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Published on 10/31/2010 at Sun Oct 31 22:18.
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Orton is tackled by Ahmad Brooks.  Credit: Glyn Kirk - Getty Images

Orton is tackled by Ahmad Brooks. Credit: Glyn Kirk - Getty Images

In this season’s annual international game neither team gave the English crowd much to root for or get excited about.  The Broncos and Niners traded possession three times before the “home team”  was able to put together a steady drive ending  up with a field goal by former Bronco Joe Nedney.  The Broncos were unable to sustain drives throughout the entire half, the running game was anemic with Knowshon Moreno receiving the bulk of carries.  While Moreno was able to show some bright spots hitting holes and getting chunks of yardage it was the 49ers Patrick Willis keeping Denver’s 2nd year back from taking anything into “the next level.”  Willis finished the day with 8 tackles and one assist.  

The second quarter was a repeat of the first in which the game became a punters duel.  Oddly enough, it was the kickers and punters that were cheered by the Wembley crowd.  Neither team could score and Denver’s offense could not gain traction whether it was on the ground, abandoning the run game for the pass, trick plays, or Tebow Wildhorse calls.  With 49er quarterback Troy Smith getting his first start you got the feeling that if the Broncos offense could take the lead and make the young QB play from behind it would benefit Denver all way to a win.  The first quarter would end with no new points, San Francisco up 3 to 0.

The third quarter saw Denver’s heavily worked defense come out and make a critical stop to give the ball to Kyle Orton and the offense.  This time their hard work would not go unrewarded.  From the Denver 28 the offense called a fake pitch right for Moreno with Orton stepping back and finding Brandon Lloyd for a 71 yard reception down the middle over rookie safety Taylor Mays.  Lloyd appeared to take it to the house until the ref of all people cut off his line to the end zone allowing the defender to make a tackle at the one.  The Broncos hurried Tim Tebow onto the field for a tackle eligible play in which the rookie QB power rushed the ball between the left tackle and guard for his second NFL score.

The 49ers would follow up with a sustained drive that ended with Nedney hitting the right upright to keep Denver ahead by four.  The opponents would trade failed drives again and matching punts before the biggest momentum swing play in the game followed a strong 25 yard pass to Lloyd.

A call for a flea flicker was sent into the huddle.  Knowshon Moreno took the dive play up the middle, flipped the ball back to Orton who turned the trickery into a 38 yard touchdown pass to Jabar Gaffney.  Yellow on the field.  “Illegal chop block on number 27.” After looking at the replay it was clear Moreno’s “block” was anything but illegal.  He pitched the ball back to Orton and basically fell down and rolled into an unblocked defender’s legs.  Nothing malicious, no flag should have been thrown.  The CBS annoucers agreed whole heartidly.  The biggest play of the game negated on a bad call.

Denver would push on, especially rookie Demaryius Thomas who turned a short pass into a 33 yard gain down the left sideline.  The Broncos red zone offense would peter out and Matt Prater would stick the 32 yard field goal.  Troy Smith would use tight end Delanie Walker in place of injured Vernon Davis twice on the following drive before calling his own number for a 1 yard touchdown run.  Denver’s offense would go back to its stumbling ways and the 49ers would respond with another touchdown. Michael Crabtree beat the still hurt Andre Goodman down the left sideline for a 28 yard touchdown reception giving the Niners 14 unanswered points.  Goodman limped for a good part of the game and looked as if he had no business on the field.

The Broncos following drive was miserable as Orton coughed up a fumble to defenders trying to pick up a first down on a rush.  The Broncos would fight back later in the quarter with a deep pass to Lloyd and successful drive capped off with a short touchdown pass from Orton to Lloyd once again.  Prater missed the extra point way left on a weird looking play.  Denver’s defense did their job and held the 49ers to a three and out.  D.J. Williams kept his form making another huge backfield tackle on Frank Gore.  The middle linebacker continued his campaign for making this year’s pro bowl.

