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Published on 10/03/2010 at Sun Oct 03 17:24.
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Quarterback Kyle Orton #8 of the Denver Broncos looks to pass against the Tennessee Titans  at LP Field on October 3, 2010 in Nashville, Tennessee. Denver won 26-20.  (Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

Quarterback Kyle Orton #8 of the Denver Broncos looks to pass against the Tennessee Titans at LP Field on October 3, 2010 in Nashville, Tennessee. Denver won 26-20. (Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

Kyle Orton gave the Tennessee Titans all they could handle Sunday, throwing for 341 yards and two touchdowns in a 26-20 victory that included a fourth quarter comeback drive.

Then, the NFL’s leading passer gave the Titans a piece of his mind.

Orton spoke out against Tennessee defenders after the game Sunday, coming to the defense of his offensive linemen, who he said were unfairly hit after the whistle throughout their Week Four contest at LP Field in Nashville.

“I think they are cheap, and it was one of the cheapest games that I’ve ever seen out of some of those players,” Orton said.

Orton was sacked six times and hurried many times more, but still managed to complete 35 of 50 pass attempts (70%) against the chippy Titans defense. Contact between Broncos and Titans players, especially when the Broncos’ offense was on the field, was commonly taking place long after the whistle blew.

And according to Orton, some of this contact went well beyond a padded shoving match.

“When we’ve got (guard Chris) Kuper getting punched with his helmet off,” Orton said, “it’s ridiculous.”

That absolutely is ridiculous — conduct they undoubtedly gleaned from their chippy defensive coordinator — and the unsportsmanlike and sloppy play of the Titans got the better of them in the end. The Broncos definitely got the last laugh, and we love hearing a fired-up Orton come to the back of his offensive line. We’re guessing his linemen do, too.

  • Joelgibson

    Orton is just mad because he knows the broncos got lucky and should not have won that game. Chippy or not his o line got beat 6 times and he got rocked. QBs just think they are above getting hit but they have pads and lace up their shoes the same way everyone else on that field does.

  • Kyle

    Orton took the hits like a champ, stuck his nose in on that 4th down and converted, then dodged a sack to deliver the 50-yard pass that drew the PI and won the game. He EARNED the right to comment on the Titans' dirty play.

  • Bruce

    Do you hear that?…….. Its the worlds smallest violin playing for Orton. Its “Professional” football not ballet class. Boo Who

  • Chris

    I'm sorry I didn't realize that crying about physical play was part of football? Don't play a contact sport I'f you can handle the hits. We would want to mess up his mop of hair.

  • Tripperq

    Scoreboard. Period.

  • Blah

    Lol and the Titans fans show they're as classy as their defense is by spamming another teams fans website just because they lost. Well done gentleman, well done! I'm not mad at you though, i'd be mad as hell too if Young was my qb.

  • Bawkumang

    Orton's not crying. He kicked butt. Now is calling out the losers for their petty play.
    It's the Titan's and their fans that are crying now.

  • Stav

    Lucky?? Just what a loser would use as an excuse. Oh, they were lucky that's why they won. How about we couldn't run the ball and still the Titans could stop Orton. Imagine we'd ever be saying that phrase, “they couldn't stop Orton”? Giants said the same exact things about the Titans after they got clobbered. Too bad this time we went into Tennessee's house and kicked their teeth in. Get a real quarterback, losers, because once CJ is contained they've got nothing. And let's be honest, it was clearly bullshit, Kuper gets his helmet knocked off in a scrum, and then, I don't know if it was Griffin or not, but someone flies in and hits him in the back of the head. That was clearly shown in the game. He wasn't knocked out or rabbit punched, but some asshole jumped from his backside and purposely hit Kuper in the back of the head, real brave move, what a tough ass. There's absolutely no place for that in the game. Back to the lucky comment, how were we lucky? Denver kept stopping them on key 3rd downs, and then kept putting crucial points on the board, so where is the luck factor? Please explain?

  • Jake White

    The 2010 Titans are the new Raiders. Cheap shots, personal fouls, double digit penalties, unruly assistant coaches, CHOKING late in the game. Denver is a mediocre team but they came in and won in Tennessee's house. And Tennessee was supposed to be good this year. Yea right…

  • Abc123

    But seriously the Bronco's are at best a slightly above average team that got lucky with some bad calls against the Titans. However a win is a win. I'd take Tennessee over Denver any day of the week in the future though.

  • Stav

    Let's all face the truth here. Vince Young will never, NEVER, win a SB. He won't even get to one, and the sad ass truth is that Jeff Fisher knows it. Bud Adams had to ORDER Fisher to start him last year. Rose Bowl-Shmose Bowl, the days of championships for VC ended in 2006. I'm not saying Orton will lead us to a SB, but I'm taking Orton over Young at this point. At least we know that Orton is solid up top between the ears and won't be caught driving around in a pickup with a handgun or getting into fights at strip joints.


