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Published on 12/25/2010 at Sat Dec 25 08:00.
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I was going to make this my Christmas wish list for the Broncos next head coach, but since bringing in a proven General Manager before hiring another coach is on the list, I’ll call it my Christmas wish list for the Broncos. Here’s my open wish list to the Broncos:


All I want for Christmas is Patrick Peterson. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

  • Bring in a proven GM, someone like, Bill Parcells maybe.  Then bring in a Head Coach.
  • You’re going to have a really high draft pick, don’t draft Andrew Luck and give up on Tebow, trade down and accumulate more picks to be able to draft more defensive players.  More on what players/positions below.
  • Find a way to keep Champ Bailey — he’s still one of the elite cornerbacks in the game.
  • Switch back to a 4-3 defense.  Such a move would be a hard one to make and would take some time to adjust to, but since most of the players on the roster have played on a 4-3 in the past, it would be a feasible task.  The 3-4 experiment looked like it was working at the beginning of the 2009 season, but the defense has fallen apart since, and it’s time to wipe the plate clean and start from scratch.
  • Move Mario Haggan and D.J. Williams to the outside and make Joe Mays the center of the new 4-3 defense.  Both Williams and Haggan have played OLB and Mays–I think–is going to be a great one for years to come.  With those three as the linebackers, the Broncos can move Robert Ayers and Elvis Dumervil to LE and RE respectively, giving them the opportunity to do what they were drafted to do on every down — rush the passer.  Outside linebackers Wesley Woodyard and Jason Hunter provide great depth to the linebacker group and would make fine situational players.  And if the Broncos coaching staff don’t think they can get three good starters out of the seven above mentioned linebackers, they’ll have have a chance to go after some in the draft and free agency.
  • Using the draft and free agency, bring in a NT, DE, CB, S, LB, RB, FB and O-line depth.  Basically, get a whole new defense and some players to fix the offenses’ rushing woes.  I’ll leave the draft Mocking to Mr. East, but I’ll just throw out there that I love Patrick Peterson (CB, LSU), Jared Crick (DE/DT, Nebraska), and Nick Fairley (NT, Aubrun).
  • Bring back the Orange jerseys — make the alternate orange the norm.  I have not ever met a Bronco fan who does not like the alternate Orange jerseys and personally I love them!  This is the wish I think has the best possibility of being granted, if you’re with me on this, go sign the Bring Back The Broncos Orange Jerseys Petition.  If enough fans sign, we could be watching our beloved Broncos in Orange on Sunday afternoons in 2012, if not sooner.
  • A win tomorrow and next week against the Chargers — finish the season on a strong note and give us something to be excited about going into 2011.

Keep in mind that this is a Wish list, I don’t really expect many of these things to happen, but I would love it if they did.  What’s on your wish list, Bronco fans?

  • robtink242

    I agree with everything except switching back to the 4-3.. Our true problem with the 3-4 is coaching… McDaniels had a way he wanted to be ran.. which has in the slump we are in now.. The way it should be ran is the way Mike Nolan had the guys playing.. with blitz packages and making use of all the players strength.. Hill and Dawkins blitz regularly, DJ played a little safety, Doom came with heat, and we made turn overs.. No we play a water down version giving QB all day to throw.. So to me it's not much the scheme as much as the person directing it.. If we play aggressively enough the defense can bounce back.

  • robtink242

    Pardon my manners but Merry Christmas!

  • broncobob

    Merry Christmas to All….Dont forget we need a pass catching TE also

  • dogheadbrew

    Merry Christmas y'all

    I have mixed feelings about winning the last two games. If we lost them, we have more draft stock, and more to sell to accumulate the pics we need. However, winning Sunday will help with one of my wish list people (Kubiak), and winning next week means beating the Chargers, and maybe killing their Playoff hopes.

    Defense: for three years we have had no commitment to either scheme. I don't care which we go with, as long as it doesn't become a 0-0 by week six. I say:
    1) Quality GM
    2) Draft the best D talent available at every pick, regardless of position and scheme.
    3) Take stock, and sign FAs to round out needs.
    4) Hire a D-Coordinator who fits the talent you have gotten.

    Champ: If he wants to retire a Bronco and stay with the organization after that, hell yes sign him. If he really wants a real shot at a SB, sign and trade to a contender, maybe ATL or GB. He deserves to win, and we would be worse without him, but not enough to really change our rebuilding process.

  • Jpenaflor86

    merry christmas everyone ….i agree with the 4-3 switch and with the player positions ayers and dumerville as starting ends would be great…i believe with this switch we would only need a safety and two down d line man…only lol…..A d coordinator like say wade phillips..only problem wade is a 3-4 guy.. but it would bring back that bronco feel

  • Scottey

    So, if you give up on Tebow, do you keep kyle “concrete shoes” orton? He isn't exciting at all and I would hate to depend on him to bring us back from a 3 point game, let alone bring back an entire organization. I don't hate him, I can actually get excited watching Tebow play the game. I like the other requests…..Please please please keep CHAMP!

  • Benic The Red

    you missed the wording on that one, he is saying that we should not give up on Tebow by Drafting Luck. not that he wants us to stay away from Luck AND give up on Tebow.

  • Jon

    Benic The Red is right, sorry I should have phrased that better

  • NMBronc

    So much depends on who they hire to run the team.

    1. AGREE. GM, then a coach.

    2. Trade down out of Top 5.

    3. Def

    Ayers has shown enough to keep regardless of configuration. Love Doom and DJ, but we will have to see how each recovers from their ailments.

    DL – Draft Crick! If 3-4 Def, Draft Powe or Fua in the 2nd. Other than that, rebuild the DL around Bannan and Ayers via the draft. Just too much talent too spend in FA. Thomas will be coaches call.

