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Published on 09/22/2010 at Wed Sep 22 08:04.
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Coach of the Week

Gary Kubiak – The student becomes the master. Kubiak pulled a Shanny on Mike Shanahan when he called a last minute timeout before Graham Gano’s would-have-been 56 yard field goal.

Rookie of the Week

Jahvid Best – Best rushed for 78 yards and two touchdowns against the Eagles. That alone would be pretty impressive for a rookie. That wasn’t good enough for Mr. Best, he also racked up 9 receptions for 154 yards and a touchdown. Sorry Denver fans, I wanted to give this to Thomas, but Best has scored every single Lions touchdown this season.

Offensive Player of the Week

Matt Schaub – Imagine this, you’re down by a touchdown with less than 2 minutes to go. Who do you want as your quarterback? Tom Brady? Peyton Manning? Perhaps. Right now I’d want Matt Schaub. Schaub completed 73% of his passes for 497 yards and three touchdowns leading his team from a 17 point deficit.

Defensive Player of the Week

Clay Matthews – Clay Matthews stole the Bills lunch this week. For a second consecutive week Matthews racked up 3 sacks to total himself 6 on the year.

MVP Watch

1. Matt Schaub – Like I said earlier, Matt Schaub is a quaterback you want in your huddle when you’re down and need to score.

2. James Harrison -  The Steelers can’t win without him. Everyone talks about Troy Polamalu being the key to the defense, but it’s really Harrison.

3. Drew Brees – Saints fans better hope that the Madden curse isn’t real. Without the calm of Drew Brees the Saints would have lost Monday night.

4. Kyle Orton – Kyle Orton isn’t getting any credit from anyone this year. If Orton can make a statement against the Colts everyone will start to take notice.

Rookie of the Year Watch

1. Jahvid BestThis Cal alumnus already have 5 touchdowns in two weeks.

2. Sam Bradford – He may have more interceptions than touchdowns, but he also has more sacks than anything. The Rams actually look competitive this year and it’s no coincidence that Sam Bradford is their starter.

3. Demaryius Thomas – Brandon who? Marshall could become an afterthought if Thomas helps bring home a win against the Colts.

4. Earl Thomas –Earl Thomas is all over the field, he just needs to start causing some turnovers.

5. Dexter McCluster – Dexter McCluster is a dangerous return man who should be causing some concern for the Broncos.

Coach of the Year Watch

1. Gary Kubiak (2-0) – Why should have taken Reggie Bush? Mario Williams is a force to be reckoned with. Kubiak has slowly been making all the right moves.

2. Sean Payton (2-0) – The Saints are the best team in the league thanks to Sean Payton.

3. Raheem Morris (1-1) – This is not the same Bucs team from last year, and this is not the same Raheem Morris from then either.

4.  Bill Belichick (2-0) – People just assume that the Patriots are always good. Take a look at their current roster, not many players are still around from their dynasty days. Bill Belichick consistently fills a playoff caliber roster.

Who Needs a V8?

Braylon Edwards – Don’t drink and drive.

Unforunate Incident of the Week

Rest in peace Kenny McKinley.

  • 3000

    Clay Matthews might not be able to keep a 3 sacks/game pace all year, but dude's gonna mess up some offenses!

  • Dee Kitchens

    The Bucs are 2-0! Not 1-1

  • Ian Henson

    LOL, BT's Kyle Orton's MVP campaign is not quite getting the Kellen Moore treatment, but if we build it they will come.

  • MrEast

    Sorry! Too much copy and paste! I'm very impressed with the Bucs so far this season, the NFC South is starting to look very competitive once again.

  • MikEy55

    east pretty sure calvin johnson snagged one last week :P

  • Rcsodak

    Belichick WILL win the Coach of the Year if his losses aren't going to be counted.
    (wink wink nudge nudge)

  • MrEast

    Hahaha me too, but I don't think NFL agrees with us.

  • MikEy55

    haha i knew you mistake that for week 1 mishap which was total bs. but he actually got one in week two haha

  • MikEy55

    haha i knew you mistake that for week 1 mishap which was total bs. but he actually got one in week two haha

  • MrEast

    You are correct, but before that one Jahvid Best had scored every TD for the Lions!