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Published on 09/13/2010 at Mon Sep 13 09:51.
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  • Tim Tebow was a ‘non factor’ in the game against the Jaguars. Thanks caption obvious. [Reuters]
  • Vegas is already favoring Seattle for next week. [AC]
  • Bill Williamson gives his brief synopsis on what the Broncos need to do from here. [ESPN]
  • Michael Roberts of Westworld sure doesn’t seem happy about the Bronco’s performance Sunday. [Westword]
  • Brandon Lloyd stepped up big and some people just can’t believe it. [RotoWorld]
  • Speaking of Lloyd, his big performances caused Jack Del Rio to bench corner Derek Cox. []
  • Jason Cole thinks Kyle Orton‘s performance yesterday is making a cause for Tim Tebow to start. (FYI, I don’t like Jason Cole’s work and this article is my least favorite out of all of them.) [Yahoo! Sports]

Outside the Broncos

  • At least Denver wasn’t victimized like the Lions were (The person who wrote that rule needs to be shot immediately). [NFL Fanhouse]
  • Jason Campbell wasn’t the fix after all. [ESPN]
  • Peyton Manning may have had a career day on Sunday, but so did Arian Foster, and that’s all that mattered. [Indy Star]
  • Robert Ethan

    I think that McDaniels just wanted to get the “Tebow debut” nonsense out of the way as quickly as possible. Having Tim make a couple of token appearances early on will keep the media at bay for a bit.

  • BroncoBlue

    Imagine, though, 4th quarter and the Broncos are down by a score. Orton has been steady, but c'mon … we're in Jacksonville, Tebow's hometown. Instead of Orton throwing an interception on the last drive … what if they put Tebow in – and not just to do an expected run, but actually to pass, to lead a drive downfield? He has thrown in that stadium before, and won. He would have had the momentum of the crowd, the familiarity and memories on the field, the pressure of the last drive, the opportunity to make the plays and to get the team into the endzone. I'm not saying McDaniels shouldn't have faith in Orton, but he did pick Tebow in the first round. We're already down by a score, what if he had enough faith in Tebow to bring them into the endzone? What a story that would have made! …

  • JD

    Broncos are favored by 4.5 points, not the Seahawks. That article says they would take the Seahawks and the points, but the Broncos are favored.

  • areferee

    In the Jason Cole article, there was a quote from the McDaniels presser that may sum up that game, if not our entire predicament:

    [For his part, McDaniels put off the question of using his prized first-rounder more by saying, “If Tim can help us in some ways, that’s fine, but we feel comfortable with Kyle Orton playing under center.”]

    As Jerry Seinfeld, from his TV series said: “Comfort-schmomfort”!

    We need a little DIS-comfort…a little dissatisfaction with mediocrity and a hell of a lot more PASSION! Not the kind where you pump your fist, or chew out your grown-men players on Network television, but the kind of passion whereby you categorically REFUSE to accept lackluster play, resting on your reputation or your bank accounts, or any explanation for things other than getting the job done on EVERY play, in EVERY game and in EVERY interview.

    There! I feel much better now.

    (Tebow may be a rookie…he may lack a pure NFL QB throwing motion…but what he does bring to the game…and the Denver Broncos, is EXACTLY that type of passion. He needs to play!)