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Published on 12/06/2010 at Mon Dec 06 17:40.
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It’s official: Josh McDaniels has been fired as Denver Broncos head coach, the Broncos announced Monday, and running backs coach Eric Studesville has been elected as interim head coach for the remaining four games of the season.

Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen released the following statement Monday:

“My decision to relieve Josh McDaniels as head coach was not taken lightly. I will always be appreciative of his passion, enthusiasm and hard work, and I thank him for his efforts.

“In the end, I was not satisfied with the results and the direction this team was headed. The decision to make a change was extremely difficult but one that needed to be made for this organization and our fans.

“Everyone, myself included, is accountable for our disappointing season and is now responsible for restoring the culture of winning that has been established by this franchise. Our entire organization is completely focused on returning to the level of prosperity that our fans expect and deserve from the Denver Broncos.”

Eric Studesville released the following statement on Monday:

“I am very appreciative of the trust that Mr. Bowlen and the entire Denver Broncos organization have shown in me. Although the circumstances that this opportunity resulted from are unfortunate, I am excited to lead this football team. We have a great group of players and coaches who are committed to finishing the season on a promising note and making our fans proud of this team.”

  • Jim R

    Thank you Mr. Bowlen. Jim, Santa Fe

  • Bowlensucks

    This is fucking retarded! who are we the raiders giving our coaches less than two years to turn over a whole roster of a losing team?!?!? and say goodbye to Tebow because McDaniels was the only one who can develop him

  • Michael Land

    No one can develop Tebow, he's garbage.

  • TinFL

    My hat is off to Pat Bowlen . . . thank you sir for making the difficult but correct decision . . . .

    When the boat has chosen the wrong tributary . . . best to correct and find the true course . . .

    It might be not expediant . . . nor popular . . . but true to heart . . . Thank you . . . T

  • denverfanindallas

    this just made our off-season worth watching! question, if you are paying three coaches can you call on any of them to coach a game? i mean a cower/mcdaniels/shanahan run team could be really fun! haha (i get sarcastic when i'm uncertain)

    Who knows what will happen, it really can't get much worse. Tebow will be fine. Look at what the “weird throwing motion” of Phyllis-cry-me-a-Rivers has done for him. Look at the “built like a linebacker” body has done for Ben Rothlisberger. This team needs heart and a leader, not Peyton Manning precision. Hate him all you want, but he's the future. Bowlen won't trade character guy with unlimited upside.

    It scares me to think that Cower won't want to come. He seems to me the only guy who would make me happy. But there are a lot of coaches out there that would have had Denver on their list 2 years a go, that don't now that MCD decimated (or maybe defecated on) the team. He kept the players he needed, and that's a big hole to climb out of. That's why I was for giving him another year. If he goes for it on 4th and 4, we may not be having this conversation… but that doesn't really matter now.

    all that said, we are now talking about the future of the Denver Broncos, which is a lot more than we could say yesterday. This is the gospel compared to how we all felt yesterday. Uncertainty, yes. Uneasy, yes. Unwilling to feel good or bad, yes… but the truth is we are at “base camp” and the future is a mile high!

  • Droze2

    thank god

  • Bill

    If not Cowher how about Schottenheimer?

  • DQ


  • Twolf

    It really is a good move for the team. Josh will be a good head coach one day. He just needs some more experience and maturity. Thanks Josh, for the hard work, and good luck in the future. We really don't dislike you. we are just used to winning alot more than we have recently.

  • virginiabronco


  • virginiabronco

    Now bench Orton and see if our draft pick of Tebow has any chance of a future. Sign Bailey in hopes of teaching Cox (if possible) how to cover. The good news is the whole AFC west looks weak so with any luck we might be able to compete again within 3 years.

  • Crwolff

    Now maybe we can bring Wade Phillips in as a d coordinator.

  • kerry

    hey everybody, how about Dick LeBeau. a hall of famer and a great defensive mind.

  • herc_rock

    commas and periods, man.

  • kerry

    good riddance to Tebow. he is lousy. there is a reason nobody wanted to take him high except an idiot like McD.

  • Ryan K.

    He is too old Kerry, and a barnacle in the Steeler franchise, there is no way he ever leaves that team. I like your thinking though, any other suggestions?

  • herc_rock

    The younger? I like that.

    If you're talking about Marty, I'll call the guys in the white coats for ya.

  • adrenaline27

    I know I know Brad Childress.. LMAO NOT

  • herc_rock

    He was pretty terrible as a HC, though.

  • kerry

    no college coaches. Nick Saban and Bobby Petrino should have scared off all NFL teams from hiring a college coach. well as a D-coordinator id say Wade Phillips. just as a D-coordinator though. id personally like Cowher but i think he will be coaching Carolina this upcoming year.

    Gruden may not wanna leave the booth even though he blows a load of man mustard everytime he talks about Tebow. Brian Billick knows who to build an offense and a defense (see 2000 Ravens) Parcells would make a good front office guy. Kubiak could be gone in Houston and Bowlen would give him whatever he wanted to have him coach. but i think a guy like Rob Ryan will be strongly considered by Bowlen.