Enough time on the clock for Denver to make a comeback.  A deep punt to Eddie Royal that he broke all the way down the right sideline for paydirt.  Unfortunately it was coming back on a block in the back.  Many onlookers would cry foul once again, however the replay would clearly show Jarvis Moss clipping the 49er defender.  The Broncos would still put together a last minute drive until Kyle Orton ala Jay Cutler would make a deep throw off his back foot down the left sideline to Jabar Gaffney, it became an easy interception for safety Shawntae Spencer.  Game over.

Many fans will say the Broncos lost the game due to the refs, and while they didn’t help all the blame cannot be placed on the zebras.  The call on Moreno was a back breaker, it was a bad call and deflated the Broncos in which they allowed 14 unanswered points to a struggling 49er team.  The team did not give up like last week, however their ineptitude on offense in the first half kept them from a much needed victory.

  • Michael Land

    Just another loss closer to Josh getting fired and this organization hopefully getting back on solid ground. I just hope to god he won't have a chance to blow our top 5 pick or trade down three times only then to trade away half our picks just to trade back up again.

  • D. M.

    This is horrible. I have not seen a worse slump for my favorite team in years. I think Pat made a huge mistake canning Mike and bringing on a young coach with no head coaching experience. A huge mistake. Broncos are now no better than the average high school junior varsity team. Absolutely no excuses.

    I think Pat would be foolish to keep the status quo and needs to a regime change at the end of the season, similar to what happened to Dan Reeves replacement who had a similar performance.

  • broncoinva9986

    Honestly, we are seeing a weak Defensive line along with an inexperienced offensive line, a poor running game and an older secondary who could use some pass rush to help them out. This is hurting in the run game. Kyle Orton is not a terrible quarterback, however, he will not be taking this team to the next level. I would love to see John Harbaugh become the next coach draft Andrew Luck and convert Tebow to a running back. IM JUst Sayin

  • anthony33


    Not a bad scenario at all. My thinking is we need an experienced head coach that is defensive minded.

    Harbaugh has done a great job at Stanford, but would he be able to attract the DC we need.

    We should be in the running for Luck as this pace.

  • MiamiMike


    This was a report I found on another site. It really just added to a bad day of football.

    ESPn NFL Insider Adam Schefter reports that the Broncos are scheduled to pay current head coach Josh McDaniels through 2012, ex-coach and current Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan through 2011. Schefter writes that there's no way that owner Pat Bowlen pays three head coaches in 2011, so McDaniels' job is safe.

  • Jason

    Amen! Please fire McDaniels! Let's go after Bill Cowher and add his defensive expertise to our talented offense.

  • Vince_marine

    Shanny needed to go! He wasn't getting us anywhere. At best the Broncos were a .500 team with him at the helm. Don't get me wrong, I like him as a coach. He is a big reason why we have two superbowls. He just got stale. Besides, look at what he is doing in Washington. He benched McNabb in the 4th qtr with 2:00 min remaining and ended up losing to Detroit. His team is 4-4, just like it would be if he were the Broncos head coach. If McD gets the chance (keep in mind he has only been the coach for a year and a half) he will have this team where it needs to be. Firing him would only set the organization back even farther!

  • john616

    The Broncos are not a very good football team. In fact, I believe we are the worst team in league right now, witness losing to the 1-6 Niners with their 3rd string QB.

    Offensively this team has a few playmakers. I'll keep Lloyd, Royal and Bey Bey. Although I would love to see this coach use Bey Bey more than just on bubble screens and end-arounds. The rest of the offense stinks. Orton has failed where it counts and that is doing it when the game is on the line. In fairness to Orton, both Cutler and Plummer also failed when the game was on the line.

    Defensively, this team hasn't had a playmaker other than Champ, Doom or DJ in years. And that includes the Shanny years too. We haven't been any good on defense since the Super Bowl years, and even then, they weren't dominating, just good enough. It's nice to have a good offense but defense wins championships. At least with a good defense you will be in every game.

