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Published on 12/22/2010 at Wed Dec 22 08:49.
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Pick Six Lost in the NFL Football

We feel the same way, Josh. (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey, File)

Hang on for a sec… I’m dusting off my keyboard. There. much better.

As some of you have notice I’ve been MIA since the preseason. I know I will likely be accused of being a very poor fan by admitting this, but I just couldn’t watch my beloved team being managed the way it was the last two seasons. I’m not talking about just lost players and bad coaching. Josh and Xanders cleaned house both on the field and off. And while it was painful for me to watch Josh dismantle our famous zone blocking scheme (for example), it was equally painful for me to watch position coaches and front office staff that I have respected for years leave Dove Valley. The new administration just hasn’t been the same, and although I put up with last year, I just didn’t have the heart to do again this year.

My friends and fellow bloggers have asked me if the recent firing of McDaniels will lure me back from my self-imposed blogging exile, and while I want more than anything to get that wonderful Orange & Blue passion back I think it will seriously depend on what Mr. Bowlen decides to do when replacing Josh.

There has been a lot of talk about who would do well (and who would do poorly) as the new Head Coach of the Broncos. But there is ONE name that would have me back here blogging my little fingers off, and that is (unsurprisingly) Gary Kubiak.


Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak stands on the sidelines in the second half of their game against the Oakland Raiders in Oakland, California, October 3, 2010. (Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Kim White)

Yes, yes, I know he’s blown it off already. But he’s still coaching a team in an active season – I would expect nothing less from him in that situation. And while I’m certainly not the first person to say he would be a good choice for the Broncos, there might be reason for Kubiak fans to have a bit more hope this week.

I’m talking about Bill Cowher’s comments of course. In Chris Mortensen’s article on, he reports that “A source close to Cowher is adamant that the Miami Dolphins, Houston Texans and New York Giants are atop his wish list if any of those teams should make a coaching change after the 2010 season.”

The reason this is a good sign for Kubiak Fan Club Members, is that a coach with Cowher’s experience HAS to be a tempting thing for Bud Adams Bob McNair. I know he loves Gary, but a Super Bowl winning coach just made it clear that their team was topping his list of favorite places to go. Do you think that might be enough to encourage Bob to make a change? I know it had to piss Gary off (although he was very profession when asked about it recently).

If so, that would put Kubiak on the market for Pat (and his newest front office guy, John Elway) to make a very good offer to their former friend and Assistant Head Coach. Heck, it might be the number one reason Pat has asked Elway to come back.

And if we’re going to be inventing crazy conspiracy theories, why not suggest that Studsville was told to start Tebow in an effort to show him off this week to Kubiak? Kubiak is going to get a front row seat this weekend and my only hope is that Tebow not only puts on a show, but that Denver finds a way to pull of a win. It’s not likely, but since the Texans got handled in Tennessee last week, why not do a bit of Christmas wishing.

As a disclaimer, I don’t think Kubiak is the ONLY person that could repair this team and re-construct a play-off caliber ball club in Denver; however, I do believe he’s the BEST person to restore the pride and confidence of our team by combining a fresh plan for our future with a deep love and respect for the team’s history (something sorely lacking the last two years).

So, now you all know where I’ve been and what I have asked Santa for this Christmas.

Have a very, very Merry Christmas and GO BRONCOS!!!

Jonathan Douglas

  • jdkchem

    That is funny! What exactly did Nolan do as head coach? 18-37 maybe? And he is better than Kubiak in what way?

  • jdkchem

    Dis dates back to the 16th century when the word referred to the Roman god of the underworld.

  • jdkchem

    Nothing says pedigree like beating your former team as head coach of a team built by someone else then flopping the next year.

  • TheTroglodyte

    Actually that would be Pluto (also known as Hades). The word “Diss” comes from Jamaican Vernacular English and is short for disrespect.

  • anthony33

    Ian, I'd have to agree with you. However, it is said that the Broncos have no longer have an identity. With Kubiak you would certainly get back what we had for 14 years. And like Shanny, the key would be to have a strong defense to go along with a consistently productive offense. Shanny was unable to do that and Kubiak has been unable to that in Houston.

    Whoever the Bronx pick, it has to be the right choice this time and a real committment needs to be made to that coach. It will take time to change things around here and the fans do not help at all.

    Who is your choice Ian?

  • Ian Henson

    If I were the general manager of the Denver Broncos my list would be (in order of priority): Bill Cowher, Tony Dungy (reaaaach), Ron Rivera, Jon Gruden, Jim Harbaugh, Dom Capers, and John Fox.

