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Published on 01/04/2011 at Tue Jan 04 12:10.
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Mularkey and Ryan

The Falcons offense has had a lot of success under Mularkey. (Photo courtesy of Curtis Compton/AJC)

On Tuesday, the Denver Broncos announced Falcons Offensive Coordinator Mike Mularkey will be interviewed by the Broncos on Friday in Atlanta regarding the team’s head coaching vacancy.

Mularkey, a former Tight End for the Minnesota Vikings, has been coaching in the NFL since 1994 and went 14-18 as the head coach of the Buffalo Bills from 2004-05.  In 2006, Mularkey resigned due to disagreements with the Bills management.  Buffalo hasn’t had a winning season since Mularkey’s first season with the team in 2004 when the team went 9-7.

After his short stint as a head coach, Mularkey become the Miami Dolphins Offensive Coordinator prior to joining Atlanta in 2008.  He’s been credited for the recent success of the Falcons offense and development of quarterback Matt Ryan.

Interim Head Coach Eric Studesville is also expected to be formally interviewed for the job on Monday.

I can see how the team thinks he would be a good fit for Tebow at a cheap price, but isn’t it time the Broncos got a defensive minded head coach?

  • NMBronc

    As long as we bring in a good DC, it is not necesarry. I do hope they interview Rivera.

  • flbronc

    I am surprised that we have waited this long to line up our first interview. Is he really the only playoff coordinator that we want to look at? I am with you, we should be talking to some guys on the defensive side of the ball as well.

  • stav

    Personally, I think we should be ONLY talking to guys who have exp as DC's for our next HC. We need someone who can immediately address our pathetic/heartless defense. Whoever they hire as OC has to be clearly told that Tebow is the QB, work with it.

  • Jon

    Agreed. I'd love Rivera as HC or Nolan as DC, but they would both be pricey …

  • Chad

    I think we should go look at Harbourgh or Gruden for our next HC

  • herc_rock

    Say, what's Rich Kotite up to?

  • roshon2411

    I don't necessarily think we need a defensive minded head coach. I think we just need a head coach who will let the defense be handled by a solid D-Coordinator. For example, Wade Phillips, great D-Coordinator, not a solid head coach.

    My personal favorites are Gruden and Harbaugh, but would love to see Rivera and Fewell interviewed as well.

    Gruden is my favorite because he loves Tebow and was able to make Rich Gannon and Brad Johnson into successful QB's. He also left the defense to Monte Kiffin and would be happy with a similar arrangement. Maybe with the likes of John Fox, Singletary, Rob Ryan running the show on Defense.

    Of course this all depends if these coaches can have a working relationship unlike McDaniels/Nolan.

  • Josh Temple

    I couldn't help myself, I had to do a google image search when I heard that name again.

  • herc_rock


    I heard this morning how Marty Mornhinweg is somehow a hot candidate this year. Marty Mornhinweg. The short memories of NFL execs boggles the mind sometimes. It's selective dementia.

    How many re-tread coaches are successful the second time around? I can only think of one.

  • MiamiMike

    With no disrespect meant. Why are many people hooked on Gruden. He won a Superbowl with a team he got fron Dungy in which the team was pretty well stocked, He then had it fall in his lap where he played his old team the next year. Other than having all the planets align for him in perfect order he had a perfect 1 year set up. With the Raiders he had 6 Q,Bs on the team at one time I believe. He went through quarterbacks like Denver goes through defensive coaches. He has not done anything on a consistent basis. over his total span he is 95 -81 with a 540% win record. He had 3 years in which he had really good seasons one of which was Dungys team.

    People seem to also say we need a defensive coach or a offensive coach. How about a General Manager and Operations Director who gets either one then MAKES SURE HE HAS THE OPPOSITE IN ASSISTANTS. If we get a offensive coach get us a VERY strong defensive coach and vise versa.
    We do not need yes men. We also need a G.M. who will say no bad idea once in a while. This has to start at the top and build the upper management as you would build the team itself.

  • flbronc

    i feel the same way about harbaugh. dont get how people are so hooked on him. he has a winning college record- but nothing special. he has never been a coordinator in the nfl and has barely any nfl experience. true he would be paired with elway and xanders to handle the personnel aspect of it, but i still would like to see some meaningful nfl experience behind whoever we hire.

  • crazykid

    i'll take a coach with a 540% win record…

  • BroncoMan24

    I have a feeling we are going to drag our feet on this one and not get a quality coach. If we want to get a good coach, we really need to go out there and push for one instead of settle for leftovers or trying to find the next diamond in the rough. For some reason I think Bowlen still has the mentality that a good coach is going to just fall in our lap. Go Broncos!!!

  • broncoinva9986

    Sparing partner for Ali!?!? That explains his retardation

  • flbronc

    mile leach was 84-43 at texas tech, urban meyer was 104-23. that doesnt mean i want either to be the head coach of an nfl football team. records in college dont mean squat in the nfl. see saban, patrino, spurrier, etc…

  • flbronc

    the only reason i can see us dragging is if we want one of the assistants that is playing this weekend in the playoffs since we can't talk to them until they are done. i have no idea who that would be though.

  • areferee

    It's just as likely that Mularkey is being sounded out as an OC and not just as a head coach. I expect Bowlen/Elway to interview at least 5 or 6 candidates in addition to Studesville. (He is a class act and is deserving of a “real” look, and not just to satisfy the “Rooney Rule”.)