    Can someone please tell me….what in the hell was Goodman doing in there with one bad wheel. Dear lord, the guy obviously couldn't run full speed (not that he is any good when 100%) so he got burned a couple of times badly.

    Also, on a crucial drive in the 4th quarter, 2nd and 5, we put in the Tebow package to run, what else, when a little wrinkle in the formation, like Tebow passing may have caught the Niners unprepared. I know that I would have been shocked.

    Lastly, you can take all the talent (at least what there is here) and shove it in a garbage can. Give me some players that play with fire. This Bronco team plays like they don't give a damn if they win or lose. This 2010 team is going to go down as one of the worst Denver Bronco teams ever. I am having a hard time remembering the last time we were this bad…must be pre-Dan Reeves.

  • Hope

    Well I think that Josh Mc daniel should stay.Its not his falt all the way.If he had the tough player like the patriots then he could do somthing but no his got cowerd and sissies playing for him like Jirvis Moss.He has brought this team down for years.Let that gy go already he suck in a bad way.Also all those rookies arn't tough enough yet. They have played through the preseson up to now thats 12 games.Thier teird and worn out.Josh mc. daniels went roung on thinking rookei's linemen would handle the load.It only gets wors from here on out.By the end of the year those rookies will boldly suck like no team has sucked befor.

    Broncos get swept by the raider,cheifs,and chargers.So get ready Bronco fans get ready for the wors year ever its coming.

  • john616

    Just looked it up. Broncos went 6-10 in 1999, 5-11 in 1990 and have to go all the way back to 1967 when they posted a 3-11 mark. We did go 2-7 during strike year of 1982.

    Yep, we are failing at a historic rate. A 5 win season looks damn lofty at this point.

  • Vince_marine

    I agree with the Goodman point. He got beat on a crossing pattern and he couldn't even catch the guy. On the TD he gave up you could also tell that he couldn't keep up. That should have been a routine breakup. If I were the Niners I would have thrown his way every time. I would like to think that a healty SQ Thompson is better than an hurt Andre Goodman. In fact I would go as far to say that SQ is better than Goodman when he is healthy!

  • Genjock01

    Well Vince I guess we are very different because right now I would love to be 4-4.

    Hope most of these players were brought in by mcdaniels so if they aren't tough enough who's fault is that

    bottom line he has destroyed this team in a year and half worst coach in the NFL period.

  • broncoman24

    Agreed! I think we should looked in to the defensive minded approach and hire a good offensive coordinator.

  • broncoman24

    I think the defense has played well for the most part. It is the offense that is screwing us over. When you go 3 and out over and over again, it is hard to keep the defense fresh. If we could consistently go down the field and score points, it would give the defensive time to rest. It takes an elite defense to be able to do that or a deep defense. Only team that comes to mind is the Baltimore defense the year they won the SB

  • crazykid

    Why the hell would we need Luck? The Bills will draft him first overall anyway. If the Broncos continue to lose, we could draft Marcell Dareus (DE/DT) or Robert Quinn (DE) in the first round, then draft Jerrell Powe (Nose Tackle) w/ our 2nd round pick. With Miami's 2nd round pick, we could choose Quan Sturdivant (Inside Linebacker) and we would be well off…

  • TannerCole24

    Its time for a change at qb Kyle cant get it done he runs into sacks constantly, throws picks, cant move in the pocket he's to slow. So i think its TEBOW'S TIME we did get him in first round amd this rate he could lead us to more wins than kyle at this point in the season. Let Tebow get his reps in cuz kyle cant win for us he's not a winning qb and will never be.

  • TannerCole24

    Its time for a change at qb Kyle cant get it done he runs into sacks constantly, throws picks, cant move in the pocket he's to slow. So i think its TEBOW'S TIME we did get him in first round amd this rate he could lead us to more wins than kyle at this point in the season. Let Tebow get his reps in cuz kyle cant win for us he's not a winning qb and will never be.