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Published on 09/20/2010 at Mon Sep 20 11:49.
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  • It took a little digging but I actually found someone who gave Kyle Orton some notice outside of the blogs and the Denver Post. [National Football Post]
  • Yes Trey Wingo, it amazing what happens when you get a healthy Matt Hasselbeck back. [ESPN]
  • Yesterday’s win was great, but Michael Roberts brings us back down to earth. [Westword]
  • The run game may have been atrocious, but the power blocking scheme isn’t all that bad. [DPO]
  • Ryan McBean received a $5,000 fine for his facemask penalties during the Jaguars game. [Football News Now]
  • Southwest Colorado residents didn’t have the game aired on their local TV stations yesterday. The TV networks in the area lump them into the New Mexico market. [Durango Herald]
  • Kevin Vickerson got some revenge on the team that cut him. [PFT]
  • Just in case you haven’t noticed, Kyle Orton is on fire. [BT]
  • The Jimmy Clausen era begins in Carolina. [PFT]
  • Dan

    How about a little credit for McD and Xanders for adding good back-up depth just about everywhere. Still close to winning or winning with all these injuries…Not bad…Good.

  • iskabibble

    Do you realize that instead of Moreno, Ayers & Smith we could have had:

    Cushing, Mathews & Maualuga… I'm just saying

  • TheTroglodyte

    Nobody has Cushing because he is suspended for cheating. He should have got suspended again for that horrible lie he tried to pass off about cheating too.

    Ayers has 1 of our teams whopping 2 sacks so I'm fine with him.

    Maualuga has an amazing 7 tackles through 2 games which is average at best for an ILB

    Taking Smith instead of Mathews sucked.

  • AtomicLeo

    I wish had picked the following in the 2009 Draft Rounds 1-2
    Orakpo, Welles and Brace.
    Orakpo had 13 sacks last year as a rookie, and 1 already this year
    Welles has been hurt but impressive when he plays
    Brace is now the starting NT for New England.

    All players contributing at positions we need AND we still would have had 1st round pick for 2010.

  • ETL

    Do you realize we could have drafted Wes Welker in 2006! We could have had Ed Reed instead of Lelie! We could have had anyone instead of George Foster! We could have had blah blah for blah blah!!

    Seriously, I hate it when people say crap like that. Thanks for tip captain obvious.

  • iskabibble

    You shouldn't troll boards if an innocuous comment like this gets you so worked up… Try to relax, hate is such a strong word.

  • ETL

    I hate it when people think I was actually worked up about their comment.

  • iskabibble

    You got alot of hate, buddy!

  • ETL

    I hate hate.

  • iskabibble

    Two negatives make a positive… See so you really LOVE!

  • ETL

    I hate loving hate.