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Published on 12/20/2010 at Mon Dec 20 15:31.
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Yesterday showed us a lot of things, some great and some… not so much.

A time to thrill

  • “The NFL has been around for 90 years, and until Tebow came along, only two quarterbacks — the similarly styled Michael Vick (2002) and Kor- dell Stewart (2000) — had rushed for a 40-yard touchdown and thrown for a 30-yard score in the same game” – Mike Klis of the Denver Post
  • “His [Tim Tebow] 100.5 quarterback rating is the highest in team history for an NFL debut and the highest among the league’s seven rookie quarterbacks who have made their starting debut in 2010.” – Denver Broncos PR Staff – Denver Broncos Post Game Notes
  • “[Brandon Lloyd] became just the third player in NFL history to record his first 1,200-yard receiving season in his eighth NFL year or later.” – Denver Broncos PR Staff – Denver Broncos Post Game Notes

Plain old sadness

  • “There are 1,010 reasons — one for every yard in total offense Denver surrendered to the Raiders in two games — for the Broncos to consider it.” – Mike Klis of the Denver Post
  • “The team converted only 2-of-12 attempts, although both of those went for touchdowns.” – Lindsey Jones of the Denver Post
  • The Broncos have allowed 40 points in the fourth quarter during their last two games. – Source:

Not sure what to think

What do you think Bronco fans? What to do from here?

  • vince_mairne

    Nick Fairley from Auburn sounds like a good pick to me!

  • No Name

    Too early to start praising Tebow! Tiebow fans got their wish, now lets move on … Looks like Kyle Orton will be out of town next year. He's the one who had a better season despite all the Broncos failure. Tiebow has a lot to learn and I don't the boy is that bright as the 'Media' want to paint him.
    On the positive side, I wish him well hope he lived up to Broncos Nation expectations.

  • areferee

    There is a total Lunar eclipse going on right now, AND IT IS BRONCO ORANGE. It is a good omen. The Moon wants our orange uniforms back too.

  • TheTroglodyte

    Why in the hell does everything have to involve Tim Tebow with you? lol like your comment had anything to do with Tim Tebow. For some reason I've now mentioned Tim Tebow twice in my reply. Why in the hell can I suddenly not stop talking about Tim Tebow????

  • robtink242

    Just to throw it in there but Richard Quinn had his first career catch on Sunday.. I don't know what that meant just thought to mention… But seriously who ever the front office desires to bring i hope it's some that will make good use of all the talent on this team… Honestly it's next to impossible to unlock all the potential we have… Thomas, Decker, Royal that sounds like the future receiving corps, I say throw in Lloyd as the Vet..
    We are pretty much set at running back.. love to see a better fullback, I don't know something Peyton Hillish.. TE is a weird position.. I told you guys two years ago McDaniels is a TE killer… Got rid of Shef, didn't use Watson and Graham.. So it made sense to him not to draft Hernandez out of Florida who was one Tebow's favorable targets.. That's spilled milk now.. There are some TE in the draft (Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Miami)

    Our offensive line is pretty much set.. This season was growing pains and their continuity will benefit them..

    Defense.. Head scratcher! We'll first and foremost up front needs help… enough with the Vet's up front we need a Bully at NT.. at DE we can use some new blood.. ILB is something that we can go after (Hightower- Alabama).. he'll do good behind DJ and Hagan.. Then there is the secondary.. i think we have pretty good corners who get hurt from their front seven… BUT safety is a MUST… We need Ballhawking animals back there.. especially at Free Safety.

  • The Mascot Army

    Yeah, football is like brain surgery, and studying nothing but that all day every day will only ever be enough for really bright guys like Terry Bradshaw and Michael Vick.

  • areferee

    …and I'll bet instead of turkey for Christmas, the Trog will be eating T-Bown steak! :-)

  • Kingpins10

    Kyle Orton has happy feet and is too prone to eat the football instead of throwing it away. All of that comes from his fear of running. Why do you think the Bears traded him?

    Tebow is not afraid to run if there is no play. Reminds me of some former 2-time SB champion whose last name begins with an “E”.

  • TheTroglodyte

    lol I prefer pterodactyl but they don't carry it at the local market any more.

  • areferee

    Did you look in the Triassic or the Cretaceous aisles? Sometimes you have to get them frozen.

  • areferee

    Did you look in the Triassic or the Cretaceous aisles? Sometimes you have to get them frozen.