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Published on 09/04/2010 at Sat Sep 04 14:20.
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The Denver Broncos started the day with twelve thirteen roster spots needing to be freed up to cut the roster down to the 53 required by the NFL.

There are more than a few players on the bubble in Denver, but here’s the days activities thus far (and we’ll keep updating):

UPDATE: Broncos have announced Brandon Stokley was not cut, he was added to injured reserve until he is healthy and then he will be waived.

LB Kevin Alexander
TE Marquez Branson
WR Britt Davis
TE Riar Geer
DE Jarvis Green
S Kyle McCarthy
G Seth Olsen
OLB Darrell Reid
DL Jeff Stehle
LB Worrell Williams

Injured Reserve:
OLB Elvis Dumervil
WR Brandon Stokley

DE Ben Garland


  • Alphonso Smith has been traded to the Detroit Lions for tight end Dan Gronkowski.
  • Bubble corner Cassius Vaughn‘s agent has told Fox31’s Josina Anderson the player has made the team.
  • Anderson is also reporting that Marcus Thomas has been told he needs to step up, but will make the team.
WR Brandon Stokley
  • badimo

    Marquez Branson surprises me…

  • Nisse

    yeah, and the thing is, if they would have cut quinn, not that many ppl would have been surprised

  • Jacob Hainline

    Jarvis Green? So much for that 4-year $20 million deal! Way to not even make the team, Greenie!

  • areferee

    Glad you're back with us Ian. Thanks for the updates and the internal insight. Thought I might have to permanently get my information from the Denver instead. Hope Kyle and Jon haven't abandoned things.

    It seemed uncharacteristically quiet without any stories, or at least some word as to why there was nothing for four days. You are the only one who has offered any explanation. We appreciate your doing that.

    Re: the only real surprise, Branson…they may figure Quinn is more durable. May turn out to be a mistake.

    I wonder if there are any second thoughts about J.J. Arrington Vs Hall, let's say, now that he has been released by the Eagles.

  • Ian Henson

    Kyle and Jon are definitely still around, as will be everyone else as of Monday. Thank you everyone for your support!

    We should be full throttle from here on.

    Arrington is available again, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Broncos sniffing around him. Though he is still such a risk for injury.

  • Ian Henson

    Tons of money to lose there, he may even re-sign with the Patriots after this whole thing…

  • Jarrod

    What a waste of a 1st rounder on alphonso…

  • anthony33

    Nothing on the cut list really surprises me. Happy to see they got at least something for Smith. Gronkowski was pretty good from what I saw (which is not much).

    I suspect Tebow will be the number 2 as well.

    Hopefully they are searching the wire for RB's, LB's and OL… they need help in all three areas and quickly.

  • crazykid

    I don't know if any of you guys saw, but Pat White, Matt Leinart, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, and Myron Rolle got cut. Do you think anyone has a chance w/ the Bronx, especially Rolle since he's the kind of smart player McD likes?

  • areferee

    What are your thoughts about someone like Justin Hartwig as a backup at RT? We are very thin there.

  • badimo

    I honestly expect the Broncos to trade Brady Quinn.

    If Worrell actually gets that safety…does he make the team? Lost chances are a bitch.

  • areferee

    I agree, but only he is responsible. His play never lived up to the billing.

    What about the Cards fans pondering a #10 overall in Leinart. OUCH!

  • areferee

    8 man Practice Squad? How about:

    Marquez Branson
    Alric Arnett
    Britt Davis
    Jammie Kirlew
    Kevin Alexander
    Seth Olsen
    Jeff Stehle
    Paul Duncan

  • Ian Henson

    Worrell was a sad cut for me to see and a bit surprising because of the depth the Broncos have at linebacker. Everywhere at linebacker fans are one injury away from seeing a player they've never heard of (with the exception of Wesley Woodyard).

  • Ian Henson

    I like Batiste and I am a big fan of Beadles and Stanley Daniels. If the Broncos do sign someone I'd be worried that there's more to Ryan Harris' injury than we're aware of.

  • anthony33

    I expect we'll see several more moves before Wednesday. Minnesota is very deep on the d-line… maybe someone can come in and play OLB.

    Anyone know anything about Gronkowski? Any word on Ryan Harris?

  • Ian Henson

    I feel like if Hartwig were available earlier we may have a controversy at center, but I think the Broncos are happy with Walton. Don't you?

  • areferee

    Absolutely with Walton, but I'm thinking more for right tackle with Harris and no real back up with enough experience there. If Harris is dinged, we are up a creek.

  • areferee

    I added some info on Gronkowski in previous Smith story.

  • navybsu_fan

    not sure I think that it is so bad about Phonz. We had a first year head coach with a mandate to win now and he jumped to make a deal on a player that he thought could have helped us. He actually wasn't that bad of a player, it is just that we struck gold on cox and thompson. What I find strange is that Moss has hung on this long. We have been trying to upgrade from him since he walked in the door.

  • HOPE


  • Ian Henson

    The only one that I'd be interested in is Houshmandzadeh, but the Broncos are so thick at those positions (QB, WR and Safety) I don't see them going after any of those big names.

  • Ian Henson

    Hopefully all those guys are still available tomorrow, especially Branson, Arnett and Stehle.

  • Ian Henson

    Scheffler was traded because he was unhappy. Not because he didn't fit the system.

  • crazykid


  • NMBronc

    No reason to keep Quinn over Branson.

  • NMBronc

    I disagree. McD is responsible for a huge reach and mistake here. The expectations were specific to the pick and not the player.

  • Roy

    I don't see Housh at all. Living up in the Seattle area you hear a lot of chatter, just like I am sure those of you in Denver do. Word on the street is that people (players and coaches) were really getting sick and tired of him.

  • areferee

    Hey, there were only 8 mistakes in Hope's post…ease up a little. Oh yeah, 9…if you count the post itself.