreno to carolina they need to try this on draft day. and sign williams from carolina at rb white will be healthy hopefully.keep our secondary intac.cuz they did there job our line fell apart cuz of our defensive coordinator playin way to much zone and not enoug blitzing from outside or inside mark my words expect alot of more blitzing with fox we will rank in the top ten in 2011 in defense and start tebow see what the kids got we know orton he's to predictable tebow aint u dont know if he's gonna run or pass or throw on the run

  • Art

    I'm thinking we snag peterson at 2 or risk trading back maybe one or two spots if say the bengals want to jump the bills to grab green or bowers and still grab peterson. I think Cb might actually be our biggest need. Hopefully we keep champ till he retires what a person/player. Then the other corner backs goodman (hurt and when did play it wasnt great), Cox (may go to jail), the squid (definitely a dime CB w/ potential to be a solid nickel and good special teams contributor). Also SS and FS are hurting a bit. Dawkins is getting old sadly, Hill is decent, I want to see McBath I believe will succeed if he can stay healthy and a good special teams contributor, and Bruton is a good special teams contributor. We could use a pick at FS or SS, but I think the future will be Mcbath and Bailey back there. To solve our d-line problem stephen paea of oregon states draft stock has slid due to being hurt in the senior bowl. he is not even on scouts incs top 32 any more and he was say 11 or so. could be a steal in the second round or worth trading back in the 20-30 spots to grab him. This leaves us with a front seven at DT Jamal Williams, Justin Bannan, and hopefully Marcus Thomas who really started to be a run stopper in 2008 in a 4-3. Add Paea to the mix and i think the front seven will be looking pretty good. Then at DE we have DOOM back!!!, Robert Ayers who will be much improved in the 4-3, Jason Hunter, and we should grab a DE on the second day of the draft. A few players I would love to see us draft as well are rahim moore, kyle rudolph, martez wilson, greg jones, mark herzlich, jaquizz raodgers (quizz can be like a sproils/mcluster type back, but with the quizz factor) even if we do get deangelo williams which would be sweet, and henry hynoski.

  • MrEast

    Haha oh the perils of copy and paste…

  • Darwin

    Marcel Dareus would work for me either at 2 or trading down to 5. If we can trade down a couple of spots and pick up a 2nd or 3rd for doing so great!
    I think Peterson will be really good but so is Champ and we could not stop anyone this year. Get a beast in the d-line or linebacker to help with the pass rush and the rushing defense. Keep Champ a Bronco and we are good to go. Get a big TE for the offense and a power back. Please get a playmaking safety! But first and foremost get front seven restocked. The only untouchable is Doom. Everyone else should be auditioning for their rooster spot. Trade DJ Williams–he accumulating a fair amount of baggage.
    Fox should settle things down around here. Please do not bring Orton back or we will be having a QB controversy which we do not need!

  • CJ

    Im somewhat agree with the qb controversy.

    I think a full offseason as a starting qb will help Tebow, but then again season may not start for awhile thanks to the CBA

  • MrEast

    Marcell Dareus may improve his stock at the combine, we will have to see. My problem isn't taking Marcell Dareus, I don't like the idea of taking a DT just to take a DT. Drafting by need in every round can be a killer year after year. All the successful teams draft the best player available on the board, and I believe the Broncos should adopt this policy in-order to rebuild.

  • areferee

    Couldn't exist without C&P…

  • areferee

    Couldn't exist without C&P…