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Published on 10/06/2010 at Wed Oct 06 16:10.
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Our weekly perusal around the Interwebz for water cooler fodder. (Number in parenthesis represents last week’s ranking).

ESPN: 21st (23)
Orton’s been great, but needs some run-game help.

FOX: 14th (22)
What an impressive win against Tennessee. Kyle Orton is quickly becoming one of the NFL’s most improved passers this season. In fact, some might argue that he’s one of the best quarterbacks in the league at this point. But how long can he sustain his success without a running game? It could start to get harder for him since Denver has a one-dimensional offense.

CBS: 22nd (26)
Kyle Orton is playing out of his mind. You have to give him credit; he’s the reason Denver is 2-2.

Yahoo!/PFW: 19th (24)
Kyle Orton is off to a Pro Bowl start for the Broncos, but where is the running game?

USA Today: 18th (19)
Kyle Orton is on pace to smash single-season passing mark.

Average rank: 18.80. Average change: up 4.00


    Should be fun to see Orton test the Ravens secondary. No has thrown down field on them yet and that seems to be our biggest concern. I'm excited for this matchup on Sunday.

  • Jp

    No one had thrown on the Titans either :)

  • Dan

    The running game is coming…Everyone needs to calm down. Moreno will be back soon (limited practice today) and the O-line is starting to get healthy with more experience for the rookies every week. Will our running game be top 15?…No, but there is no way stay 32nd. As for the power rankings, don't worry about them until at least game 10.

  • TheTroglodyte

    The Titans played against Jason Campbell, Charlie Batch, and then against a Giants team that self-imploded every 5 seconds with penalties on both sides of the ball. Titans are a mediocre secondary at best.

    The Ravens haven't gone up against any good passing teams either and are without Ed Reed but they're still a better secondary then the Titans as they have some pretty darn good players in Landry, Washington, and Carr.

    Unfortunately, where the Ravens have struggled is at stopping the run, which is something we probably aren't going to be exposing.

  • TheTroglodyte

    I hope you're right or else Moreno is going to make history as the first highly touted SEC rb to turn into a complete bust in the NFL. I was really high on him in college. Hopefully he can turn things around and get healthy.

  • jp

    Dont forget the Ravens have played vs Sanchez – Jets, the Browns, and whoever was healthy enough to QB the Steelers. They also played the Bengals, and trust me, I live in Cincinnati, and the Bengals offense is not firing on all cylinders. To me its no surprise the Ravens have the #1 pass defense as they really havent played anyone either. I will also tell you this. Being forced to watch Bengals games over the last few years I can tell you Baltimores defense is often overrrated. Cincinnati ritually shreds them quite often, as does many other AFC North foes. These arent the Ravens from 10 years ago. They may be the most overrrated team in the league right now next to the Jets. Look at their 1st month thus far. They could EASILY BE 0-4!!!!

    Win 10-9 vs the Jets

    Lose 15-10 vs the Bengals

    Win 24-17 vs the Browns (really?)

    Win 17-14 vs the Steelers (lucky)

    To me, if i were a Power Rankings author, my #1-#5 teams would be doing a hell of a lot better than that.

    Also, aren't both of Baltimore's starting CB's backups? I thought Foxworthy was their last healthy starter, then he went down? Oh yeah, no Ed Reed either.

    My gut tells me Orton shreds the Ravens this weekend. And it will be considered a fluke upset because well….i guess we just arent close enough to the East Coast to be considered a good team. That is a MSM prerequisite these days.

  • jp

    To add a bit more, living in AFC North country and being forced to watch this garbage I can tell you that many around here think Baltimore was better last year than they are this year. Age + Injuries mounted quickly in the off-season and last year's version of the Ravens got swept by the Bengals, and did not make the playoffs. Dont let the media fool you. They are a decent team, but they are NOT EVEN CLOSE to the best team in the league. The physicality they bring will be a nice test for the Broncs though. Playing the Titans, Ravens, Jets 3 weeks in a row early will be a good thing later on down the season's road. Toughen us up


    And they could easily be 4-0. How was the Steelers game lucky exactly? Flacco marched the team down field with 0:36 seconds left, Housh was open and he hit him. It wasn't like there was some bad call that cost Pittsburgh the game.

    Our cornerbacks are a little suspect, but Lardarius Webb has been huge in the secondary, he played great last season until his injury and bounced back the past two weeks. He's expected to start this Sunday. Reed will be back in a couple weeks too. Also, watch out for the pressure up front on Orton from Terrell Suggs and Haloti Ngata.

    I wouldn't complain about being out west, win and you'll get attention. Your Broncos did last year…until the second half of the season debacle that is.

    I like this matchup for the Ravens. Orton has played well, but he'll get pressured this week and I think will make some mistakes. You guys have no running game and it would be shut down if you did.

    MY GUT says this game will be a shout out though and that the better defense will win…and well, we all know who that is!


