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Published on 10/24/2010 at Sun Oct 24 17:32.
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Oakland Raiders running back Darren McFadden (20) is tackled after a first down run by Denver Broncos defensive tackle Marcus Thomas (79) during the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Oct. 24, 2010, in Denver.  (AP Photo/ Jack Dempsey )

Oakland Raiders running back Darren McFadden (20) is tackled after a first down run by Denver Broncos defensive tackle Marcus Thomas (79) during the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Oct. 24, 2010, in Denver. (AP Photo/ Jack Dempsey )

As bad as the scoreboard looks, it still doesn’t reflect just how awful Sunday’s game went for the Denver Broncos.

From start to finish — from tight end Zach Miller‘s opening 43-yard score to the Broncos’ inability to convert goal to go on the one-yard line in the fourth quarter — the Broncos were embarrassed by the Oakland Raiders. Oakland took a 38-0 lead before the Broncos made a dent on the scoreboard, and the Raiders (3-4) went on to win 59-14 in Week 7 NFL action.

The Raiders’ 59 points set an Oakland franchise record and tied Denver’s for most points allowed. It was the largest score an opponent has posted at INVESCO Field at Mile High.

And the Broncos (2-5) are left reeling after one of the worst losses in franchise history.

  • troyn

    I am done with defending Mcd. This would not have happened under Shanny. Every player understood the importance of the raider game. I have said it before and I will say it again, I consider any season where we beat the raiders twice a successful one. I have rooted for the broncos for 30+ yrs. and this was the worst loss ever. No excuse for this one, I would have fired McD at halftime. Go Broncos! this can not stand………

  • OakRaid


    Raiders baby!!

  • john616

    I was holding my opinion of McD in check up to this point….but, after that epic blowout, to the raiders, no less, it's time for McD to go. And that dumbass doesn't even put in Tebow to get any experience. Fire McD now. What is he now? 10-13, and heading in the wrong direction. I'm embarrassed as a Bronco fan. That was pathetic. Cya McD, you're outta here.

  • MrEast

    As I agree with you, I disagree with you. Do you remember Shanny's last game as a Bronco? Shanny also got blown out at home against the Raiders when they were worse than this. Do you remember the game against the Lions? Shanny had his fair share of blowouts.

  • MrEast

    No point in putting Tebow in for some mental damage. Don't be embarassed either you aren't responsible for this.

  • areferee

    An historic loss of these proportions deserves a response of equal historic dimensions. Only Pat Bowlen can make such a major impact now. It is time!

  • Willie

    I did not cry when me own father was hung for stealing a pig.
    But I'll cry now!

  • Hope

    I new tthis game was going to be a loss but like this someone needs to loos thier job with the three lousy offence of line men.How many time is Marcus Thomas going to fumble.This team is wors then my spelling.

  • Atrouble31

    OK ALLL!!! I think someone leaked plays here it was WAY to easy for the raiders!!! being a mom and watching the Broncos since the 70's…. I have NEVER seen there butts handed to them like that. that leaves two optioins. 1) someone leaked info . or 2) Mc D was never able to handle the NFL let alone the broncos. I think its a little of both. someone did talk . Mc d just didnt have a plan “b”. he is the coach… every player he has is his “kid” as a parent there is a plan “b' and “c”. .. CYA !!!!

  • areferee

    Seeing as how Marcus Thomas is a defensive lineman and doesn't carry the ball, I don't think your remarks are true, even as disastrous as this game was. (But it does give me “hope”, that you recognize your own spelling limitations. That's something for the future!)

  • Hal1477

    fire McD now please

  • YuckDaFankees

    Glad to see McD is cunning enough to keep Orton in all game because he needs Orton to set some meaningless records so McD can get a QB coach job somewhere else next year when he wins at most 5 games.

  • Tparada13

    all that was needed was to study last week's tapes and study how the defense slowed down the bronco offense. they recognized and reacted to the plays. If Broncos had attempted to change up a few things then maybe they would have a more successful offense

  • Tparada13

    @yuckdayankees…yuck the broncos too…

  • herc_rock

    I've never left a game at the end of the first quarter until today.

  • herc_rock

    Whatever game plan you have goes down the toilet when you're down 21-nil after running two offensive plays.

  • BroncoFanInRaiderland

    Good news Bronoco fans. This only speeds the firing of the punk who became an NFL coach. This job was always over his head. Hire a real head coach next time, Pat.

  • virginiabronco

    We should not be looking back at Shanny's butt kickings. He got fired! WHen he got fired he had the leagues best offense with a promissing young strong armed Cutler and leagues best WR Marshall. And may I remind you we had a strong O line and great running attack. Shanny was fired as he could not (would not) recognize the changes that needed to be made in defense. Along comes the new kid McD. 2 years later he has decimated the O line, we have NO running game, Defense is only slightly better then under Shanny, Special teams is actually statistically worse than under Shanny. IN other words this guy has taken over, trashed what was working and hasn't improved what wasn't working. How many years does he get to rebuild? CAn you tell me anything that McD has improved since he has been in Denver? If he stays another year I am afraid Pat Bowlen will be looking for someone to rebuild the frachise! Can you say new owner? Those are my thoughts and I continue to remain a bronco fan for life!

