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Published on 09/23/2010 at Thu Sep 23 09:00.
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Our weekly perusal around the Interwebz for water cooler fodder. (Number in parenthesis represents last week’s ranking).

ESPN: 22nd (25)
Visit from Indianapolis will be a big gauge of status

FOX: 15th (28)
Kyle Orton is quickly becoming the NFL’s most underrated passer. You have to wonder if the team will involve rookie QB Tim Tebow into the offense going forward with Orton playing so well. With the offense starting to take off, the defense has to find a way to muster up a consistent pass rush.

Sports Illustrated: 22nd (28)
The Broncos are in the midst of a very difficult week, preparing for a game while still absorbing the shock of receiver Kenny McKinley’s apparent suicide. The Colts are their opponent, and Indy has fairly well owned Denver in the Peyton Manning era, going 7-2 and twice knocking the Mike Shanahan-coached Broncos out of the playoffs.

CBS: 25th (26)
They bounced back nicely from their opening-day disaster. Kyle Orton impressed. The best thing: They didn’t put Tim Tebow into the game to ruin the flow.

Yahoo!/PFW: 20th (23)
You can’t question QB Kyle Orton’s ability to run the offense under Josh McDaniels in Denver.

USA Today: 21st (23)
Demaryius Thomas paid immediate dividends in his debut.

Average rank: 20.83. Average change: +4.67

  • Josh Temple

    This confirms it for me, CBS officially hates us. I feel sorry for all the fans that have to listen to Phil Simms talk up Peyton Manning for 3hrs this Sunday. (Thank you lord for making this a home game and saving my brain from that drivel)

  • Dave Simon

    CBS described our week 1 as a “disaster?” We had a very good chance to win that game. A couple of penalties really cost us, and we didn't play great, but we could have won the game. Heck, 2 feet closer, Lloyd pulls that pass in on 4th down and we DO win.

    Not pretty, not good, but far from disaster.

  • areferee

    What do you expect from a network whose call letters stand for “Constant Bull Sh*t”?

  • Gary_in_SD

    It's all opinionated cr@p anyway and we all know what opinions are like… and that everyone has one and everyone's stink!

    The fact that Fox news is the only one with some sense doesn't surprise me in the slightest. I believe they have them right where they should be with teams they've played and the outcomes of those games.

    Obviously with the momentum aspect of football compared to most any of the other sports, a team can improve drastically as the season continues based on what they accomplish. In sports with long seasons, you pretty much are who you are in the end.