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Published on 12/20/2010 at Mon Dec 20 07:58.
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Denver Broncos rookie quarterback Tim Tebow prepares to take the snap during their NFL football game against the Kansas City Chiefs in Denver November 14, 2010. (REUTERS/Rick Wilking)

Denver Broncos rookie quarterback Tim Tebow prepares to take the snap during their NFL football game against the Kansas City Chiefs in Denver November 14, 2010. (REUTERS/Rick Wilking)

I hope you like what you saw out of Tim Tebow yesterday, because it looks like the rookie will get two more games to show more of what he’s made of. According to the Denver Post:

Healthy or not, though, Orton is not likely to start the final two games at home.

Due to Cincinnati and Buffalo winning yesterday Denver is in position to receive the number two overall pick for the upcoming draft. Since Carolina won yesterday there is an outside chance that Denver could be picking first overall, which is referred to as the Andrew Luck spot. The last thing Denver fans need right now is another quarterback controversy, so these last two games are very important for Tim Tebow to excel in… unless you want another Standford QB phenom.

What do you think Bronco fans, Tim Tebow deserve the right to continue to start? Is Tebow the future?

  • Brian

    You do realize QB isnt our biggest concern right now right? Tebow has more potential than orton if he has a full offseason to tune his passing, timing with his recievers, knowing hes going to be the starter and a few games of experiance under his belt this year. You all realize a good running game and great defense is what all the great teams these days focus on.

    One thing I know we DONT need is to waste another valuable draft pick on ANOTHER QB. Worst case we have Orton as a starter and hes good and managing games. Like i said we need to get back to the run like days of old. I say we trade out of the 1-3 pick in the draft, stockpile a bunch of second round picks. Use our 1st pick on the most beasty guard in the draft so we have someone to pull and run behind. Then use the rest of our picks on talanted, FAST and YOUNG players. Were going to get Elvis back with a bunch of high draft picks. I want to see how Tebow will manage next year. Gotta give him a shot. He has a heart of a lion.. and well.. he is a lion.

  • Adrenaline27

    He did intentionally.

  • Adrenaline27

    Not to mention he has not played a real game in about a year. People that are going to bash Tebow will find some way to do just that. The fact that he is a better leader on the field and motivator then Orton speaks volumes.

  • herc_rock

    Sure he did.

  • Rob_Bronco

    This week he threw for 181 yards, threw for 2 touchdowns and had a completion % of 48.8%. No, I'm not talking about Tebow, I'm talking about Sam Bradford, the #1 overall pick (and the QB that every football analyst said was the “most ready” to start in the NFL).

    Tebow had a decent day for a rookie QB who started his first NFL game. He completed half of his throws including one for a 33 yard touchdown and didn't throw a pick against a good Raider D. He's dangerous on his feet. He's not Vick, but he's not Rivers either and teams are going to have to gameplan for that.

    I say give him a few more games before we decide whether we should send him packing. He doesn't have the traditional QB style but that's not always a bad thing – ask Steve Young, Brett Favre, Michael Vick, Jake Plummer, and John Elway.

  • section13

    If the broncs get the #1 pick, any GM worth spit should be able to trade it for three #1's, a primo DE and middle LB at a minimum! Come on admin staff, if you got the cards play em!

  • anthony33

    I think you take Luck if you end up with the first pick. Let him battle it out with Tebow then trade one. Similar to what SD did when they had Brees and drafted Rivers.

    Luck appears to be one of those with a consensus read from everyonw. You have to take him.

  • Kel505

    Tebow fired up the offense (such as it is) a lot better than Orten ever did. Let him have the job. Let him grow into it. And prepare to be amazed.

  • MiKey55

    i'd really rather us take the top defensive player available REGARDLESS OF POSITION! yeah bailey is old dawkins is old goodman is old the list goes on! Ayers has turned into a pretty good Beast vs the run and is still that .5 seconds away from those sacks. with doom back maybe he will get more because of less protection and hopefully more development but i still wouldn't mind another pass rusher… a middle linebacker would be nice to yeah yeah joe mays hits people hard and haggans versatile as heck but i wouldn't mind having a rotation with haggan/ayers outside DJ/mays inside run downs bring in doom and and a rookie more playmaking lb on pass downs. sure we got cox and thompson but another top end CB would be really nice especially if we can't resign bailey. D-lines not that great even though i don't mind them but they r old heck we need help on defense way more then on offense. theres going to be another top end qb next year maybe it would be better to bring him into a more stable situation if we falter again with our O-line geling more and more i think our front five will take big steps Cladys an all pro harris is a borderline pro bowler when healthy kupers solid and consistant most of our holes fall with those two rookies hopefully the rookie blues turn around next season