  • Kbryant3019

    what about Gruden. on the other hand he really hasn't done anything.that Tampa bay team was good from Dungy putting it together all though he was smarter then Mcd and didn't blow up the team. but i bet they will get a good coach can't afford to miss on this one.I'm happy for us as fans also the franchise.hell what about herm

  • Big_Pete1999

    I wonder how correlated this move was to the Shanahan move.
    Shanahan = Coach for Life.
    McDaniels = Job is safe even for next year.

    Shanahan = After week 16, the season was officially over.
    McDaniels = After week 12, the season was officially over.

    Shanahan = When season was over, said he would not replace D Coord. Got fired the same day
    McDaniels = When season was over, said he would not replace QB. Got fired same day

    I wonder… If Shanahan would have said “We need to find the best D-Coordinator there is to right this ship.” he would have stayed
    I wonder… If McDaniels would have said “The season is over with, it's time to get our rookies some playing time to see what we have.” he would have stayed

    It's so similar it's almost eerie.

  • adrenaline27

    Not Herm, be careful of hiring the brothers of coaches that are having some success. Not Fox. I like Kubiak but don't see that as a good choice.. To me thats just going back to what you had before. Get Bill Parcells in the front office. Wade Phillips no way… I am here in Dallas and he was a JOKE.

  • Hope

    Ya I think your right I realy do.It is eeerie and the truth.

  • 5280

    I think it was a decision that was a little premature but i definitely understand why it happened and i don't blame bowlen for making the decision. Also, most of you who are saying that tebow is garbage obviously dont know the first thing about the game of football. It's up to the broncos how well tebow develops. He is extremely smart and talented. What holds him back is the fact that he never played under a pro style offence and if Denver takes its time with him he should be one of the best QB's to ever play. McD had the right idea, X's and O's wise, but as for his player skills he lacked the understanding of a professional football player. As for who will be our next coach I'm excited! I think Gruden would be nice fit but i think he's takin the University of Miami job and Cower has said no like a million times and thinks that Denver's a joke any way. Wade Phillips should either be a D coordinator or retire. Childress is a horrible play caller. Dick Lebeau is perfect but goodluck gettin him away from pitsburgh. I think offering Nolan the job should be the first option. Who ever we decide to go after should be defensive minded. The front 7 should be their first concern because great teams are only great anymore in todays game because of their Defences. when any team gets into the playoffs, the way they become dependable teams are by having the ability to stop the run.

  • Dee Kitchens

    I hope we get Gruden.

  • MrPete

    McDaniels had to know it was comming, maybe not this soon, but it was comming. Now, Mr. Pat Bowlen one more to go, get rid of Xanders. He is about as qualified to lead an organization as McDaniels was to coach this team. We all saw were that took us. If bowlen had hired an experienced GM, McDaniels may very well still be with the team. I'm not saying thats a good thing, just a possibilty. Hire an experienced GM to assist the Head Coach and give guidance. Putting in an inexperienced Head coach and inexperienced GM together for their first position of this magnatude is soley on you Mr. Bowlen. I hope you learned your lesson. We have.

    I am not a big throwing players away without giving them a chance to prove what they can do. Tebow needs to be given a chance to prove what he can or cannot do. The Broncos spent alot in pics and $$ to get this player. For all those out there that say get rid of Tebow before we know his potiental probably need to take a lesson on the basics of business and leadership. To me, those are the types of decisions that got McDaniels in trouble. He didn't think through his decisions, well I shouldn't say that, He may have thought through them, he just chose poorly. This is where experience would have paid off. Or a GM with exerience would have paid off.

    Mr. Bowlen in your next search for a head coach, spend some time on the issue of defense or lack of. Send a loud and clear message that the defense will be addressed now. Make it a priorty for the new coach. Do not leave it up to them to decide what needs to be the priority.


  • anthony33

    Charlie Weis.

  • anthony33

    Nolan sucked and SF as the head coach. Not sure I want any part of him as our HC. Defensive coordinator, hell yeah.

  • Jj

    Its funny how you have made judgments on a guy who hasn't really played yet….. and all you DO know of him is that he was a record breaking QB in college and what little snaps he has gotten in real NFL he has been productive…… Very intelligent well researched comment there bud.

  • kerry

    college isnt the NFL. plain and simple. here is some intelligence for you also, you know him as a great COLLEGE QB. i know him as a QB who upon entering the NFL, had to be taught how to throw all over again. its just simple truth. good research isnt needed to see he cant hack it in the NFL as a QB. maybe as an H-back or a TE. just stop with all his “College accolades” they mean nothing when translating to the NFL. just ask JaMarcus Russell, Eric Crouch, Troy Smith, Akili Smith, Andre Ware, Dave Klingler and so on and so on. gimmick college QB's dont succeed in the NFL. its just facts. Bud.

  • jdkchem

    Every quarterback coming out of college has to be taught to throw again and to play at the NFL level. Those are the facts bud.

  • jdkchem

    Phillips is/was a great d-coordinator but not a good head coach.

  • jdkchem

    Every quarterback coming out of college has to be taught to throw again and to play at the NFL level. Those are the facts bud.

  • jdkchem

    Phillips is/was a great d-coordinator but not a good head coach.