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Published on 09/15/2010 at Wed Sep 15 13:30.
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Seattle SeahawksRecord: 1-0
Streak: Won 1
Series vs. Denver: 18-33
Last time: Seahawks, 23-20, 2006
The Line: Broncos by 3.5

The Seahawks didn’t just beat the favored San Francisco 49ers Sunday, they humbled them. Seattle’s 31-6 drubbing over San Fran represented the NFL’s most lopsided score this weekend. Now these long-time AFC West rivals come into INVESCO Field at Mile High for the Denver Broncos‘ home opener with heightened expectations.

Who’s hot: QB Matt Hasselbeck. Hasselbeck’s first pass of the 2010 season was an interception, but the veteran didn’t let that faze him. He finished with three touchdowns — two through the air, one on the ground — and made Mike Williams (yes, that Mike Williams) look like a professional wide receiver.

Who’s not: RB Julius Jones. The Seahawks’ leading rusher finished with 18 yards on eight carries (2.3 average), well under teammate Justin Forsett‘s 6.1-per-carry clip (seven carries for 43 yards). Overall Seattle runners finished with a tepid 3.3 yards per rush.

Matchup to watch: LT Tyler Polumbus vs. ROLB Robert Ayers. The former Bronco, released by the club in August, has landed in Seattle, where he’s currently starting at left tackle while top draft pick Russell Okung heals. If Okung can’t go, it’ll be Polumbus facing starting right outside linebacker Robert Ayers, who tallied his first career sack against Jacksonville last week. It’s a matchup that has to be all too familiar with both players, seeing as they practiced against one another every day in training camp. And it’ll be crucial that Ayers gains the upper hand against whomever he faces: the Broncos need to hassle Hasselbeck early and often.

  • AKfan

    McDaniels comments about his former lineman being “weak, slow or old” was totally unprofessional and unnecessary. I can't imagine any better way to motivate Ben Hamilton and Tyler Pulumbus. Same situation when Denver plays the Chiefs (twice). Coach needs to be a little more careful with his comments.
    Early season must win game. Going 0 and 2 and then facing Indy, Tenn, Balt, & NY Jets and things could be over before they start. Win this game and then win at least 1 of the next 4 and they have a chance to be in the mix later this year.

  • herc_rock

    Anyone know how it happened that we're playing SEA at home twice in a row? ('06, '10). Or how we're playing in AZ twice in a row?

    I've never seen this since they went to four divisions.

  • Kyle

    I was wondering the same thing awhile back because I'm thrilled they're playing in Arizona again…

    It has to do with the CBA and extending the agreement on the schedules. The original eight division agreement expired, or something like that.

  • Martin

    If the Seattle defence plays like they did against San Francisco, Seattle has a very good chance of wining the game.

  • Bitemyshinymetalass69

    yeah i hear de-fence wins championships….

  • areferee

    I hear de-fence keeps in de-sheeps… :-)

  • T-Money

    Bottom line is, if you can't convert third downs and put a significant number of points up on the board, you wont win.

  • Ian Henson

    McDaniels needs media training and ASAP. Guy talks like a drunk recent college grad.

  • Ian Henson

    Good pick-up on the Polumbus on Ayers battle Kyle. Defense wins that one, obviously or Tyler would still be a Bronco…

    Looking for a career game for Ayers and fans to finally be like, “Wow, that guy should have been a first rou… Oh, right.. No (Kno), you're right…

  • Dan

    On the injury report, it looks like Kuper and Harris are still hurt? Do you guys know who is running on the OL with the 1's…Is it Russ in place of Kuper and Beadles in place of Harris? Also, it looks like Royal might be out with a hamstring…Is Decker running with the 1's in the slot?

  • herc_rock

    Is it happening all over the league? Do you have a link or anything? I can't find diddly-poo about it online.

  • herc_rock

    I just got my 2010 Footall Outsider's Almanac a couple of weeks ago.

    Schatz & Co. called Tyler Polumbus “the worst regular starter in the NFL last year” and the “Human Self-Destruct Button.”

    It was awesome.

  • TheTroglodyte

    If players need to find extra motivation in what someone else says… if battling for the win once a week isn't enough, then they are crappy players and it doesn't matter what anyone says anyway.

    Seriously, it's just off base to say “extra motivation” at the NFL level.

  • Gary_in_SD

    If anyone is interested, the chargers have until 1:15 PST to sellout or they will have their first blackout since '04. As of this morning, there were 8K seats left.

  • T-Money

    Where did you read all of this?

  • Dan
  • Dan

    He is

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