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Published on 08/06/2010 at Fri Aug 06 16:11.
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Denver Broncos safety Josh Barrett

Denver Broncos safety Josh Barrett

Safety Josh Barrett had already scheduled his shoulder surgery and cleared the procedure with his team when the Denver Broncos announced he would be placed on Injured Reserve Thursday. But, as part of the process of being placed on IR, Barrett was actually placed on the Waived/Injured list, meaning the other 31 teams had 24 hours to claim him.

And the New England Patriots did just that.

Barrett, one of the Broncos’ 2008 seventh round draft picks, is now the property of Bill Belichick and company in Foxboro, and, by our understanding, moves to their active roster.

Wide receiver Kenny McKinley was similarly designated, was not claimed, and so moves to the Broncos’ Injured Reserve list as expected.

Shrewd move by Belichick, recognizing his pupil putting a guy on IR who might still be able to put in work this season. Apparently this 24-hour period is a mere “formality” that rarely gets exploited but did in this case. Now, if the Patriots do decide to place him on IR, he’ll have to clear the same 24-hour window, in which the Broncos could actually claim him back. What a weird turn of events.

  • Ian Henson

    This article is VERY dated, but Belichick did it again =)

  • Dan

    All the injuries are killing us, but the worst by far is Clady's knee. Have you guys seen him anywhere at camp? Is there any chance he will be back before October?

    Can someone list all the injuries we are dealing with…To include the guys coming off injury from last year?

  • anthony33

    Belichick is a slug. Good, maybe a great coach, but a slug.

  • Kyle

    I'll post an injury report recap post either tomorrow or Monday (I'm traveling back Sunday).

  • Ian Henson

    What better than a guy who practices against the Broncos secondary every day to sign and pick his brain?

  • robtink242

    dodge a bullet there… now we can keep Tony Cater

  • Davegeller

    I like tebow and can only hope he plays at the same caliber as a manning or rivers, tebow should start watching how rivers or manning handle a nfl offense cause he ain't going to learn anything from orten.

  • Bmooney54

    If the Pats keep him on the 53-man roster for a day, he can be sent right to IR thereby retaining his rights for 2011. Smart move by the master. His apprentice learned a new trick.

  • Jab9417

    So what happens when Elvis goes to IR, hmm? Barrett could have been a warning shot accross the Bronco's bow..

  • Jab9417

    So what happens when Elvis goes to IR, hmm? Barrett could have been a warning shot accross the Bronco's bow..