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Published on 11/10/2010 at Wed Nov 10 01:31.
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Champ Bailey runs onto the field before taking on the Oakland Raiders. (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

Champ Bailey runs onto the field before taking on the Oakland Raiders. (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

Thought I forgot, didn’t you? Nobody noticed? Oh…

Day four of our weekly column is here and I am getting it in just in time for a pacific time zone dead line.

Hope that you’ve been enjoying and we’ve got a good one for you today!

Just for reference here is part one and part two and part three of the Best of the West breakdown.

Today’s question focuses on a big decision coming this off-season for the Denver Broncos and here it is:

Champ Bailey, re-sign him this off-season, if so why not now?

We got J. Kenneth K up first and boy is he made he didn’t just become a Cleveland Browns fan (especially this season) and the guy loved Peyton Hillis… We may lose him, the jury is still out.

This is hard. Although, I think a lot of Broncos fans believe it’s a no brainer (something I learned when pushing a quick post I put together a month or so back about the possibility of trading Champ). Yes he’s the best player we have, a fan favorite and a “future Hall of Famer” (a phrase that get’s thrown around way too much, but in this case true). And I think the latter two are the main reasons most fans want him to stay. The image he gives our team. The real question is, do we stop at Champ? Or do we just blow the whole thang up! But please, make no mistake, I love the future Hall of Famer.

I went next, I am running out of ways to talk about myself or introduce myself and we’ve still got three more days of these bad boys to pump out… So let me just tell you that when I was little I liked wearing my socks inside out because it made me feel like a werewolf… Yep. Ian Henson.

I think the most important part of the question is why not now? Is Bailey being smart in not re-signing with the Broncos? I think fans automatically fault the Broncos on this one. What if Bailey’s asking for a ridiculous amount of money in order to get out of Denver? Something to ponder… Either way, give him whatever he wants, he’s still the best doing it and Darrelle Revis and Nnamdi Asomugha are proving that this season. The Broncos are much better with him than they are without him, which couldn’t be said for most of the players that exited during McDaniels Gate.

Bryan Douglass is here again and so is his narcoleptic puppy (fast forward to 1:37 to see what we’re talking about), whom we’re in love with.

MY OPINION & THE TRUTH: He’s done. I understand his value, but I also understand his age, the nature of the position, and the nature of this team. The only thing I might amend my opinion with… I don’t know if the plan of progression from Champ is in place. It would be nice if the Broncos had some youngster feeding off Champ as a mentor… I suppose that may be Perrish Cox or Syd’Quan Thompson, but I’m not ready to say it is (after all, it was going to be Alphonso Smith… that didn’t work out so well).

That’s it and that’s all folks, what does everyone on BroncoTalk have to say?

  • mikebirty

    I'd pay him and pay him what he wants. The ONLY situation I'd not pay him is if the Broncos get a shot at one of the top two CBs in draft and they feel happy that he can start from day one.

    Nah, what am I saying, pay the man and release Goodman and still draft a top CB

  • Ian Henson

    By the time the Broncos know what corner they're getting in the draft though they will have had to have made a decision on Champ and his contract though my friend =)

  • 5280

    Brian Douglas is out of his mind, completely! for soem reason age=washed up no matter what player you are to all critics and bloggers. Why? favre is living proof of that. he took the vikings to nfc championship game and was a play away from the superbowl. but i guess to you thats a special case. bailey is the best corner in the league(yes i said the best, over revis and Asomugha) and should be treated like it. if denver was to let him go some team who actually knows how to run a Defence will sign him and he'll go directly to the first raound of the playoffs and eventually the super bowl. not only should the broncos resign bailey, they should give him what ever he wants, simpley because he delivers every year. he's worth it. whatever amount of years, whatever amount of money. Bailey has his pick of the litter when he goes into freeagency. teams will be coming out of the wood work to offer him a great deal. it isnt a matter of if, but rather when, he will sign with someone else the end of the season. by denver not signing him now and putting him under contract, they give him this freedom. now at the end of the yearhe has the right to listen to all other offers. To get rid of the last remaining gem on a ravaged team could possibly put denver in a hole they wouldn't get out of for at least 4 to 5 years. its one thing to have depth its a totally diferent story when you dont have moral. why would you reward Orton with a contract before he's proven anything(i.e. playoffs, superbowl, a winning record even), and let go of a hall of famer whos helped take the team to several playoff appeaencs including an AFC championship game. the same reason why you practicly give away a franchise qb and arguably the best reciever in the nfl. the same reason why you trade away a great center wiht out a back up and start a rookie, or why you give away a running back and a corner who were everything you need and are now showing it with their new teams. IGNORANCE!

  • mikebirty

    Yes but they'll know if they're drafting top 5, top 10 or as Superbowl Champs so there's a good chance by the end of week 17 that they'll know if they have a shot at one of the top prospects.

  • Mergrath

    My opinion is to pay him. He is still a value both present (Top 5-7 Corner) and future (if he were to move to Free Safety) that we can't afford to open up yet another hole on this roster. This will allow us to focus on the trenches…and pray for the right moves to be made!

  • broncoman24

    I agree we should pay him, but we need to do it now. If he hits the FA I don't think we will have a chance.

  • TheTroglodyte

    Where does this idea of moving Bailey to safety come from? Who else are we going to get that is going to play better at CB???? That is just ridiculous talk and there is no way a player of Champ's caliber is going to just move over anyway.

    I say we trade him for another practice squad TE player!

  • coskibum

    “Champ Bailey, re-sign him this off-season, if so why not now?”

    Don't be silly, we're way too busy losing games!

  • Vince_marine

    I say re-sign him, but not at an outragous high dollar amount. He still has some years left, but not many. It's time that Cox and SQ start learning while being on the field.

  • Josh Temple

    Mike Klis did an article a few months back. Champ has even consulted with Rod Woodson and John Lynch on how he could go about making the switch when he slows down. Lynch thinks he could easily be a top safety in the league when he moves over.

  • poker bankroll

    They might as well resign him. There will be better long-term investments available however so you need to make sure not to go overboard on the spending.


  • herc_rock

    At this point, why would Champ even be willing to re-up? If I was him, I'd be on the first train out of town

    Also overpaying for veterans can get you in a lot of trouble. If he's looking for Awesome-wah or Revis type of money, let him go.

  • laramiefan

    Any free agency move will pay Bailey big but,attach strings . First two years big money then the strings come out as incentives . If you do not produce then you do not get paid as high . It is probably the same thing that the Broncos offer except the next two years he would get paid higher and the possibility of winning a ring with another team . He would have to play with a lot of new strangers plus a new defensive scheme . The pressure would be more if he changes teams and the Broncos are aware of that . Whenever you pay a player it would count on the cap . However , what is next year bringing ? Will there even be anything going on ? Does the team have to pay all signed players if there is a lockout ?So, if you sign someone now and there is a lockout and there is no action until 2012 do you save money by not signing players now ?

  • jdkchem

    IIRC Broncos management had an offer then pulled it. My guess is that the reason they don't sign Champ now is due to the CBA and they want to see where that is heading before they put an offer out. If there is a strike is there any point in signing Champ?

  • TheTroglodyte

    That's great but I'm pretty sure Champ doesn't feel he has slowed down yet so he wants CB money not Safety money.

  • CourtneyBrown98


  • CourtneyBrown98