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Fans hold a sign to fire Josh McDaniels during the second half of the St. Louis Rams game. (AP Photo/Joe Mahoney)

Fans hold a sign to fire Josh McDaniels during the second half of the St. Louis Rams game. (AP Photo/Joe Mahoney)

In reference to the person on his staff that leaked what went on during the private meetings being held in regards to Spygate II; Josh McDaniels yesterday said “I’m not going to go chasing ghosts about [who] that [was].”

So, take a long look in the mirror Denver fans.

It’s been five years since the 13-3 season and the AFC Championship loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, four years since the Broncos tossed out Jake Plummer and a winning season to make way for Jay Cutler and mediocrity.

For every controversy McDaniels has brought to the Broncos, history has proven to make him look smart (though Cutler gave a good effort at making McDaniels look dumb Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles). Brandon Marshall‘s looking pathetic, Tony Scheffler‘s basically ineffective, Alphonso Smith admits that he single-handedly lost the Thanksgiving Day game against the New England Patriots.

The one dark horse in all of this is Peyton Hillis and he has been downright incredible as a Cleveland Brown… Yet, this isn’t the time nor place to discuss that. Four out of five ain’t bad.

Four out of five ain’t bad… Yet (and still) Broncos fans demand perfection.McDaniels says that he won’t chase ghosts, now what are Denver fans chasing?

There isn’t a quarterback in existence that can replicate what John Elway did with the Broncos. That’s what made Elway Elway… There may very well never be another Elway. That is the cold fact.

Kyle Orton has (quietly, though not around these parts) put together an incredible year, but has come up short where Elway didn’t. When the game is on the line Broncos fans are so used to seeing that composed man on a mission. Orton doesn’t deliver that, so fans scream from Tim Tebow.

As MaxDenver’s Andrew Mason put it so eloquently Sunday on Twitter, “Can Tebow play defense?”

So there in lies the problem, with McDaniels and his ambition. McDaniels was able to bring in Mike Nolan and the Broncos’ defense flourished early in 2009, whether it be McDaniels or Nolan who allowed no corrections following week six may never be known publically. McDaniels and Brian Xanders went all offense in the draft early on, addressing a wide receiver and quarterback position that didn’t quite need to be filled. Picking up offensive lineman that have experienced some growing pains in their rookie seasons. Before finally turning to the defensive side of things.

Granted an injury to Elvis Dumervil in the preseason likely wasn’t in the predictions and the same Tebow cries fans had in April would have been replicated had Denver traded up to select an outside linebacker in the first round. There’s nothing to say that Dumervil would have been able to replicate his 2009 season (which he had under Nolan) in 2010. Robert Ayers has certainly looked better and Knowshon Moreno‘s starting to look a bit like who the Broncos intended to draft (minus a costly fumble Sunday).

So let this be said, I am throwing the last tiny ounce I have behind Josh McDaniels as the Denver Broncos head coach (as is Pat Bowlen). This is it and it’s all I have, you leave the dance with the date you brought and he’s got one last season in my books. No, I’m not thinking that even playoffs are possible this year, but I am also not for the Broncos folding for a top five pick. I will be there, every Sunday hoping that Denver can mess up someone else’s opportunity to make the playoffs. Oakland, Kansas City, and San Diego have never shown any mercy on Denver, why should the Broncos lay down for them?

I am behind the Denver Broncos, as I know a lot of fans are. Sunday’s game against the St. Louis Rams gave the whole Broncos nation hope and a bit of that fire back and even though they failed, they failed falling forwards.

Now, my hope is fans too can stop chasing ghosts.

  • Coreyc 1990

    If you are one of the biggest bronco fans ever, you should like this video check it out. tell your friends haha

  • Laramiefan

    Marshall and Cutler wanted more money and was pushed by their agent into being a pain in the keester so they would be traded . The agent also makes more money just in case no one looks at that . Please tell me why Hillis was traded ? He was a victim of McD's inability to see the obvious . Knowshon is still there because he cost a lot of money and is McD's draft . Please get off this stubborness to win with the Pats method . Our butts are getting kicked all over the field . It is frustrating to me to have the talent the Broncos possess and not use it .


