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Published on 12/12/2010 at Sun Dec 12 18:29.
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Place kicker Jay Feely #4 of the Arizona Cardinals runs with the football for a 5 yard rushing touchdown past Jason Hunter #52 of the Denver Broncos during the second quarter of the NFL game at the University of Phoenix Stadium on December 12, 2010 in Glendale, Arizona.  (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Place kicker Jay Feely #4 of the Arizona Cardinals runs with the football for a 5 yard rushing touchdown past Jason Hunter #52 of the Denver Broncos during the second quarter of the NFL game at the University of Phoenix Stadium on December 12, 2010 in Glendale, Arizona. (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

This wasn’t the type of statement an interim head coach would like to make in his debut.

In response, thousands of Broncos fans in Arizona’s desert stadium vocalized one of their own.

Amid deafening chants of “Tim Tebow!”, Broncos interim coach Eric Studesville‘s Kyle Orton-led Broncos blundered their way to a fourth straight loss Sunday, a 43-13 embarrassment against the Arizona Cardinals (4-9) that dropped the Broncos to an unfathomable 3-10 record. Six offensive turnovers (the most the Broncos have surrendered since 1999) and a collapsing fourth quarter defense led to a Cardinals rout led by kicker Jay Feely and rookie third-string quarterback John Skelton.

The Cardinals’ Skelton, who reportedly only had Friday to prepare for the game as the team’s primary signal caller, outthrew the Broncos’ Orton, who was dreadful despite over a year as “the guy.” Orton completed less than 50% of his passes and threw three interceptions (no touchdowns). Skelton’s numbers were very pedestrian in his rookie debut, but he didn’t surrender a turnover.

Kyle Orton was once Pro Bowl-bound. Kyle Orton was once on an NFL record pace. Kyle Orton was once worthy of a multi-million dollar contract extension, again.

After Sunday’s thumping, Orton can’t argue his worth is greater than an NFL never-was.

The Broncos changed to a rookie coach; it’s time to change to a rookie quarterback. It’s time to see what Tim Tebow can do.

  • skipali

    Unless you're keeping Tebow on the sidelines to leverage his “potential” into a better trade/draft position, you gotta put him in and see how he handles himself. Anybody remember Elway's first season (first few, for that matter)?! See how many plays the DL was pushed back on the line of scrimmage yesterday; can there be any question (even w/Dumervil healthy) that is D needs help.

  • Skorsh939

    I was probably his only supporter. too bad he's gone.

  • Gary_in_SD

    Can you say “rock bottom”?!!! I've been a fan since the Craig Morton days. This is the worst moment for the team that I can ever remember. At least the #1 draft pick is within our grasp if you want to look for bright side of this. As for Tebow, it couldn't hurt to let him play, but I wouldn't throw him into the lion's den (yet) at Oakland. I've been there, it's a nut house!

  • skipali

    The “M and M connection” !! I remember those days when we were a franchise on the rise; not one settling to be a bottom feeder. The fans need to remind Bowlen and everyone else at Dove Valley what this team has meant to the area and challenge them to pull their heads out of their..

  • AKfan

    Agree. The Tebow era probably begins at home against Houston. Make Orton play this week in Oakland and then give him his clipboard. If Orton starts at home against the Texans it is going to be ugly for him.

  • kingtebow

    orton has to go tired of watching orton. tebow is alot better than orton

  • Adrenaline27

    Just reported that Orton is going to start next week in Oakland.

    You've got to be kidding me. I just want to go up to Dove Valley and punch all the coaches in the face. Its as if they hate us the fans. I wish none of them to return next season.

  • Adrenaline27

    I watched Eric Studesville Press Conference and with his response to the questions he was asked. I now have more than ever ZERO confidence that they have any clue on what they are doing. He an idiot. He sounds like he is just mimicking what McDaniel’s would say. Be your own person and have a backbone.

