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Published on 09/18/2010 at Sat Sep 18 21:23.
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Google Image'd Olandis Gary and this is what I got. Olandis Gary Busey. Sharing is caring.

Google Image'd Olandis Gary and this is what I got. Olandis Gary Busey. Sharing is caring.

Hey Friends! BroncoTalk Fam, what is going on?

How’s everyone doing? Feeling antsy like me? Counting down the hours until we get a bit of redemption?

Wait, wait…let me guess.
Anyone worried about the possibility of a 0-2 start?

What would be the first 0-2 start since 1999, when Griese was under center and Olandis Gary was carrying the rock. We went 6-10 that season. We had also just won back2back Super Bowls, so big whoop if we lost a few games.

It’s safe to say the temperature has recently changed, figuratively and literally, I suppose. Thirty-two wins & thirty-two losses over the last 4 years, a tornado of bull crappenings, the new great definition of NFL mediocrity, wouldn’t you say? Maybe it’s time for #15 to call in some favors from the big man upstairs.

But this is no news, I am no prophet, just a guy who likes a football team. Don’t shoot the pessimist.

By the by, here’s my prophecy. I don’t think tomorrow gets us to 0-2. Like Ian, I have been known to be pretty good at predicting a thing or two when it comes to the Denver Broncos and football.

My prediction.
Broncos: 198
Seahawks: 13

But what do I know.

    An open letter to all Tebowmaniacs
    AKA: What I should be reciting to myself in the mirror daily (((where I actually have a photo of Tim Tebow posted) Yes, I know how pathetic this sounds, my girlfriend put it there as a joke & I’ve yet to take it down)….on purpose).

    What I see every morning.

    What I see every morning.

    As a short recap, I grew up in Ohio. My parents were hard-core Browns fans, dog biscuits & all. I was looking for a way of rebellion, found my way through John Elway, the Broncos & The Drive. I’ve surrounded my life with orange and blue ever since, sorry Mom and Dad, don’t hate the player, hate the game. It could have been worse, I could have been a Steelers fan.

    However, with my pro-football loyalty lying solely in the state of Colorado, my MLB, NBA and NCAAF held steadfast in good ole’ O-H-I-O. Tribe/Cavs/Buckeyes. Sorry BroncoTalk fam, don’t hate the player, hate the game.

    Anyway, to make a long story…not so long, more like medium to medium-long. I was a huge Lebron James fan. For a Cavs fan, the pain…it goes without saying. I’m sure you all can relate with this Carmelo soap opera unfolding. I said it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, it literally broke my heart. Pathetic? Yes. I am aware. That’s the kind of stupid, incomprehensible, useless cathartic ish that we as sports fans put ourselves through. Don’t ask me why.

    It was my fault, not only for caring too much, but for turning Lebron James into a demigod. The scary part of it all, was that he had never done anything to make us Ohioans question otherwise. *He was born there, raised there, played there, and we hoped he would stay there.

    Friendship Fortress

    Lebron Devil (Friendship Fortress)

    In the end, he didn’t stay. Neither did I. I can’t be upset about that. It was just upsetting to find that the guy who was “our guy”, wasn’t.

    So, Tebowmaniacs, heed this warning, learn from my mistakes with me.

    2 rushes for 2 yards, that’s hardly god-like. And maybe that’s a good thing.

    Wait, scratch that. What I meant to say is, isn’t it ironic that in the same year Lebron James #6(66) tries to drag me to hell, kicking and screaming, I have a new messiah to follow? TEBOW!!!!!

    A little too ironic, and yes I really do think.

GB2 Ya’ll!
GB2= Golf Balls + Go Broncos

By the way, our running game stunk last week right?
Belee dat


*Slogan coined by the guys at An awesome clothing company started by Glen Infante, based out of Cleveland, Ohio. Yeah, they have a lot of Clevelandized shirts, but are branching out fast and have a few in their NFL Busta’s collection you guys may be interested in.

  • areferee

    Sounds like our man JKK has been torching a little Oh-Boy in O-Hi-O…

    Are you sure the “score” wasn't 420-13 there, Kumba? :-)

  • Jason

    Wow. Your writing style is the AWESOME! No joke. I'd say “I love it” but that just sound weird.

    (not ironic. coincidental perhaps; even inconvenient (or not so much) but definitely not ironic.) *evil grin*

  • slkdjfod

    I come here to read Broncos news, not about your man love with Lebron.

  • Ian Henson

    JKK's girlfriend also wore a t-shirt to the Jacksonville Jaguars game that had that same picture of Tim Tebow on it. It was awesome, however the Broncos lost and are subsequently 0-2 with her in attendance (we let her test the waters in the preseason, last year against the Cardinals).

    The tribe has spoken, I break up with my girlfriend as soon as OTA's start. Make a decision JKK =P

  • Jordan Kenneth Kamp

    areferee, I have to say that I was not under the influence of any banned substance while I wrote this piece. Unfortunately that's just how my mind works for better or for worse, it is my blessing or my curse. But I do appreciate the reference.

    Jason & slkdjfod, guys thank you both for your comments. I agree that BT is the best fan run Bronco site around, loaded with the latest Bronco news and analysis. I try to bring something different to the site; it's definitely not for everyone. I appreciate the preference and the temperance.

    Ian, see you at 4pm. She insists that she's coming today. I feel skittish of the outcome. I appreciate that beer you're going to buy me.

  • areferee

    Keep 'em comin', man. Dey be da bomb!

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