  • 5280

    Where did any of you see a weak arm?!? those weren't lobs! he chucked the touch down pass from at least his own 40 and hit the back corner of the endzone and he hit lloyd perfectly. badly miss on half a dozen throws? he barely got to throw half a dozen throws down the field. he did everything to a T THAT THE COACHES ASKED HIM TO DO. understand that he didnt get to do a whole lot and he still exceled at what he did do. even the raiders D said that the guy is a hell of an athlete. namni even said he had great accuracy. i agree totally with brian and charlie. the kid can play and he proved it( a little bit) on sunday and i think hes gonna prove it a lil more every time he hits the field. I just cant believe some of you cant see the rocket arm this guy has. true he need s to shorten up the release and learn to be a lil mor nimble, but when he gets everything fine tuned hes gonna give us something special. to go for luck in the draft would be stupid. u dont draft the best guy in the draft period, u draft the best guy in the draft THAT FITS UR NEEDS. it should be Defence all the way. we need D lineman. we also need to sew up bailey til the end of his career. hes got a lil bit left in the tank at corner and then we should swithc him to safty. that'll get 4 more years outta of him, but the biggest reason why we should sign bailey is to give these young corners we got a goos model and teacher. the corners and saftys we got cant tackle and have no help up front and i think bailey can help with that. he maybe at the end of his career but hes got a lot to give to the young guys who badly need help.

  • anthony33

    I am stunned at the negativity surrounding this kids first outing.

    Was he perfect… not even close.
    Did he suck… not even close.

    When you consider that fact that he has gotten maybe 5% of the snaps in practice since the season started, his first real action was on the road (in Oakland no less) and in less than ideal weather conditions… I thought he did okay and showed some promise.

    I know his technique is not classic, but like a golf swing you can have many different golf swings and the only thing the matters is what works for you and allows you to consistently put the ball on target. Tiger Woods swing is far from classic, yet look at the results.

    I don't know if he will ever live up to the hype or even be a decent NFL QB as it is WAY TOO EARLY TO TELL. And those of you that proclaim to know are just plain FOS.

    I do know he has shown leadership, great work ethic, great heart and a desire to compete and win. And that's a good place to start.

    Let's just back off the kid and have fun enjoying the adventure. The next two games are going to be very interesting indeed. This team has FAR worse problems than Tebow, that I can assure you.

  • anthony33


    This team needs to hire a defense minded coach and start over. They will need a Tebow type QB that can make things happen even if he is not great.

    I know he failed and Detroit (mostly due to a jackass of a GM in Millan), but what about giving Rob Maranelli another shot??? Love the way the Bears are playing defense. Something we desparately need.

    Draft Peterson at CB and move Bailey to safety… love it.

  • anthony33

    RON MARANELLI needs to be our next HC.

  • Bucky

    Yes, I actually did, I don't comment often on this site but i have been reading it for the last 3 years. and you said at the end of last year, along with a number of your nay saying friends, that we had seen the ceiling with Orten, I remember, because I commented at that time as well, one of the very few comments I have ever made on this site. your sudden amnesia of the comments do not change the fact that they were made.

  • The Mascot Army

    Who said anything about the SEC? Tebow is 245 pounds of rock solid muscle and effort. He is bigger and stronger than a lot of RBs (and every other QB). You are implying that every RB in the league can be arm tackled? silly.

    It would be just as ridiculous for me to harp about Bradford and Stafford being weaklings who risk dying every time they leave the pocket while ignoring that their accuracy and delivery helps make up for their deficits.

    It is pretty obvious that you guys have not watched Tebow much over his career-you all say the same thing, “coincidentally” the same thing Kiper and the echo-chamber said before the draft-all cliches like all he did in college was run over people. fyi, he didnt “just run over” people-he actually rarely ran over people. he made good decisions, rarely turned the ball over, and teams always had to worry about his taking off and running, which makes it easier to pass the ball.

    The only case somebody who actually watched Tebow a lot with regard to “NFL vs college” and his style of play is that he is more likley to get hurt (if he gets sandwiched where one of the pieces of bread gets a concussion). He indisputably still has the ability for 40 yard TD runs stiff arming “NFL-caliber” safeties and dragging them into the endzone. He also indisputably has 100+ passer rating potential.

    The good news is it is put up or shut up time, and things arent looking good for you clowns. of course, by then you will be making the case thast he isnt an elite QB (bar raised from unworthy of starting in the NFL).

  • 5280

    Maranelli would be a good pick for D coordinator, but i would really like to finally see someone in denver who everyone knows is a 100% garenteed to help our Defence get back to being dominant. like Mike Nolan, Dick lebeau, Wade phillips(d Coordinator only!), cowher, gruden etc. soemone who can turn the D around with in the 1st year. Anthony i agree 100%. the next coach has to either be Completely defencive minded or at least understand that Defence comes first and knows what to do to get an immediate turn around. a couple of key players in free agency, some good defencive picks in the draft, plus a great D coordinator and Denver can be right back in this thing next year. I.E chieves, bucs, and jets this year.

  • tony

    how do you like your crow tebow is a leader among men and the rest will take care of its self u go tebow

  • tony

    how do you like your crow tebow is a leader among men and the rest will take care of its self u go tebow