    D Thomas has shown his ability recieving and returnig injuries happen, Royal still young plays the sl;t well and returns punts,Knowshon has talent, Beadles has done well a a rookie,the rookie center has done well,with Clady, Harris, Decker and Willis two recievers who might get more time except B. Llyod and Royal keep them off, Tebow an enigma but I do believe he is a good footall player and when he gets his changoces e hs delivered and his character makes me think he could be a leader. I dont think all of Ortons stats are garbage time stats what could have been if our O-line would hav been intact at the beginning of the season maybe a respectable running game to go with a potent passing game might have kept the D off the field and not get so worn down Might have got few more wins it doesnt help the D at all when the O cant stay on the field a little longer

  • roshon2411

    Josh McDaniels = Lane Kiffin 2.0

  • roshon2411

    Josh McDaniels = Lane Kiffin 2.0

  • roshon2411

    Kyle Orton = Scott Mitchell 2.0

  • roshon2411

    Kyle Orton = Scott Mitchell 2.0

  • Tupapi

    Out of the remaning scheduele i see us win one more game and thats perty much it

  • Timboya

    All fans and Mr. Bowlen…. I have TWO words for all of you !!!!!

    JOHN GRUDEN !!!!!!!! Please !!!!

  • itslikethat

    you mean 5-11

  • Rande12

    If i was hired as defensive coordinator, I would just blitz every play, why not? We get scored on anyway, I would be crazy, blitzin

  • areferee

    I'm sure he means, 5 up and 16 down in the last 21.

  • areferee

    It's Jon…he got the “H” out, just like I wish Josh would do…

  • Ian Henson

    Haha, this insanity makes sense.

  • John in Castlerock

    You have to go back 4 decades for that kind of futility

  • MrEast

    That's ridiculous. Rex Ryan inherited a great team, as did John Harbaugh. Mike Smith inherited great players and made a great team.

  • TheTroglodyte


  • 12508

    We need a GM to come in here and get some football players on the field. In this league you need a big time QB. If we dont have that we need a RB and a big defense. We all now Kyle is a good QB but he is not Tom Brady. We had a defense going in the right direction BUT for some reason this GM decided to pass on some free agents on both sides of the ball. He also thought it was a good idea to trade a WR and the draft a rookie QB and WR. He should have drafted defense and pick up RB Thomas as a free agent. If he wanted a WR he could have traded for Holmes os Boldin for a 5th round pick. How does this GM think we can play a 3-4 without LB'S. I know doom went down but we should be deep at this position. Xanders is a huge mistake. I think Josh can coach but we dont have the players to win. Pat Bowlen is a great owner but he has to make things right. Im a Broncos fan from NY and I didnt get Directv this year because I couldnt watch this team. How is it that I saw this coming and Xanders didnt? If Josh gets fired Nolan should get the job. Xanders has to go. Let Nolan come back and finish what he started.

  • guest

    Raiders went to the SB in 2002

  • Ian Henson

    Exactly and since 1990 the Broncos have been three times.

  • crazykid

    For all you fans that want the best (IMO) mock draft site on the web:

  • denverfanindallas

    “if we had kept cutler and marshall we were on our way to having the absolute best offense denver has seen since Elway”

    have you looked at our offensive numbers this year? Hate to tell you bud but orton is making the cutler/marshall connection look like a one trick pony. notice how many receivers orton is getting involved.

    oh and don't forget…orton may not be the most athletic qb but you have to like not having your heart ripped out by redzone pics every week!

  • AKfan

    Sure, might as well. Give Orton plenty of time to shatter all passing yard records in the most meaningless statistical season in the history of the league. Also allow my fantasy football stud Lloyd to keep piling up very meaningful stats (for me).

