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Published on 12/21/2010 at Tue Dec 21 08:28.
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Broncos Raiders Football

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow (15) warms up before an NFL football game against the Oakland Raiders in Oakland, Calif., Sunday, Dec. 19, 2010. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

On Monday, Broncos Interim Head Coach Eric Studesville announced that Tim Tebow will be the starting Quarterback against the Houston Texans on Sunday.

The Broncos are looking to snap a five game losing streak, playing at home for the first time in four weeks.  Last week in Oakland, Tebow debuted against the Raiders and played well, all things considered.  The former Gator went 8-of-16 for 138 passing yards and added 78 rushing yards, scoring twice and putting his name in the record books.

“I thought Tim played well in his first start in a difficult environment, being in there with those fans when they started getting cranked up,” said coach Studesville. “I thought he really managed everything well — the environment, our game plan, got us in and out of the things that we needed to and just ran our offense well.”

Studesville went on to note that Kyle Orton‘s rib injury did play a part in the decision to start Tebow, and that the team is developing a game plan geared toward Tebow’s strengths.  Meaning we’ll probably see some more QB keepers and draws this Sunday, giving Tebow the chance to do what he did best while at Florida.

It is also likely that Tebow will get more chances to throw this week, as running back Knowshon Moreno may not be 100%, and Denver’s rushing attack suffered mightily without him last week.

Sunday’s game starts at 2:05 (MTD) and will be broadcasted on CBS.

  • Estes2SD

    In my championship game in fantasy football this weekend, just picked up Tebow and am starting him over Schaub. I can't root for Schaub.

  • herc_rock

    Yes, more QB keepers and draws. That's exactly how you should evaluate an NFL QB. Forget seeing if he can run a professional offense, lets break out the single-wing!

  • Valentinosvat

    Yes!!! It's time to build this kid into our Bronco franchise QB…..PERIOD. The fans will come back…..there's a light at the end of this tunnel…. wearing #15.

  • 5280

    afreed valent. more keepers and draws? just becas=use the man says theyre gonna devise a game plan around tebow doesn't mean its gonna be all keepers and draws. its shouldn't. with his accuracy and arma strength u can act like ur gonna run and pass. roll him out. bootlegs. playaction. get him in space, on the run, with at least one hot route, and if his 1st and 2nd options aren't open, advise him to take off. they can get sick wit it if they grow some balls.they need to really test him. here it is kid! can u handle this league???

  • Jason

    a professional offense is what is done in a professional environment. I'd say the moment it is executed it becomes professional. Isn't that what scored a long TD run last week..?

    Shannahan won SBs with zone blocking when no one else was doing it. No one was prepared for it; no one new how. That being said, Tebo needs to develop as a passer. Everyone knows what he can do on his feet. Let the feet improvise when the pocket fails. Kinda like the grownup-Vick.

  • Rgarrett

    I agree Val, but “Kid?” This man is as big as a house! What do you call an alligator, a lizzard?

  • Jthelmsdeep

    Too bad you didn't use spell check and a secondary editor. Way too many typos in this write-up, which made for a rather distracting read.

  • themastermind

    What? Moreno hurt? No way!

  • Valentinosvat

    You're right rgarrett…he's a house…holy cow…amazing, he can just take people with him when he's running…drag em' all the way into the end zone!

  • TheTroglodyte


  • herc_rock

    One typo and you're going to post this horseshit?

  • Dorothy M. Brown

    It's about time Denver woke up and put Tebow in charge of offense!!! He's a WINNER!!! God bless, protect, and guide you, Tim. Mrs. Brown

  • Violetdks

    Tim has the will and determination to do what needs done, he just needs the chance to get warmed up and get used to actually playing a game again. I have all the faith in the world that this young man will make a great NFL player

  • Gator

    Tim Tebow’s first start as the Denver Broncos quarterback came Sunday at Oakland, and it has been discussed, praised, questioned, debated for so long in advance of that start that you sometimes wonder what is left to say.

    Only the future will tell us what it holds. You cannot predict it or rush it.

    You can, however, prepare for it, and Tebow has worked very hard all year doing just that.

    It is disappointing when you lose, and Sunday’s game at Oakland was an especially frustrating loss — if there is such a thing — in that the team fought so hard and played so well so often, but not well enough overall to get the win.

    Nevertheless, Tebow’s performance excited Broncos fans and gave them new hope and promise for the future, however uncertain and unpredictable that future is at this writing.

    But a game was played, Tebow went all the way at quarterback for his first time as a pro, and naturally, statistics were produced.

    Once produced on the field, the statistics sit there on the pages of paper and they do not lie. They are comparative with other stats. Other games have been played by other pro quarterbacks over the 90 years of the National Football League. All the games lasted 60 minutes, and they all produced statistics.

    A quick look at Tebow’s stats for one game, his first start, show this:

    He had a 40-yard rushing touchdown and a 33-yard touchdown pass, making Tebow the first player since Michael Vick in 2002 to have a scoring run of 40 or longer and a scoring pass of 30 or longer in the same game. He is the first rookie to have accomplished this feat in pro football history.