    Secondary – Keep Champ if not too expensive. McBath and Bruton need to prove they can stay on the field. Sign Weddle (SD) to replace Dawk and Draft Jeron Johnson. Hill will be coaches call. Syd is developing, but CB will be a need in the draft. If needed, sign Rogers from Was.

    LB -Mays is in the middle and Sign Dhani Jones Regardless of scheme, Mays, Jones, Haggan, and Maybe DJ is a solid core, Keep Woodyard and Hunter as backups only if better is not available via the draft.

    4. Off

    QB – Tebow, Quinn and draft Devlin

    RB – Sign Hightower (AZ) in case Moreno continues to go down. Draft RB & FB mid-late round if needed.

    WR – Lloyd, Royal, Decker and Thomas. Perhaps draft a mid-late round in case Thomas can't stay healthy.

    O-Line – Draft depth

    There is a lot to do over the next 2-3 years, but we do have some talent and should be able to compete in the AFC West sooner rather than later.

    McAdjective is gone, Orton will follow and the Broncs will reign again.

  • 5280

    i agree with u robtink. the 3-4 is the most elite type of defence in the nfl right now. the coaching is what blows,. nolan had it all working and the only reason he didnt do more blitzing is cuz mcd wouldnt let him. we got our best production outta dumerville in the 3-4 and with robert ayers next to him and a better DC they both should have a great year next year. therefore i also disagree with ur linebacker blueprint. we should first see whats up with free agency. theres probably gonna be a lot of linebackers becoming free agence as there is every year and hunter and woodyard aren't cuttin it. woodyard, even when he's healthy, isnt an elite player. hes only back up talent. hunter is better then woodyard but thats not sayin much. but i do totally agree with you on joe mayes. dude s a beast and ive been screamin this since preseason. hes al wilson-like in the way he plays and hes much bigger. dont forget marcell dareus outta alabama in the draft. hes been a beast since he got there.

  • Ian Henson

    Jon, you know darn well the only thing on your Christmas list this year was a Tim Tebow jersey.

  • Scottey

    As I re-read that I gathered that! I just flat was wrong, sorry.

  • Jon

    lol actually it was a Peyton Hillis jersey and Madden 11 =p

  • Ian Henson

    Traitor!!!! Hillis, really? :P

  • Jon

    I'm a players fan … I've liked him since the day they drafted him, loved in in 2008, loved him in 2009 and I still love him. Love the Broncos first and overall, but I also like the players

  • Ian Henson

    So, I'll be sending you a #6 Cutler Bears jersey and a #15 Marshall Dolphins jersey for your birthday. I may throw in a Alphonso Smith jersey just for fun. =)

  • NMBronc

    This is a great post question. Which Bronco player do you associate with and own or are planning to buy their jersey? Me, it was Hillis and Cutler before they left. Now….???

  • Ian Henson

    I own one jersey. A Dennis Smith 1963 throwback. When I was younger I had an Elway and a Sharpe jersey. My girlfriend has a Champ Bailey alt jersey (white with orange numbers).

    My dog's name is Bailey (thanks Kyle!).

  • TheTroglodyte

    I didn't ask for it and wasn't expecting it but I got a Timmy Tebow jersey for Christmas so Ima rock it out today! Do me proud Teebs! :D

  • NMBronc

    I currently own three jerseys; Orange Elway jersey that my oldest son wears, a new home Elway Jersey and a Foote Avs Jersey. Really annoys me that I don't have 1-2 players that I associate with enough to buy a jersey.

  • Digger

    #2 Sign Champ.
    #3 Elway in FO to help Ellis.
    #4 Get Gruden as HC.
    #5 Wade Phillips for DC.
    #6 FAs DeAngelo Williams and Owen Daniels.
    #7 Trade Orton for anything we can get for him. Hillis back would be great. LOL
    #8 Keep working at 3-4. We'll get there.
    #9 Trade down in the draft and get more picks.
    #10 My favorites in draft.
    a. Brandon Harris CB I like him as good as I do Peterson or Amukamara, but he's lower pick.
    b. JJ Watt DE Again I like him better than Bowers or Dareus, but not the high pick involved.
    c. Greg Jones ILB I like Joe Mayes, but the hits he puts on will take a big toll.

  • Digger

    d. Jerell Powe NT

  • NMBronc

    I am thinking I will buy a jersey of the first player to hurt Phyllis. My money is on Mays

  • crazykid

    Good analysis. It was well thought out and explained.

    What would you think about picking up “Speedy” (Rodney Stewart of CU) in Undrafted Free Agency next year?

  • TheTroglodyte

    Christmas Wishlist

    Resign Champ
    Trade down for 2 1st round spots and add a 3rd 2nd round pick.

    1st Round
    Ryan Kerrigan
    Stephen Paea

    2nd Round
    Jared Crick
    Jerrell Powe
    Ryan Williams/LaMichael James

    3rd Round
    Rashad Carmichael

  • TheTroglodyte

    You can add to that, trade Orton for a 3rd and pick up Deunta Williams as well

  • Jon

    Dude, I'm a players fan of the players I'm a fan of lol, I'm not a fan of Cuter, Marshall or Smith … I wanted a Hillis jersey in 2008, then in 2009 I asked for a Dumervil and figured I'd get Hillis this year then we traded him, but I still like him, but I don't still like Cuter or Marshall

  • Ian Henson

    So I am getting you a Brady Quinn and Andre Goodman jersey. It's decided.

  • 5280

    Digger ur on point with that.

  • cj

    All i want 4 the new year is Mr. Gary KUBIAK!

  • cj

    All i want 4 the new year is Mr. Gary KUBIAK!