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Published on 11/24/2010 at Wed Nov 24 23:06.
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Sam Bradford, #8 of the St. Louis Rams, in action against the San Francisco 49ers at Candlestick Park on November 14, 2010 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Each week, coaches in the NFL watch film on their upcoming opponent.  They then come up with a game plan based off what they saw on the film.  Similarly, in BT’s Film Room, I’ll watch film on the Broncos upcoming foe week-to-week and give you my thoughts on what to watch for on Sunday. This week: St. Louis Rams Edition.

The Rams enter week eleven with a team better than it’s 4-6 record, and players that want to prove it.  To prepare for that, the Broncos will have to key several players on Sunday.  Among those players are:

Steven Jackson, Running back. For the past seven years, Jackson has been the Rams workhorse.  This season however, St. Louis has had a more balanced offense, asking less of Jackson and more of Rookie Quarterback Sam Bradford.  That hasn’t slowed down Jackson’s productivity though — he’s rushed 203 times for 811 yards and three touchdowns.  He’s also been a big part of the Rams passing attack, catching 28 passes for 243 yards.  Jackson is the type of player that can turn something out of nothing, and is always a big play waiting to happen.

Another player the Broncos talked about alot this week in practice is Quarterback Sam Bradford.  Though he makes his rookie mistakes, Bradford “certainly doesn’t resemble a rookie,” as Broncos Head Coach Josh McDaniels puts it.  Starting all 10 games this season, Bradford has gone 228-of-376 for 2,158 passing yards and 14 Touchdowns, while throwing 9 interceptions and being sacked 20 times.  In previous games, Bradford has handled blitzes well, but the Broncos shouldn’t shy away from them — as he still is a rookie.  His favorite target is second year Wide Receiver Danny Amendola.

This season, Amendola has caught 60 passes for 493 yards and 3 touchdowns, while also handling the Rams kick and punt return duties.

If the Broncos are to slow down the Rams offense, keying those three players will be vital.  Looking to bounce back from Monday’s mishap, Denver needs a win this week — we’ll find out how much they want it on Sunday.

  • Dbejaranogw

    we will definitely see if they want it, it seems like we give up when something doesnt go our way.

  • BroncoMan24

    This will definately be a tough game for us. One thing we have going for us is it is in Denver. Unfortunately, I don't see us winning this game. I say STL 28-17 over Denver. To be honest I would prefer us to lose out for the rest of the year so we can pick up a good draft pick next yr and give us more reason to get rid of McD. I know that is bad, but I am ready to get someone else in here even if it set us back a few more years. All I want at this point is a competitive team that is not blown out every game. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  • crazykid

    just a side note:
    i'm enjoying watching Alphonso Smith blow coverage and get run over against the Patriots. :P

  • Vince_marine

    Anyone want Alphonso Smith back now? That's why we traded him!!!

  • (dee)

    I was going to post this exact thing!!

    He is horrible, he wont be in this league much longer.

  • crazykid

    He gave up 3 TD's! lmao

  • MeOMy

    Speaking of former Bronco's… anyone watch Glee this week? Loved the comment of “I'd be sacked more times than Jay Cutler” I had to rewind and play that line back 3 times I was laughing so hard.

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  • areferee

    We like our B(L)T on rye…and HOLD THE SPAM! Thanks.

  • LevonZevon

    Way to ignore the previous weeks lesson, McDunce.

    I guess the mice will play when the Pat's away.

    Blitzing and throwing deep-middle early sure worked wonders against the Chiefs.

    So I guess McD had to try proving that these factors were over-rated and the team would respond without them.

    Sadly, for the season, he only proved the opposite.

    Football is a game that rewards risk-taking (especially when the game is close).

    The longer you wait to blitz or throw deep, the harder it becomes to succeed.

    But Joshie knows best. After all, Bannan got a sack all on his own and the first series worked out great.

    Too bad, DJ Williams is only allowed to blitz three times a season.

    And too bad the MNF announcers failed to give Denver's blitz usage percentages. They said SD blitzes ONLY 34% of the time.

    Maybe Denver's percentages are below 10% (and therefore the team refuses to release them).

    If I was Bowlen, I'd recoup the millions he may have lost in a similar Ponzi scheme that stole $30 million from Elway by betting against Denver (once he's seen the game-plan).

    If done through carefully-veiled intermediaries, no one could trace the bets to Bowlen. And we may be able to sign high-impact free-agents sometime in the next decade.

    That's the best theory I can think of to explain how thick-headed McDaniels coaching has been.

    New England may move the ball through short-passes. But they can run the ball and they can throw deep down the seam with Brady.

    Too bad, McDunce eliminates the other variables and acts all surprised when the dink-and-dunk and running-game are snuffed out by the free-to-wander opposing Safeties.

    Pathetic. Fire McD and find a Russian billionaire to buy the team from “Standing Pat” Bowlen.

  • mikebirty

    What! no practise film on the Rams????

  • Mike Birtwistle

    What! no practise film on the Rams????