    One question he was asked. How ready is Tebow to play.. Hes answer… Tebow was drafted to be a NFL QB. Thats what he is. What in the Hell type of answer is that?

  • Laramiefan

    I just hope I don't have to see coach Studesville walking around in practice twirling that stupid whistle on his finger because a lot of the motions during the interview are almost the same as McD's and I sure don't want to see any apologies for the team .

  • areferee

    Defense, De-Fence, D-Fents…

  • areferee

    Yes. and that won't be fair. If we start Kyle at Oakland, but let Tebow play quite a bit with “Wild Horses” etc, then the fan reaction in Denver will taper slightly, but Tebow should start against Houston, especially if we drop the Raider game. (Oh hell, even if we win it!)

  • areferee

    They won't. I suspect “The Greek” will be the only survivor.

  • areferee

    He should piss everybody off, including the Commissioner, and wear a suit to the game like Mike Nolan used to do. (No hoodie, please!)

  • Prizespoker1

    i have been a bronco fans since i was 7 yrs old use to make all the games with my uncle who had season tickets i wore my bronco garb from 1960 to present date all the great 1st picks we drafted werent signed due to $$$$$ cheap owners we need a good gm too bad elway doesnt want it the season is lost why not start tebow let him get some on the job training holdin a clip board or runnin a wild cat play or 2 (everyone know's what he's doin) let him start and play the last 3 games come on mr. bowlen please listen to those who fill the seats and watch faithfully every bronco game ty

  • laramiefan

    It seems like ancient history but, here goes . “Similiarities” Hillis not playing and then being traded without any explanation . I mean it did not make any sense to me . Now Tebow not playing . Again no reasonable explanation and IT DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE TO ME . I will call it the the ” Hillis Syndrome” .

  • Wyomin13

    How do you know he sucks? Have you seen him play for any extended time? I don't think he will come out and play like a seasoned vet, but he will at least give his all.

  • chooch76

    title: Maybe Mile High is Too High

    Well, this is just the kind of hysteria that characterizes Denver and has brought it to its current position… prone on the turf. Everyone called for Brian Greise when Bubby Brister was throwing turds. So Shanahan listens to the fans and in a flash of brilliant mediocrity starts Brian Greise. (To this day Shanahan claims that he ruined Greise because he started him too soon.) Greise starts to stink and everyone starts booing Shanahan. So Shanahan moves to the next sort of ok quaterback Jake Plumber. I liked Jake Plumber but when the only play you run is the bootleg well… people are going to start to get the idea. SO, now you have a legacy of mediocrity building up, the Denver masses are ranting like British parliament and dissent has built. In a show of disparity and unprofessionalism Shanny starts Cutler, everyones personal football Jesus, with 3 games left in the season just in time for him to sustain one of the worst concussions ever seen in the NFL. Well at least it was at the end of the season. Next up… the fans have their way once again, Shan gets the can. Denver hires their WORST hire in franchise history, Mickey D. (Mark my words, this guy has screwed this team into 2013, but as Jesse Ventura tells us the world ends in 2012 and we'll all be dead so we don't need to worry about it do we?) The mantra, “he's no John Elway” begins… AGAIN and now we have Denver fans supporting this “football genius” and everyone has turned their backs on this “punk” “brat” for a quarterback. (Don't even get me started on this one. YOU ALL wanted it.) Daddy Warbucks, Pat Bowlen, pulls the strings and Cutler is “allowed” to leave. What do we have next? Mc Hoodie the wrecking ball starts dismantling the team from day one as the fans cheer him on. Great start to the first season buuuuuuuuut, damn, we just can't seem to get it up. We finish the season without a playoff birth. The dissent begins and we along with Pat Bowlen begin to question our faith again. You could actually hear the fall in ticket sales in the cold Rocky Mt wind, it sounded something like a slide whistle, wait maybe that was just Kyle Orten's nose whistle. Wait, Kyle Orten has a nose whistle? WTF! Well, he's a $h!tty quarterback too. Lets can him and put in this totally unproven quarterback who every NFL recruiter said was overrated and never going to make it because his arm isn't good enough. This is our legacy. This… is Bronco football. Well maybe Pat Bowlen will take a look at his profits after the Xmas shopping season and listen to all of you. Yes, that is all PB cares about. I've come up with a new equation to represent this.
    t(TX.Jz+Bi)/p= Pat Bowlens MF$$
    t=the number of years since Denver's last Superbowl, p=principal interest, TX=ticket sales, Jz= paraphernalia sales, Bi=fan bitching and I think you can guess what MF means.
    You just don't screw with PB's money. He tried to move an election to avoid property taxes on the new Mile High stadium for crying out loud. As long as Pat Bowlen makes decisions on the premise of Bronco fan paraphernalia sales our team is going to suck until he's gone.
    “Cries for Tebow” pretty much says it all. Yes, these are the cries of a fan base that behaves like a group of 4 year olds that get whatever he/she wants when they throw their little tantrums. We've all seen this kid in a shopping mall or a grocery store and thought, “Damn, someone should smack that kid”. Well, the smack to our face will be the next three years. Now go sit in the corner.