    He had a 100.5 passer rating at Oakland, the highest rating among the seven rookie quarterbacks who have made their starting debuts in 2010.

    Tebow became the 15th rookie quarterback in NFL history to have a passer rating of 100 or more in his first pro start.

    Among all Bronco rookie quarterbacks making their first start, all-time over the past 51 years, Tebow’s 100.5 rating is the best ever.

    He rushed for 78 yards, more than John Elway ever gained on the ground in any game he ever played as a pro and second all-time among Bronco quarterbacks to the 120 by Norris Weese at Chicago on December 12, 1976.

    In the 51 year-history of the Broncos, 42 quarterbacks have started for the team. Tebow’s 100.5 passer rating is seventh-best in his first game among all 42, including veterans, but ranks first among the 12 Broncos rookie quarterbacks in their first pro start.

    So those are the stats.

    You would always rather have a win, it is the only reason you play the game. No one is happy to lose, ever.

    But any time the body of stats for a given game puts a player in the team and NFL record books, and even more notably when it is the first start of a career, that is an accomplishment and a step forward for a franchise and its fans, whether known as Broncos Country or Gator Nation, and in this case, both.

  • Jon

    Ok I worded that wrong. I don't Want the Broncos to do more QB keepers and draws (in fact I loved when Tebow ran for a 40 yard score on thrid and forever but it drove me crazy when McCoy was dumb enough to think he could pull it all again and again and called QB draws over and over on 3rd and long only to be stopped each time), creating a game plan isn't limited to QB keepers and draws and I think this week they'll do a much better job of calling plays that can help the next HC evalute Tebow as a NFL QB.

  • herc_rock

    That was not a criticism of you in any way.

  • Jon

    Ok, sorry if it seemed like I was firing back …

  • Jon

    Thank you, Jim Saccomano.…/

  • TheTroglodyte

    How cool would it be if Tebow runs out on the field during introduction, rips his shirt off and then does the Hulk Hogan “hand to ear” swirl move? I mean common, the only thing hotter than Tebow is half naked Tebow baking in the glory that is his name simultaneously chanted by 77,000 rabid fans!

    Seriously, as a Bronco fan, nobody is rooting more for the Teebs to succeed but some of the posts his groupies make creep me out a little bit.

  • TheTroglodyte

    Than again, nobody has won a SB with the zone blocking scheme since sooooo…

  • herc_rock

    I knew that was ripped from somewhere. Nice catch.

  • areferee

    TYPOS? We didn't make “no steenking” typos!

  • areferee

    Sing with me: “Mrs. Brown you've got a lovely daughter…”

  • areferee


  • areferee

    How about if he wears a “Monkey Suit”…I know you!

  • TheTroglodyte

    wow, hairy monkey Teebs. I like it!

  • 12508

    What do we do if we have the 2nd pick in the 1st round? Take a QB or roll with Tebow? Top 5 picks dont come around very often. Do we have a franchise QB? Do we have a good running back? I know we dont have a good defense. We have a team with too many needs. I think it has to start with the front office and work down. WE NEED A GM WITH A CLUE! WE NEED A COACH WITH A PLAN! WE NEED PEOPLE AROUND THE FRONT OFFICE THAT THINK BRONCOS ALL DAY LONG! Elway is a good start. Get Romo in here. We need some old Broncos around. Send Xanders back to the mail room. We are a joke right now. No way we make the playoffs next year. Lets get some young talent in here. Let Dawkins and Bailey go. They might have a few years in them but we need to move on. I would like to think we could look like Tampa next year BUT I cant see it. Josh and Xanders set us back 3 years. We have some good young players and lets build around them.

  • Jj

    It was NEVER Studesville decision to make. Hes just the announcer of Bowlen's.

  • PosterBoi

    A couple of typos? Are you kidding? A third grader can spell better, capitolize, space sentences and not repeat question marks. Aside from this horrific blithering composition, Tebow is not a “kid”. He is a grown man playing professional football.

  • Kingpins10

    Take a QB?! How's about getting defensive players. We allow too many p.p.g. to worry about offense. D players are way too old. This is why teams score like mad against us in the 3rd and 4th quarters over and over.

  • gatorgirl59

    This is exactly what he did for the Gators. He was dragging defensive guys down the field with him. Sometimes I was utterly amazed at just how strong Tebow is. He sometimes took our team on his shoulders and made us win. This guy is simply AMAZING!! You will see, and you will see it soon enough!!

  • Kingpins10

    Take a QB?! How's about getting defensive players. We allow too many p.p.g. to worry about offense. D players are way too old. This is why teams score like mad against us in the 3rd and 4th quarters over and over.

  • gatorgirl59

    This is exactly what he did for the Gators. He was dragging defensive guys down the field with him. Sometimes I was utterly amazed at just how strong Tebow is. He sometimes took our team on his shoulders and made us win. This guy is simply AMAZING!! You will see, and you will see it soon enough!!