    There will be no rush to a decision on this selection, nor should there be. There are so many openings to be filled, many candidates are being considered for more than one. If they mean what they said about the coach not having to make personnel decisions, then there is no need to bring him in early to prep for the draft.

    Elway officially comes on board tomorrow, and then more candidates will come to light. I believe Bowlen/Ellis won't take any names off of the table because of money. Elway can consider them all, even the pricey ones like Cowher and Gruden.

  • NMBronc

    I would have also liked Frazier as HC or Lewis as DC, but they are both off the market.

  • NMBronc

    I like Gruden more then Harbaugh, but both are worth a look.

  • BroncoMan24

    I sure hope you are right. IMO Murlarkey is not a good start. I am hoping that we have contacted other coaches and it has not been reported yet. I have read a lot that Murlarkey is great as a OC, but not so much as HC. If we do hire him, we better limit him to just running the offense. Like several other people I believe we should go after a good DC as HC, cause we not going to get a quality DC to come in here unless we promote him to DC. I think it is going to be a lot easier to pick a quality OC than trying to bring another DC from another team.

  • BroncoMan24

    I meant to say promote a DC to HC.

  • cj

    I like Ron Rivera. We should at least set up an interview. If hired we let him run the Defense. I mean every where the guys been the defense is Great. Plus he is good in 4-3 and 3-4 schemes!

    The only coach ive heard that is an absolute no no is Jim Fassel (Total Bumb)

  • roshon2411

    No disrespect at all… I've heard the argument that Gruden took Dungy's team and won a Super Bowl. I hear this about Shanahan and Elway too. At some point you have to give credit where credit is due. You win with great players and coaches. Elway never won without Shanny, and Shanny never won without Elway.

    Gruden, might have had Dungy's players but he took them some place Dungy couldn't. You also have to remember who the Bucs faced in the Super Bowl, Gruden's Raider team.

    As for the 6 QB's… with the Raiders…I think you're thinking of his last few years in Tampa. With the Raiders, he made journeyman, Rich Gannon, into a MVP QB. Took the Raiders to the AFC championship game in 2001 and probably would have made the Super Bowl in 2002 if it wasn't for the Tuck Rule game.

    Then of course he made Brad Johnson into a solid QB. He did have some lean years in TB, but doesn't help when TB gave away most their draft away to get Gruden. He did have a QB quandary at the end, but remember he wanted Jake Plummer. Jake goes to Tampa… Gruden's probably still coaching.

    Gruden loves Tebow and if Tebow is the guy, I think Gruden is got to be the choice. His horizontal passing game will be a good fit for Tebow.

    If Tebow's not the guy…then I'd look elsewhere.

    I'm also with you on the GM being the biggest need. Only issue is now with Elway joining the team, I don't see a big push to add a high profile GM.

  • roshon2411

    Harbaugh has done more than just coach a few years in college…he did play in the league for 12+ years and comes from a coaching family.

    But I just like the results on the teams his been with the past decade.

    QB coach for Raiders in 02-03 only reach the Super Bowl and helps Rich Gannon become MVP

    Head Coach at San Diego 04'(7-4), 05'(11-1), 06'(11-1) helps Josh Johnson actually get drafted.

    Then of course everyone knows about Stanford and Luck.

    I would love to see what he could do with Tebow. Plus, he has enough pull in the NFL, I'm sure he could bring in a top D-Coordinator.

    Not sure how much NFL experience you're looking for, but for all the college coaches who were bust in the NFL, there's twice as many Coordinators who had their shot and blew as well(McDaniels).

    Remember his brother was never a coordinator in the Pros just ST's and DB's coach. He's doing just fine in Baltimore.

  • Kingpins10

    NFL rules say that you cannot talk to current coaches until the end of the reagular season.

  • 5280

    Roshon everything uve been saying is on point! Grudens a good coach but i dont think he's the ONLY option in this. many other coaches can come in and develop Tebow. I'm not feelin mularky. i want to see some one of a higher caliber come in and change this team.i also dont know what everyone sees in john fox. he's done diddly squat in carolina. he had a few close seasons but nothing to brag about. if u cant do anything with a player like steve smith then what kind of coach r u???

  • flbronc

    i thought you could talk to playoff coaches if they were on a bye week. everyone else you have to wait for them to be eliminated.

  • Kingpins10

    Right. That's pretty much what I said in my previous post.

  • roshon2411

    I completely agree with you…Gruden's not the only option. However, if Denver thinks Tebow is the answer at QB, then I believe they need an offensive minded coach and bring a stud D-Coordinator.

    Tebow is so raw, he needs a great offensive mind to let him grow. If we go Defense, I have a feeling we will go through the rough patch the 49ers did with Nolan/Singletary and Alex Smith.

    That's why I like Gruden/Harbaugh with a solid D-coordinator…such as John Fox.

    Of course Cowher/Fisher are defensive coaches that would be great to have…but don't think there's much chance for either coming to Denver.

  • areferee

    As highly sought after as he is, if he decides to jump to the NFL, it will most likely be with the 49ers.

  • roshon2411

    yeah definitely seems like it…but would love to see Denver at least give a full court press and attempt to bring him in.

    How bad is it when someone would rather coach the 49ers instead of Denver. 2 years ago this would have been unheard of…

  • areferee

    As highly sought after as he is, if he decides to jump to the NFL, it will most likely be with the 49ers.

  • roshon2411

    yeah definitely seems like it…but would love to see Denver at least give a full court press and attempt to bring him in.

    How bad is it when someone would rather coach the 49ers instead of Denver. 2 years ago this would have been unheard of…