  • Drewacos

    Devoted Broncos fan since the early 70's and I am more embarrassed with this loss than ever before…this includes all of our SB losses. MCD needs to GO!!! He is way to young to be “OUR” head coach. Not sure what you were thinking Mr. Bowlen when you hired this “youngster”. You definitely could have done much better than hiring MCD…he is a disaster and requires much more mentoring!!! Please ask Elway to join our team as our “HEAD” coach. Please take action. Thank you.

  • troyn

    I do remember, but nothing under Shanny was as epic as this. I really have been trying to stand behind this guy, but he really doesn't seem to get what Bronco's fans expect. This game was beyond unacceptable. It is worse than Timmy Smith and Doug Williams, at least we had a lead in that game…..

  • TinFL

    RumpelMcBowlenskin just woke up from 1999 . . . glad we got two . . .

  • Wshs74

    i want your body…..George Sturgis

  • Hal1477

    fire Mcd now

  • Raidermet

    no shame in losing to the greatness of the Silver&Black

  • Sandman NJ

    It's only one game. From a life long Raider fan. I mean, we lost to San Fran last week.

    I have to admit today was fun!

  • Raiders1


  • VirginiaRaider1

    you are giving Va a bad name. you are a donkey fan?

  • john616

    Good point, no need to subject Tebow to that ***raping we just received. And Thank God I wasn't on the field for that either, so I truly had nothing to do with it. Oh well, the good news is I get to buy pizza for some Raider fans tomorrow. Joy.

  • you lose!

    “someone leaked plays” are you serious? You must be listen to Alex Jones just a little too much. Mom or not, the Donkey's got their asses kick by Da Raida's .

  • Cusseaux

    WOW…… the worse thing about it is the Broncos looked flat out SOFT….they were exposed as the weak playfake bootleg team that they are …Why are you playfaking with 5 mins left in the game down 30….cause that's all you do ……Teams are hip to Mc D …he's done … running game + weak playfake = 59-14 loss………………..

  • You lose!

    Mile Low was empty by the 3rd quarter. Now those are some dedicated fans!

  • john616

    LOL…rotten thing about the Raiders is we keep making 'em look good. They can't beat any other team in the league, but they beat us. Hell, they beat us with Jamarcus Russell, the single biggest bust first pick of the draft ever. That was almost as sick as today. Dear Lord, please give us a coach that can beat the Raiders, that's all.

  • adrenaline27

    McD isnt the one fumbling and dropping the passes, throwing the Ints. This one was solely on the players.

  • john616

    McD forgot to bring plan A also.


    A Butt Kickin that will live in infamy ,, welcome to the dark-side , may the force be with you,, couldn't happen to a better team, and organization

  • John

    And replace him with who?

  • Snake for HOF

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Im crying because im laughing so hard at this complete emasculation that i just witnessed. Go ahead and burn your ugly orange crap now, because there is no recovering from that. Remeber what Big Al says, the greatness of the Raiders is in their future! We have won as many Super Bowls as the rest of the AFC West combined, and we're just getting started! Pride & Poise, Just win baby and a 59 point destruction of the Donkeys in their own corral! Its a good day to love the Raiders! Peace out to all my Raider brothers and sisters , & kill the Chiefs!

  • crazykid

    We lost because we didn't have our orange alternative jersey's on!

  • Tom

    Bronco's just plain suck,face it

  • areferee

    Yeah, perhaps our Head Coach should break the jaw of one of his assistants with the “pride and poise” of your guy. A typical classless act for a team by the same name.

  • john616

    Can't blame the Raider fans for being happy, lord knows they've sucked it hard the last 10 years, witness top 5 draft pick every year.

    So they haven't won a SB in 27 years, Snake probably wasn't even born then. Oh yeah, and that last SB they played in they got smoked. They have averaged about 4 wins a year since then, so yeah, I don't blame them for getting excited about whipping our asses. They generally lose to everybody but us.


    Broncos SUUUUUUUCK


    Thats all you got????

  • RaiderIve

    The Autumn Wind is a Raider . . . . . you know the rest of the song.

  • Sam Karver

    Lots of injuries to key defensive people but NO EXCUSE for the ARSE kicking we just endured.other teams made moves to address deficiencies we just hope CHARACTER will block and tackle the other team.REALLY?I have been keeping the faith with MCD but now reality sets in .MCD is over his head .Dolphins Defense looks pretty good under Mike Nolan, so last years 6 wins were Nolan's or MC'Ds?



  • The Biggest Blowout Ever!!

    I was driving home and kept thinking there was something wrong with my feed from Yes, McD sucks, but so does Kyle Orton and the rest of the rag tag bunch they put on the field. The biggest difference between the Raiders players and coaches is that they keep fighting and truly want to win, the Donkeys? Not so much. You will NEVER recover from this loss, not in a million years. To get your ass kicked so convincingly, and lets face it, the Raiders could have scored at least 2 more times, that was the biggest embarrassment in NFL history! Even Jawalrus Russel kicked your ass and he was the biggest bust ever! Better luck next year, your done!

  • Raidinator

    Wow, who saw THAT coming?

  • Jerradjj

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha……I love it Ha Ha Ha Ha…..I have NEVER seen a beating like that before!……..Raiders punked the broncos!!!! WOW…Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…They took the heart from them and you could see it in there faces….Man I LOVE THE MY RAIDERS

  • Raider Ray

    You think you are the only one with injuries. I'll just start with the two obvious ones. Starting QB and #1 receiver. Don't make excuses. It's weak.