    This will probably change a bit, but if we're going fresh- Rivera and Capers. If we need experience: Cowher, Gruden and Fox. If we're hail marying- Dungy and if we wait too long Harbaugh.

  • LevonZevon

    Appreciate the effort as usual, Ian. But this package of clips mainly shows Bowers strutting and sacking QB's from inferior programs like NC State, North Texas and Georgia Tech.

    Clemson plays better teams than that, right?

    Jarvis Moss also could have had a package of similar clips from his college days.

    I'm just saying.

    We need to get Andrew Luck. Remember that we were 4th overall in Elway's draft-year.

    Unfortunately, Carolina will probably lose to Atlanta (even if the Falcons sit some starters). And they clearly won't be confident with Matt Moore, Tony Pike and Jimmy Clausen.

    So close and yet so far. Its too bad we didn't keep Jay Cutler and give him a say in choosing a defensive-minded head-coach like Leslie Frazier, Raheem Morris or even Spags (or interviewing Rex Ryan).

    I wanted McDaniels then, but mainly because I assumed his advocacy of a 3-4 meant he understood the advantages of aggressively penetrating the pocket. But the firing of Nolan– who barely blitzed much at all, yet was scapegoated for the defense's collapse after starting so strong in '09– was the sign that McDaniels was willing to point the finger of blame at anyone (as long as it could buy him more time).

    Of course, he only has himself to blame (coming off like such a hard-nosed guy and overcompensating with the my-way-or-the-highway alienation).

    We need a nice guy who is confident in his own skin like Rex Ryan. I think Ron Rivera or Rob Ryan are ready to make the next step. But, like most of us, I'm just guessing.

    I just fear that selling Bowlen and Ellis in the interview won't translate to being a strong head-coach (as these two lack the knowledge capable of putting these interviewees on the spot and testing their abilities).

    And nobody seems to be suggesting a GM to even make this coach (while Elway has been so out of the league that he probably doesn't know any up-and-comers in the Pittsburgh organization., for example).

    No easy answers. Which is why hiring Parcells as a consultant would be a wise investment if Bowlen can get over the way it would underline his lack of football savvy.

  • broncoinva9986

    He wants that ACC title. I have not heard any rumors on him leaving. His dad died during the season unfortunately. I would love to have him in Denver though

  • 5280

    THAN YOU JON!!! TELL THEM! ive been on that kubiak juice since McD left. hes perfect for the job. Ian how could u not see it? and John Fox?!? over Kubiak even? John Fox has done diddly squat in carolina and can't even figgure out how to use Pro Bowler Steve Smith. Kubiak has built a pretty tough D in houston(with the exception of the secondary and that only pertains to this season anyway), hes brought in multiple productive draft classes( something that has come few and far between in denver), and he's established one of the leagues best passing games with schaub and andre Johnson not to mention owen daniels at tightend( tight end? whats that? havnt seen one of those here in denver for awhile), and, of course, he's been able to pound the ball all over the field with arian foster(who was a no body 'til kubs found him) and the zone scheme that he and shanny made famous here. Thats the tip of the iceburge though. that doesn't include his extencive knowledg of Denver. not only football, but the city's fan base and culture. he understands how spoiled we are as fans and he'll have a little help with john in the front office. He's not a defencive coach, but he has common sence and he's been a head coach before. it isn't hard for anyone to tell that defence is the primary concern here. he was OC in '97 and '98 when we had a great defence under Greg robinson. Wait a minute. Greg Robinson? theres a thought. Why don't they try and bring him back to Denver? Where has he gone anyway? We could have a massive Denver reunion that brings us a dynasty.

  • 5280

    also in the draft, bowers would be awsome, but i would like to see denver grab marcell dareus out of alabama. hes tough and he's a good run stopper along with being able wo rush the qb, from what ive seen. i dont think its wise of denver to just auction of the 2nd pick of the draft. C'mon whens the last time denver had a top five pick? theres some good quality players at that spot. i would rather see them trade up and get another 1st rounder with 1 of their 2 2nd round picks. then we would have a shot at 2 of the best defencive players in the country. the 1st round lets go of top 5's in the nation year in and year out at each position. sure u can find them through the 2nd and 3rd rounds but the best ones are at the top.

  • broncoinva9986

    Yea but he has BUILT the program.. And the Pac 10 is not week. What till Oregon crushes Auburn

  • broncoinva9986

    Bowers is a stud, end of story

  • broncoinva9986

    Yea but he has BUILT the program.. And the Pac 10 is not week. What till Oregon crushes Auburn

  • broncoinva9986

    Bowers is a stud, end of story