  • chooch76

    Yes but we'll have to promptly give that draft pick away… that's the deal… lest you forgot last years draft “giveaway” already.

  • chooch76

    God, I thought this was an old post about Jay Cutler until I got to the end. Lol, whoa. That's too funny. It was like, I feel like I heard someone say that before. I mean, no one has ever said that before right? Unless it was 2 FREAKING YEARS AGO!

    Here's a quote for you, Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

  • chooch76

    Freakin THANK YOU


    Cry me a river dude. Your team isn't doing well this year…. awww. I have proudly worn my Raiders jerseys and jackets, used my Raiders coffee mugs, displayed my Raiders cards and defended my Raiders the whole time they were sucking since 2002. You want to talk about a team not doing well? Your a fairweather fan and should be ashamed of yourself. A true fan wears the jerseys and bleeds the team colors through thick and thin. Other Bronco fans should stone you in the street. The falcons are doing well this year… maybe you can sell your Bronco stuff and switch to Atlanta… or the Patriots. Either way Im sure your fellow Bronco fans wont lose any sleep once your gone. RAIDERS RULE!!

  • areferee

    Just a friendly note to the BT Guys:

    I understand the malaise, but only 2 stories since Sunday's game has forced us to go elsewhere for our Broncos' coverage.

    We miss your input on what is going on…

  • AKfan

    Fairweather website? That is a 1st.

  • Info

    careful what you wish for fanboys.

  • areferee

    The accuracy of your account was quickly drawn into question with your spelling of our illustrious “The Snake” quarterback. You then challenged the reader to attempt to decipher some of the few accurate statements in your diatribe.

    But let me tell you, when you trash the typical Broncos' fan and paint them with this wide and off-colored paint brush, it sounds more like you made a quick trip “over the cuckoo's nest”, so don't expect a whole lot of support from me, or I dare say, the typical supporter of this franchise.

  • Michael

    I heard the Broncos are interested in Michigan State Wide Receiver Mark Dell. We need a solid WR and I hope Tim Tebow gets the starting quarterback job. He and Dell would make a good duo.

  • broncofreak

    Yeah, I don't really blame 'em. I feel the same way. I would get excited about maybe seeing Tebow play, but…don't know if it's ever gonna happen.

  • Adrenaline27

    Your a retard. But again thats to be expected by a Raider fan.

  • Adrenaline27

    I don't understand why they would need a WR

  • TheTroglodyte

    Tebow's taking first team reps

  • MrEast

    Very sorry about the delays. My final semester of college consumed me. Back to the grind now!

  • MrEast

    Very sorry about the delays. My final semester of college consumed me. Back to the grind now!