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Published on 11/09/2010 at Tue Nov 09 10:36.
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AP Photo - Defensive Lineman Le Kevin Smith lining up in 2009.

AP Photo - Defensive Lineman Le Kevin Smith lining up in 2009.

Josina Anderson of Fox 31 in Denver is reporting via Twitter that defensive end Le Kevin Smith has been notified that he will be released today and the team is discussing options at tight end.  This comes on the heels of the team working out former Raven tight end Edgar Jones and Dallas/Detroit tackle Cliff Louis.  Jones is a former linebacker who was converted to the offensive position while in Baltimore.

This is the second time Smith has been released from the squad this season, the first during the 53 man roster cut down.  The Broncos brought the rotational defensive end back on to the team October 26th.  Denver traded a 2010 5th round draft choice  and a 7th round pick to the Patriots last season to acquire Smith’s services.

  • Memo

    Another wasted pick.

    Go Broncos !!

  • TheTroglodyte

    What the hell do we need ANOTHER TE for???? Maybe we should just trade Cox to the Lions for whoever there current practice squad TE is.

  • Brian

    way worth a 5th and 7th round pick right? NOT

  • laramiefan

    Who researchs these guys . It seems like someone details these guys puts some new tires on them maybe a new windshield and shows them to the Broncos. Oh yeah, I noticed that Hillis was like number one on a list of running back . What is it that everyone can see but the Broncos decide to ignore . I would not like to be a coach I am sure it is not a 8-5 type job but,come on we all have to be responsible for our choices . The coach feels it is easier to ask forgiveness for getting rid of Hillis than to ask for per—- wait a minute he is immune to all that . I would feel a lot better about the coach if he could resonably expain why he acted like Hillis never even existed and kept using Knowshon . It was a dumb move . Actions speak the loudest whenever you are evaluating . I only hope that this high place in the 2012 draft that we are working so hard to achieve will be rewarded by a super good durable running back and or a offensive line that can make holes for the backs.

  • 12508

    Ive been telling you people Xanders is a BUM!!! Moreno, Ayers, Smith, Tebow, Hillis, Marshall, 3 or 4 tight ends, and we can go on and on. Xanders has to go. You need a name? XANDERS!!! HE IS THE GM AND THE VILLAGE IDIOT.

  • JP$

    Are these guys fucking serious!?!? Draft picks don't grow on trees. Who the fuck is in charge of making these dumb ass moves. Any shocker that Green Bay is a solid team and uses and KEEPS their draft picks wisely? Do Xanders or McDickless even get in trouble for this shit? If I were Bowlen, I'd bring them both to my office for a sit down and say “lookie here ass hats – get your shit together and stop letting the talent go. You figure a way to make them work in the system or I'll replace you and find another system.”

  • 12508

    Guess they dont have to answer to anyone. Get Bill Parcells in here and let him get us back on track. Xanders is a moron and Josh thinks he can win with anyone. Im from NY and the Broncos look like the Knicks did 2 years ago. Xanders is the NFL Isiah Thomas.