  • areferee

    Slow news week, or have we given up on the Boys in Orange?

  • crazykid


  • crazykid

    why is my profile name showing up as “guest”?

  • 5280

    12508 I COMPLETELY agree! Nolan had the right mind set for our team. Defence 1st. denverfanindallas Numbers afre one thing scoring point is another story for this offence. they march up and down the fiel, ur right on that, but whats the use of all that marching when you can score. TD's come few and far between for Orton thats why they keep having to put tebow in in the redzone. And Cutler had a bit of a pick problem in his first 2 years, but the last year he was here he had one of the lowest pick percentages in the league. that year he really cleaned it up. everything was falling right into place. people just see what he did last year and think that all he ever does is throw picks. maybe he had a pick problem but that will happen when you throw 40 to 50 passes a game like cutler has been doing. this year he hasn't been asked to do so much and its working for the bears. in his last year here he was throwing 40 to 50 times a game and had an average of 300+ yards. out of all those passes even the best qbs in the league r gonna through a couple of int's. cutler and marshall wanted more money yes, but for players of their talent they should been payed what they wanted. The broncos made a mistake by letting these players go. we need to accept this.

  • MeOMy

    When Cutler was last with Denver he averaged a pick every34 throws. This year he is averaging a pick every 29 throws. Orton is averaging a pick every 71 throws. He is also on pace to throw more passes than Cutler did his last year with Denver. These are the average for the top players in the league. Brady 1/89 Vick 1/134 Rivers 1/42 Cassels 1/81 Big Ben 1/55.

    The Teams problem this year is a lack of pass rush and a young offensive line.

  • tss59

    I agree with lack of pass rush I think O line has matured pretty well the two rookies have held their own and with Clady and Harris finally getting health I think the O line is a strong point. Tight End play has been weak. Orton has played well but has come up short when we had a chance late in games. Bottom line to me we have to get stronger up front with D line and play like we did against KC the first time so every week is not a have to win in last second or be getting blown out like we have against the Faders and Chargers

  • areferee

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  • Rdwkckid

    What about Bill Cower for head coach?

  • areferee


    Game Day and still nothing!

    I guess the BT Boys HAVE given up on the Broncos, or all of their PCs or the BT Server has been hacked by Todd Haley.

  • Laramiefan

    OK Here I sit on a early Sunday morning snowy day in Wyoming awaiting for 11:00 AM and the Denver Broncos to start playing in KC. I expect to see a KC team that is pumped by their coach to get even .Pass Rush , Pass Rush , Pass Rush and watch for little short dump passes to Knowshown and Royal hopefully someone on the other team does not step in front of a desperate pass and run it in for a cheap six .If we can hang in and not let them get up on us by not letting their running back score because of poor tackling then we will win . Lets see if I am right the first play will be a hand off to Moreno and the next play will be a short pass to Royal instead of a down the field pass for a touch down for the first play . Get with it from the beginning and stay with it Broncos to win the game because the Chiefs will be primed to try and TRY and win . It is a grudge match unless the Chiefs give up which I would not bet on . The Broncos have to show today what they are made of . Come on Josh McD do what you are capable of and win this game .

  • Jimbroncos

    ?Que pasa? Nothing since Tuesday? Even Horvil Tiki has more updates.
    Hope everything is ok!

  • WhidbeyBronco

    You people using the “Alphonso Smith admits that he single-handedly lost the Thanksgiving Day game against the New England Patriots.” As a GOOD thing for Josh are freaking hilarious! It makes him look STUPID that we drafted him with a #14 1st round pick! And how does losing Nolan or Spygate make him look smart again??

    How about tearing apart an offense with just a few problems when our defense SUCKED… only to finally replace the offense with one with the EXACT same problems while leaving our defense to continue SUCKING!

