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Published on 01/31/2011 at Mon Jan 31 08:29.
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Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Lloyd (84) of the AFC is not able to hold on to a pass during the third quarter of the NFL Pro Bowl football game, Sunday, Jan. 30, 2011 in Honolulu. (AP Photo/ Marco Garcia)

On Sunday, the NFL’s Pro Bowl game was played (as if anyone cares).

In the game — which could easily be mistaken for a touch-football game to first time viewers — the Denver Broncos were represented by wide receiver Brandon Lloyd and cornerback Champ Bailey.

Neither Bronco fared too well, as Bailey seemingly let NFC running back Adrian Peterson walk into the endzone on one play, and Lloyd uncharacteristically dropped several balls and gave little effort to prevent one from being intercepted.

The AFC West as a whole wasn’t represented very well, as San Diego’s and Kansas City’s quarterbacks Phillip Rivers and Matt Cassel each threw two interceptions.

In the end, the NFC defeated the AFC by a score of 55 to 41.  Cornerback Champ Bailey did finish the game with a team second-best 4 tackles and Brandon Lloyd caught one pass for a 15-yard gain and first down.

It was pretty much the norm of the Pro Bowl, no pass rush, running backs running through arm tackles and quarterbacks heaving up passes.  It was at times entertaining though, particularly the final score of the game.

  • areferee

    That was painful to watch, especially the hula-dancing Cyborg.

    Obviously for most of the players, being in Hawaii was the incentive. Not winning or playing with pride and passion. Maybe it should be played in Buffalo with a winner-take-all format.

  • Jon

    I know they don't really care, but there are some players that I didn't think would be that mellow, even if it was just the PB. I wonder how Tebow would play if he was in the Pro Bowl?

  • areferee

    Balls out, as usual…

  • Jon

    I kinda expected the case to be similar with Lloyd, silly me

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  • Brandon Lloyd

    Champ and I discussed it and we both agreed that we shouldn't bother representing our “team” with pride since we won't be a part of it next year anyway.

  • mrblloyd

    hey, stop impersonating me!

  • Jerry Dunn

    The Pro Bowl is simply a waste of time, especially a week BEFORE the Superbowl. It was bad enough before the change, but what player on either Superbowl team is going to go out and give it his all? What a waste of airtime!

  • herc_rock

    That game was a joke.

    Take off the helmets and pads and play 7 on 7 flag football. Eminently more entertaining than that garbage I saw yesterday.

  • Triston27

    Guys who are on Superbowl teams don't play in the Pro Bowl anymore.

  • Jon

    Only because it's before the Super Bowl, I agree with Jerry Dunn that it should be played after the SB.

  • Paradisimo

    I think the Pro Bowl should be something that they honor in name only (like the All Pro team). I like football as much as the next guy but that game is simply brutal to watch.

  • crazykid

    This game was almost as bad as our Defence

  • drose1

    Tebow will be a pro bowler next year so that means the pro bowl will actually be fun to watch!!! That guy brings it on every play, no way he he doesn't give the effort it's just not in his dna to be lazy. That's the main reason why he's going to be dominating the nfl for years to come, total beast!!

  • Glen Ocana


  • MrEast

    Actually watching them play flag football might be more interesting.

  • Triston27

    I agree it should be after the SB.

  • milehighTD

    aaand that's exactly why i watched the Winter X-games, and witnessed Shaun white make it into the history books!

  • milehighTD

    aaand that's exactly why i watched the Winter X-games, and witnessed Shaun white make it into the history books!