    Orton didn't complain about being sacked 6 times, because there is nothing cheap about that, our interior line just sucks. He was complaining about the late hits. Yes tht is part of the game, heck i even take cheap hits on people after the whistle, but not every play. Also, punching a player from behind with his helmet off, really? That's not dirty at all?

  • anthony33

    No problem with what Orton said. Just a typical Fisher team… cheap shots and always trying to goad you into personal foul penaties. Bronx did a nice job of not getting caught up in it.

    BTW… all you Titan losers, there's a difference between tough physical play (Steelers and Ravens) and cheap shot artists, which the Titans are.

    All you need to see is their classy DC flipping off the refs and that pretty much says it all you need to know about the Tennessee.

  • Garrett

    Ok, let me just start by saying i know where the Titans fans are comin from. I would be mad too if my QB was Vince Young. We had a similar issue last year with Chris Simms. And now look at Tennessee, they have both of em. Secondly, dont be mad because your best player Chris Johnson was shut down today. And where the hell in the game did the broncos get lucky? Our running game was horrible. At one point Laurence Maroney was at 7 rushes with -4 yards. And the sad part is, we were still winning. Kyle Orton just went out there an exposed your swiss cheese defense! Brandon Lloyd was a receiver who was almsot cut from the team at one point. And look at him out there makin u guys look stupid. I would be mad too if my team had the 5th best pass defense and a guy put up over 100 yards on them. I love the fact how they call us lucky but almost everytime we had a nice play there was a penalty on us. OUR DEFENSE SHUT U DOWN WITHOUT CHAMP AT THE END OF THE GAME! Soo apparently to these dumbass Titan fans, Prater got lucky 4 times, Orton got lucky twice, Lloyd was lucky on all of his catches, Eddie Royal was lucky on his TD. Demaryius got lucky on is kick return, and we got lucky that your dirty ass team got called for penalties. Yes we are lucky for the penalties. Any team is lucky when the other team gets called for a 50 yard Pass INT. call. But guess what? ITS YOUR OWN TEAMS FAULT THEY WERE CALLED! So before u come on another teams website (cause u know thats what all the cool losers do) take a look at how much your team blows. I would rather be lucky than dirty and horrible :)

  • Cowboygrand

    If the Titans are expecting to be a playoff team, how can they explain having their “physical style” masked by being simply a bunch of cheap shot artists. The Broncos simply beat a team deserving to be beat. If the Broncos never win another game I hope they don't play the same style as the Titans. I always have admired Jeff F. but now I wonder.

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  • Dan

    We are doing just fine. We went on the road and beat a good Titans team at home. Like us, the Titans are not good enough to build large leads and are therefore vulnerable to mistakes which can cause losses at the end. Like the Colts game, this was exciting to watch because win or lose, we were playing competitive football. It has been a while…Anybody remember how we ended last season? Playing tough on the road against good teams…Finally!!! Now let's get Moreno back.

  • stevo

    SO where is the luck factor? In your Butt

  • areferee

    I agree. There was nothing cheap about the Titan's performance today. Just ask Chuck Cecil after the NFL commissioner levies his fine for being such a class act…ain't NOTHIN' gonna be cheap about DAT!

  • Littledeer Bambe


  • Littledeer Bambe

    I agree, it was a very exciting game, I don't knock Tennesee's team or QB, didn't like the dirty play, hopefully they'll straigthen up & play right. What's so exciting is Kyle Orton right now, he has a right to be 1st string, we do have to work on our running game, but the heart & effort Kyle put into this game has won him not only great stats but the hearts of Denver!! Kyle ROCKS!!

  • monto

    From what I know about Orton he's a professional, for him to come out and say something like that then it must have been bad

    We all know its a physical game but for all the titans fans trying to blast him for the comment, it's not like the guy is complaining because he got sacked a lot is it? We're talking about personal fouls and cheap shots being made and no matter what team you support, theres no way you can defend that kind of move so don't bother coming here and trying to downplay it.

    As for luck? Sure we got a few plays that went our way but you need a degree of luck for everything, its just part of the game. Do I think the pass interference call was luck? Maybe a bit but it was also a hell of a play by Orton to avoid the sack, blast the ball down there on target and a bad play by the defence who gave up the penalty. Do I think the recovered kick was luck? Maybe a bit but it was also a good play call to pitch it up knowing that the wind would prevent it going for a touchback, a good play from Bruton I think who was up there to challenge the return guy to knock the ball loose and another good play by Vaughn to scoop the ball up. Luck comes into everything but don't think that doesn't mean we earned it, we made the plays when it mattered and came away with the win, live with it

  • monto

    Exactly, what a great word as well, PROFESSIONAL! Now exactly which part of punching a player is professional?

    Unfortunately for you, that violin you're hearing is for the Titans team which lost and is being called out for dirty tactics, Orton's the one with the big brass band playing after getting us that win without an effective running game

  • broncoman24

    There is a difference between physical play and getting hit after the whistle. There were a couple of hits that I thought were clearly late hits. No one is whining or crying. He is just saying play the game right.

  • robtink242

    fellas fellas fellas that was really and impressive win… We still have alot to work on before we play Baltimore… Run defense wow besides one gaping run we played pretty well against the titans… Our pass defense is a “?”….
    I really don't think its all on the DB's but really on the d-line not applying the appropriate pressure…o right now the defenders that stand out to me are DJ Williams, Haggan, and Ayers.

    We all expected him to be a sack animal but thats really not his game the man is a beast against the run… I do expect our boys to continue to get better as the season goes on

  • Darwin

    Good hard fought game. Last year we don't win this type of game. We are tougher this year on both sides of the ball. If the O-line can stay together for a few games then I think our running game comes around. This is an offense where the pass sets up the run. Orton is playing better than I every thought he would or could!
    The defense misses Doom big time. They are doing the best they can without him but would be much better with him.

  • Jason

    Not a Broncos fan eh? Oh, well. Kyle, making these statements after shredding the Titan's defense all over the field and winning the game was respectable. Everything everyone ever said about Kyle, from his former teammate in Chicago to how he's handled himself with the Tebo draft should have made you realize Kyle is the ultimate team player. His indignation is aimed at his team's treatment, not his.

    I watched Clady have to tug his arm out of holds by interior linemen to get out to block the DE. Babin didn't just all of the sudden get to be good. He's just as average as he always was. They got to Kyle with crap like that. Wake up and look around. That is called CHEATING.

    What does it take to get some respect for Kyle? He's carrying this team on his shoulders. Hell, he was the leading rusher for the game!

  • Jason

    Being punched in the face after your helmet is ripped off? Really? A part of the game? Is this a video game you have?

  • JBone

    the titans defense as a whole isnt dirty. they are hard nosed and they try to intimidate teams or get in their heads, which works for the most part because if you watch their games, the other team has had as many personal fouls as the titans have had so far this season. you would think that if they were dirty that wouldnt be the case??? hey i was always taught in football to play until the whistle and to keep my head on a swivel. I will say that finnegan is a little fiesty but he has little man syndrome and hes always been told he couldnt make it so he plays with a chip on his shoulder… wouldnt you? plus it gets in receivers heads… ask T.O. and Andre Johnson (they were interviewed about it last year). and that personal foul on senderrick marks hitting orton low was stupid… he hit him at the waist and was falling down… i didnt know qbs had red jerseys on during the games too. im sick of these whiny ass qb's… what happened to the tough guys like unitas, favre, mcnair? (I know VY is as big a puss as any). All I know is if i beat a team, im not gonna turn around and whine about how they hit hard and what not… im gonna act like they didnt affect me… i mean now teams will be looking to do that against the broncos because they know orton might not like getting hit.

  • chargerstakeitdeep

    It's fairy-tale Titan fans who ALWAYS come up a yard short (think Super Bowl loss). That there's a bad taste, yo! That's the feeling Jeff Fisher wants to put in other team's mouths, and so he trains his dogs to cheat, as if Mike Vick was fighting them. He and his D-cord practice sticking their fingers in one another's holes and Chuck Cecil couldn't help showing the world which of his is Fisher's favorite. That's how they react to adversity, and it trickles down directly to their players like they were an inbred, ragtag hillbilly family of ingrates. They are not men of honor; they are cheaters. When Maroney went in to seal the deal after the Titans titanic (think: the movie) kick returner muffed, you can easily see how the Titan defense choreographed yelling “FUMBLE, FUMBLE,” hoping to create enough confusion amongst the ref's and buying time to actually come up with the ball.
    If it wasn't for Haggan's blow to that TE's head, or Batiste's dumbass and non-outcome related hold, the Titan's would not have any help. The end of the game demonstrates that they still came up short. This means they HAVE TO CHEAT; they can't win any other way.
    Babin likes huntin' and rustlin' wild game on his ranch, makin' things squeel and all. All he can do is try to get recognized for hitting and running, wreaking of desperation with his Hinez Ward slap-dick happy smile while someone is hurt.
    Mike Fisher knows the rules; he's on the Rules Committee. Even though he's gonna get fired after this year, ten years from now he'll still be calling and frantically antagonizing ref's the night before games in a cold sweat from his closet at home, thinking he can still affect games cos he was on that dumb committee. Mike Fisher was good a couple of President's ago, but not anymore. He needs more Hair Color for Men; his gray is coming up again. He'll make a great commentator/analyst.

  • Obie Wan

    I didn't see the game so I can't make a judgement on it, however there has to be a better picture for the story then a BRONCO holding a TITAN, ha,ha !!!

  • Bigbrim

    Who the heck is Mike Fisher? Unheard of Fantasy player maybe? Nobody likes to loose in football or any sport, but all the name calling doesn't mean squat. The outcome of the game was clear….two errors on the Titans D & spec teams were costly. Now, “what if” Chris Hope had turned around to defend against the receiver to which the ball was not catch-able any way. Titans would have won.

  • Bigbrim

    If I were a Broncos fan, then of course I would be cheering too. Yes, he dodged a sack, but that ball would have been hard to catch anyway. If Chris Hope had simply turned to make a play for the ball then the game would have been over. “Earned” the right to call someone dirty!!? ….IT'S FOOTBALL you MORON!!…. Tough hits, name callin', spit everywhere, dirt n' grass,… it is known as a contact sport. These new rules about protecting the QB's is biased. Look at Pittsburgh D and how they tossed Young on his head first…Did they get a roughing the passer call? Did Orton get hurt, did the TITANS fold him like a pretzel? NO!! This was a good game, great defense, great entertainment. I'm a TITAN FAN….My hat's off to both teams.

  • Bigbrim

    How do you know what Orton does off the field? You never know….How do you know VY won't win a SB? Fortune teller maybe? Orton is a very good QB, VY is good too and both have certain qualities. But understand the differences both offenses bring. Titans are run-first type offense. Look at VY & Orton stats.

  • Dustinstatum

    Then all u bronco fans quit crying about it. Maybe u guys should start playin golf instead

  • Dustinstatum

    Dude u guys didn't kick our teeth n. U barely could even when tha fuckin game at tha last min.. what's all this gettin so upset for u won tha game all u guys need to quit bitchin about it or find a less physical sport to watch.. its so funny iv never heard a quater back cry so much, an we wonder y football isent tha same anymore an how have 100 new protective rules every year

  • Dustinstatum

    I'm a titans fan an if u look at tha past 35 post comments then u will see that denver is tha only one crying an bitchin

  • Dustinstatum

    Hahahaha. Yeah man spaming ur web site.. had to see for myself where all tha bitchin was comin from

  • Jason

    Professional –
    c (1) : characterized by or conforming to the technical or ethical standards of a profession (2) : exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, and generally businesslike manner in the workplace

  • Guest

    I'm a Giants fan and I thought the Titans used the same tactics against them. I think it's unfair to call out the whole Tennessee team; to be specific it was the defensive line and Finnegan. The Coughlin Giants don't commit 5 15-yard penalties…they were provoked and as ussual the second one always gets called. I agree with McDaniels, but like I said it's not every member of that team. It starts with the Defensive coordinator…oh yeah that same guy that was just fined $40,000 for flipping off the ref mid-game. If he cant' stay composed on the sideline I wouldn't expect his players to know how to control themselves during the game. Also the Titans are the most heavily penalized team in the NFL and have received the most personal foul penalties. As far as Fisher goes I think he is a very good football coach, but if he chooses to look the other way on this one then I have serious questions about his character as a person. His comment about fines being the answer for things that happen after the whistle is the definition of dirty late play. There is nothing I love more than a hard hitting game, but keep it between the lines. There is nothing fun about watching a boxing match with helmets.

  • chargerstakeitdeep

    THE BOTTOM LINE ABOUT ALL THIS CHEATING/DIRTY PLAY IS THIS: Kuper is a f*ing BEAST and Finnegan, if caught up in any other situation off the field, would be as feisty as he wants, and all he could do is squeel/throw a useless tantrum, cos Kupe would manhandle his sorry ass.
    Stay classy Denver~!

  • Mpres1973

    McDaniels, what a joke….

    Did anyone happen to see the Giants play the Titans…You could have called that DIRT CHEAP. OR, did anyone watch the Steelers as they picked up Vince Young and threw him on his head WITHOUT a penalty??

    Titans come out and hit you in the mouth, if you dont like it, play golf.

    You all have the nerve to say the Titans play cheap, your right Jesus, forgive them, they are idiots…

  • BigJ0hn

    I had respect for Jeff Fisher before this game. Not so much anymore. Finnegan should be thrown in a cage. I think these “Titan fans” here are actually underground Bronco fans. Why else would they be on a Bronco fan site? Or maybe they are just jealous of the superbowl wins and the Titans lack of?

  • BigJ0hn

    I had respect for Jeff Fisher before this game. Not so much anymore. Finnegan should be thrown in a cage. I think these “Titan fans” here are actually underground Bronco fans. Why else would they be on a Bronco fan site? Or maybe they are just jealous of the superbowl wins and the Titans lack of?