    This makes him look smart? Give me a freaking break. He looks like an IDIOT to me.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Let Nolan come back? Great. But with a new coach.

    And blaming Xanders alone for personnel decisions they clearly made together? Tired of that take.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    damn. I just bought a new hat. Should I take it back? I like your angle…

  • WhidbeyBronco

    the real point here is Josh tore apart that offense that could get yards but not score, LEFT OUR D TO DIE …and replaced it with ANOTHER offense that gets yards but can't score WHILE OUR D IS STILL DYING OUT THERE!! HELLO?

    What's your point? That we're just as bad as we were then? I agree. Now what? We still have a front office that just wasted two years. We have a LOSING record at home since 2006! @ Mile Freaking High!

    Time for Josh to GO!

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Josh hired the GM!!!!!!!!!!! They make the personnel moves TOGETHER. Remember Pat's great idea of hiring a coach and letting HIM choose the GM. Epic Fail Pat but I believe in you. Make the right decision.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    maybe if we weren't drafting offensive players in the first round he could?

  • WhidbeyBronco

    great post Trog!! Completely agree. 100%.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    if one can't declare you right then the argument is over? Brilliant comment. Goes right along with the rest of your post. WRONG. At the very least there IS an argument Cutler v Orton.

    Of course it's already been made over and over… let's revisit it in a couple years. Time will tell.

  • Ian Henson

    I just really didn't want anyone look like an asshole, but if you want here you go:

    2010 Orton: 20 TDS, 6 INTS, 3,370 YDS, 96.0 RTG
    2010 Cutler: 16 TDS, 10 INTS, 2,311 YDS, 90.4 RTG

    2009 Orton: 21 TDS, 12 INTS, 3,802 YDS, 86.8 RTG
    2009 Cutler: 27 TDS, 26 INTS, 3,666 YDS, 76.8 RTG

    In which category is Orton worse than Cutler?

  • WhidbeyBronco

    This is a staff member replying to a member comment? Really? I'm an ASSHOLE IF I DISAGREE? Would you say that in person? Coward.

    IMO Cutler will be a better prospect as a QB. Kyle Orton proved again today he is NOT.

  • Ian Henson

    Of course I'd say that in person. When you're wrong, you're wrong.

    It takes a lot to shock me, but for you to be so prosperous is preposterous.

    At this point, Cutler isn't a prospect, he's an established QB. He is a failure, dependent on an offense and a defense to keep him alive. I cannot say all I'd love to say about Cutler's character and person, but this isn't the time nor place. Life will catch up to him.

    Orton is obviously better, look at the effing stat lines…

    I don't mind being called a coward… I've never had a problem to call it as I see it, I've never had a problem telling fans when they'll win and when we should expect to lose. I called both Kyle and Brandon all pros back in August… If that's a coward move, then so be it. I know people appreciate what I have to say my friend.

    I don't feel a need to justify myself to anyone, but I'd always considered you a positive contributor and I've always appreciated you.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Miss me with that last paragraph asshole, you're out of line and if you called me an asshole in person for disagreeing with you… why would I even bother to continue speaking? Hopefully I'd walk away but I'd probably slap your your punk-ass down.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    What a dick you are to to go there.

  • chooch76

    This is legally impossible without a giant lawsuit sure to put Pat Bowlen and the Broncos in the hole. Elway has had around %10 ownership of the Broncos since 1999 sold to him by Bowlen. Edgar Kaiser said he violated the sales contracts right of first refusal clause. Bowlen won the lawsuit by saying Elway was and would remain a silent owner in Denver. If he puts Elway in a position of authority Bowlen would lose millions in a contract violation.

  • chooch76

    How bout these stats?

    2009 Denver Broncos: 8-8
    2009 Chicago Bears: 7-9

    2010 Denver Broncos: 3-9
    2010 Chicago Bears: 9-3

    Well, at least one team is making improvements.

  • crazykid

    Ok, how's this: