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Published on 08/23/2010 at Mon Aug 23 16:13.
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Running back Toney Baker participates in a rookie mud drill at Broncos training camp (

Running back Toney Baker participates in a rookie mud drill at Broncos training camp (

The Denver Broncos on Monday waived running back Toney Baker, offensive lineman Kirk Barton and wide receiver Patrick Carter, the team announced.

Baker was signed as an undrafted free agent from North Carolina State on April 30. Barton and Carter also were in their first year with the team.

None of the three players saw time in the Broncos’ recent 20-25 loss to the Detroit Lions.

Rosters must be cut down to 75 players by August 31st and 53 players by September 4th; while this might be a case of the Broncos trimming the fat a bit early, it’s still possible they’ll bring in players in the meantime.  Denver’s third preseason game is against Pittsburgh on August 29th.

  • anthony33

    A bit surprised. We heard a lot of 'chatter' about Toney Baker at the onset of camp. What gives? You would think with the current stable of backs there is no way he gets cut. Must not understand the playbook or can't block.

    Too bad… I was kind of pulling for the guy considering what he went through to get here.

    This was the first guy they called after the draft… who in the hell is running the scouting department?

  • Ian Henson

    I was wondering why we hadn't seen Toney Baker this whole preseason.

    What this indicates to me that the Broncos are in fact NOT looking towards a power running scheme. More of a hybrid every back in Denver has been handpicked by McDaniels. On top of that McDaniels consciously dealt Peyton Hillis. Yet still employs Spencer Larsen (who Mike Shanahan drafted as a linebacker and switched to fullback)… I think that he likes what he stumbled onto here in Denver.

  • areferee

    There will be many more surprises before the final cut-down. Counting IR, PUP and Clady, there are 77 names currently on the roster. That's 24 moves at a minimum, yet to be made.

    Looking at the depth chart, only 17 names jump off the page as sure cuts. That leaves 7 names that will have to go, most of which will wind up on the practice squad, I suspect.

    As is the case every year, these will be hard choices because most of them can and should be on someone's active roster. Those of us who follow all things Orange can debate these names over and over, but most of us will have a few surprises and a few disappointments, just like always.

    The fun for us is in the speculation. But it's easy to forget all the sweat and hard work each of these men have given, only to end up on the waiver list. I'm glad I'm on this side of the fence. For the players, it really gets hard from this point forward.