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Published on 09/09/2010 at Thu Sep 09 15:30.
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Our weekly perusal around the Interwebz for water cooler fodder.

ESPN: 22nd
It won’t go over well if the Raiders pass the Broncos in the AFC West standings.

CBS: 24th
They’ve had a lot of big injuries this summer — see Elvis Dumervil — and those are hard to overcome for a team that can’t afford them. Where do they get the big plays on offense?

Sports Illustrated: 23rd
Watching how the Broncos choose to use Tim Tebow in games might offer the best entertainment of the season in Denver. But after that, 2009’s rollercoaster ride to 8-8 might come to be remembered as the good ol’ days of the Josh McDaniels era. I’m forecasting just six wins and the first last-place showing for the Broncos since 1999.

FOX: 23rd
While it was a good move to extend the contract of starting QB Kyle Orton, you would be hard-pressed to find many good stories from this offense. And on defense, who will rush the passer? The loss of starting OLB Elvis Dumervil has to be devastating.

USA Today: 21st
Hopefully the worst of their injuries came in the preseason.

  • Josh Temple

    ITT: We make assumptions based off of very basic knowledge, surface statistics, and news.

    Miami: They added Brandon Marshall and Karlos Dansby, they're a lock to win it all.

    Lions: They only won two games last year with Stafford and company, they'll be basement dwellers this season.

    Steelers: Same core of standout players with no foreseeable issues, they will go deep into the playoffs.

    This is actually kind of fun, maybe I should write up an entire season preview. (I hate power rankings if you couldn't tell)

  • areferee

    I see their lips moving, but most of the “talking heads” are off by about 180 degrees. Like always, they seem to be talking out of their *sses!

  • Ian Henson

    Until the Broncos have a great start, a long winning streak or a playoff run– most of the experts aren't going to know the Denver Broncos from Southern Utah University. I can't put much weight behind a power ranking, that being said and given our record for last year… I don't feel anyone is being unfair by putting Denver in the high 20's, coming off 2-8 I could see the Broncos being lower.

  • areferee

    Perhaps I'm being unfair to them because I have been paying close attention to the changes and improvements we have made since last year's slump. And it's fair to say that I'm more than a little biased…but then again, I'm not being PAID to pay attention!

  • mikebirty

    “Where do they get the big plays on offense?”

    Erm, go back to 2009 when this comment was relevant. All I saw in pre-season was big throw after big throw.

  • anthony33

    Going out on a limb here because I by no means claim to even a good writer, but what the heck.

    You have to look at this from different perspectives.

    If you’re looking at the Bronx from distance, the media, and have no allegiance or emotional bond with the team here is what you would see:

    Overall the Bronx were 8-8 last year, went 2-8 in their final 10 games and are 1-3 in preseason. That’s 3-11 in their last 14 games.

    You see that we lost what most would consider our two best players, Dumerville (injury) and Marshall (trade).

    You would question why we draft Tebow in the first round.

    You see a mediocre quarterback in Orton.

    You see an unproven and inexperienced head coach and front office.

    Now, for those of us who are deep rooted fans, here is what we see:

    We see a team that unexpectedly won 6 in a row and showed enormous potential, but just didn’t have enough depth to finish. Nonetheless we saw what could be. We realize preseason is for evaluating talent and don’t to get hung up on the record, but rather how the first team performed when on the field.

    We shuddered at the loss of Dumerville and hope other talent (Ayers) can answer. Most of us are happy to see the prima donna Marshall out of here and feel our overall receiver core is better that a year ago.

    We know why the Bronx drafted Tebow in the first round because we know the type of player they are looking for.

    We see Orton reproving himself in camp and has a year of experience under his belt in system McD.

    We to see a coach and a front office that has made mistakes, but have stayed true to putting a TEAM on the field of unselfish, tough and smart players.

    So… while we are weary, we are true orange and blue fans and know this team will be better!

    Screw the experts.

  • Josh Temple

    Low 20s I agree with, I saw another site rank us as 27th. I can easily rattle off 10 teams Denver is better than at this point.

    SUU? Hmm… sounds like a week 1 Florida opponent.

  • areferee

    For a non-writer, you scored a Pulitzer Prize for describing what it is to be a Bronco fanatic. WORD! (I especially like the STE part!)

  • anthony33

    Thank you areferee. However, once again I have pointed out, not so much in the writing or the message, that I may be the worst proof reader on the planet. Damn.

  • areferee

    LOL, I used to be one for a newspaper. It's highly overrated!