    NOT a single person thinks Baltimore was better last year. How can you add T.J. Houshmandzadeh and Anquan Boldin but be better the year before?

  • jp

    In Baltimore maybe. You have a valid point in bringing in Boldin, but leave Douchemanzeda out of it. But to be honest, even though you had these acquisitions you also lost Ed Reed and your best cover corner in Foxworth. I wont even get into the fact that Foxworth is your best cover corner. Your other corners are coming off ACL surgeries. Ill take your word for it that Webb has been impressive. In any case, when you consider the additions/subtractions how are the Ravens any better than last year? If they are, its minimal at best.

    Im a Broncos fan through and through, but live in Cincy. I couldnt help but notice that the Bengals swept the AFC north last year (6-0). They also brought in TO and drafted a fantastic TE in David Gresham. How is it they get no repect? Hell, they just beat you AGAIN (3 in a row)!! Why in the world is the media all over Baltimore's you know what this year?

  • AKfan

    While I agree Baltimore is tough you got to wonder how can you add those 2 and have a qb that throws more interceptions than td's?

  • jp

    Look, Im not saying the Ravens are a bad team. But, as much as you are gonna hate to hear this they arent that great either (See my post about the Bengals). Maybe I shoudnt have used “lucky” to describe the Steelers game. What i meant was it came down to the last second with plenty of Pittsburgh's help. Not to mention it was their 3rd string QB Charlie Batch at the helm.

    Im tired of the Broncos getting written off in a game vs the Ravens for christs sake. They were written off vs the Titans too. The media needs to get its collective head out of its own a$$ and actually pay attention. There is something to be said for winning games you are supposed to win, but just winning them doesnt make you the 85 Bears. Honestly, the Ravens should win this game. History and statistics are definitley against the Broncos in this one. My gut tells me it will be close though.

  • Zach

    A struggling offensive line.

  • Zach

    I think it's because we've all seen this act from the Broncos before. But seriously though, the Broncos haven't exactly had it tough.

    Are the Ravens great? You say no. But I see a team that played three playoff teams from last season on the road and went 2-1.

    The Broncos lost to Jacksonville (unproven team), beat Seattle (unproven team), lost to Indianapolis at home (unproven team who lost to Jacksonville) and won at home against Tennessee (yes, another unproven team).

    I would stop blaming the media. I'm looking at your schedule. You've got back to back tough weeks, at Ravens vs Jets. Let's see how good this team is and if they play well you'll get the beloved media attention. But I think we both know the outcome here.

  • Zach

    You're making Foxworth out to be so stud corner. He was average at best last season. Ravens fans realize how bad the secondary is. But the Ravens d didn't give up a TD til week three after facing the Jets and Bengals.

    The Bengals get respect, but they're a flaking team. Yeah they had good acquisitions but they look like crap against the Pats in week one and lost against the Browns. I know you're big on media respect, but you have to earn it. The Broncos haven't and neither have the Bengals.

    Baltimore is poised to win, and with a tough first four weeks they've gone 3-1. That's why they get the attention.

  • Zach

    Here's what Mike Florio at has to say about the matchup. I think he's right on.

    “The Broncos pulled off an unlikely road win against a one-loss team on Sunday, but the Ravens has a few more horses than the Titans. Despite Baltimore's so-so secondary, Denver quarterback Kyle Orton won't have time to find an open receiver if he's being chased and/or pummeled by the Ravens' front seven. Meanwhile, the Baltimore offense finally is emerging from its vegetative state, with Joe Flacco looking more like Joe Flacco and less like Stoney Case.”

    Florio's pick: Ravens 24, Broncos 10.

  • AKfan

    So the offensive line is worse than the year before, causing the offense to function at a worse level than the year before, despite the presence of T.J. Houshmandzadeh and Anquan Boldin? You just disputed your own point. I think the Ravens have an excellent chance of getting to the Super Bowl but football has many moving pieces that impact the big picture.

  • jp

    You cant chase or pummel Orton much worse than the Titans did. Its not like Orton had all day back there…. he was sacked 6 times and pressured god knows how often. Orton knows who is going to be open before the snap in most cases. Thats the beauty of this offense and Orton's handle on it. We'll see what happens. They got to play the games right? All i know is if the Browns can be in the game until the last seconds so can the Broncos. I just hope we play better than we usually do vs the Ravens

  • Zach

    It's Kyle Orton. C'mon, how much do you trust this guy. You'll be calling for Tim Tebow by the time the Ravens defense is done with Orton.

  • Zach

    Hah. Not quite, but that was a good job taking what I said out of context. :)

    The offensive line has struggled against good defensive lines this season, like New York and Cleveland. It has effected the running game. But if you think that I believe for a second that Jared Gaither's injury makes the offense worse than last year with Houshmandzadeh and Boldin you're absolutely crazy.

  • Zach

    AND… Thankfully the Ravens don't play a good defensive line this week.

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