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Published on 08/05/2010 at Thu Aug 05 18:53.
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Denver Broncos Head Coach Josh McDaniels addressed the media before practice Thursday to discuss the situation with Elvis Dumervil. Robert Ayers, Champ Bailey, Mario Haggan, LenDale White, Jarvis Moss, Jamal Williams, and Tim Tebow talked after practice. Their quotes below.


Opening comments

“Obviously we had a player, Elvis Dumervil sustain an injury that, it’s in the pectoral area of his chest. (There is) no schedule or no determination in terms of the course of treatment – none of those decisions have been made – certainly no decisions on the roster or how that’s going to affect us or what decisions we’re going to make going forward and that that is not going to happen, I would say, for some time here. We all feel bad for Elvis, I know how badly he wanted to start the season this way but again, we’re not sure exactly the timetable that we’re talking about so we’re not going to look at it that the glass is half empty, we’re going to look at it the other direction and hopefully we’ll have him back at some point. We’ve got a lot of players in the locker room that I know are going to have to combine their efforts and try to do some things that certainly he was responsible for while he’s gone. Nobody is going to replace him as an individual, we know that; we’re not going to try to do that. With that being said, this is just another adversity I think that as a team and as an organization you have to face, you have to move on, move forward and try to play good football. We’re not going to be the only team that this happens to this year. We don’t feel sorry for ourselves, I know that Elvis is going to work as hard as he can once we determine exactly how to treat it and then we’ll go from there.

“I was just going to say a couple of things: (WR) Kenny McKinley and (S) Josh Barrett were placed on the IR (injured reserve) today also, and then (DL) Jamal Williams – we passed him on the physical – so he will be out there this afternoon.”

On why WR Kenny McKinely and S Josh Barrett were placed on injured reserve

“Injuries that we can’t play with this year. Kenny has a knee (injury) and Josh has a shoulder (injury).”

On possible courses of treatment for Dumervil

“Well, if you’re going to do that (surgery), certainly you want to do it soon but that’s what I’m saying – that nothing has been determined in terms of, Are we going to choose to go that route?’ or a lot of times I think second opinions are common at this point. We’re just going to go through that process first and then once we feel like we have all the information that we need and Elvis has all of the information that he needs then we’ll make a decision on it. Certainly he’s going to factor into that more than anybody else and then once that happens, we’ll go from there.”

On possible roster moves

“I think just (we just have to factor in), ‘How long? How many games are we talking about?’ I don’t think, like I said, it depends, it really depends. Certainly rehabilitations are never exactly the way you think they may go. They give you a window, but you always have to look at that and say, ‘Well, it could be here but it could also be much later too.’ We’ll have to see where that’s at and again, we don’t know those things right now. Once we find out more about that, then we’ll try to make the best decision for the football team at that point.”

On a timetable for a decision on Dumervil

“I don’t know that answer. Until everything is done in terms of looking at all different angles of this, second opinions, those kinds of things (that) go on, I don’t want to comment on a timetable.”

On how Dumervil’s injury occurred

“It was a one-on-one pass rush drill.”

On whether he can name Dumervil’s replacement in the starting lineup

“Not right now. Like I said, we have talked about being versatile and versatility adds value to your football team and we tell our players that all the time. Whether that be (LB) Mario Haggan adding to the mix with (LB) Jarvis (Moss) – Jarvis has certainly done some good things in camp so Jarvis Moss has got an opportunity in front of him to do some things. We’ve practiced in the 4-3 already multiple days in camp. Like I said, there’s no way we’re going to replace him in terms of his production as just a single pass rusher. I don’t think that’s fair to anybody but the way we’re going to go about trying to replace him as a player who is on the field a lot. (It) may take a few different people and may take some creativity for us.”

On any silver linings he sees coming out of the injury

“I don’t think there is any silver lining in the injury itself. I think, are those players maybe further ahead because they got the reps? Probably. I think both players have started camp really well, I’ll say that. I think we have got a long way to go. We have a lot of football to play, I think we have a lot of young players on our team at that position who are all trying to improve and like I said, we’ve got some defensive linemen that we’ve already put out there at end and played some 4-3. We’ve got some other flexibility built into our team so we’ll kind of take inventory of exactly where we’re at and what we need to do and what we think is best.”

On playing the season without Dumervil

“I think I was in a tough predicament – well, not me – but our team was in a tough predicament in New England, Week One (when New England QB Tom Brady suffered a season-ending knee injury) and certainly we’re talking about good players, great players and anytime you lose a player for a period of time that has that kind of impact on your team – nobody looks forward to that but they’re not going to write at the end of the season, our record was such-and-such and Elvis Dumervil had an injury in training camp. They’re just going to tell you what our record was. So, we’re not going to sit here and feel sorry for us. We’re going to get ready to play and we’ve got a good football team in that locker room.”

On whether LB Darrell Reid could make an impact if his rehabilitation process moves along quickly

“You know, if that happens then certainly that can factor into it. We can’t make that go any faster than it’s already going.”

On increased pressure on LBs Robert Ayers and Jarvis Moss

“I think they both feel just the normal everyday pressure of trying to be a contributor and a good football player on this team. Both of those guys had phenomenal – they were two top vote getters in the offseason program in the linebacker position and they know the opportunity that they have before them, before this injury, like I’ve said, they’ve started off on the right foot. I don’t think this is going to change their attitude or their mindset. They’re going to play football just like they know how and we expect them both to have good seasons so I think that’s their expectation for themselves and I would concur with it.”

On whether the defense might switch to a 4-3 alignment

“It’s possible that we could play, I would say, play some of it. I don’t know if we would go all the way back – we’re not going to change the style of defense that we have – there might just be a bigger body on the edge sometimes. Like I said, there are multiple ways to look at this: Jarvis (Moss) is certainly a guy who has gotten a lot of reps with that group already in camp and is going to continue to. We’ve played with four down linemen in the game or in practice so far and again, Mario Haggan always gives you that flexibility because he played there (at outside linebacker/defensive end) all of last year and he had a great year. We’ll kind of figure out exactly our course of action here and decide on the best thing for the team but we’ll have to wait and see until we gather all that information.”

On RB LenDale White

“We’re rolling, we’re rolling today. He was in meetings early, he’s in meetings now. We’re trying to catch him up from a terminology standpoint but we’re going to cut it loose today and certainly try to get him into a situation where he knows what is going on. We’re not just going to throw him in there for 35 plays if he doesn’t know how to execute those so we’ll see what he knows and put him in there and start him going today.”


On the injury to LB Elvis Dumervil

“I heard about it the same time everybody else did and basically my reaction was the way that everybody else reacted. It’s a big loss but we’re going to have to keep it moving.”

On what Dumervil brought to the defense

“He’s definitely a guy that we’re going to miss. You can’t replace him with one person, whether I come out and get 20 sacks, it’s not going to matter because my 20 sacks would be even more with him. You’re never going to replace a guy that you lose and we’re just going to try to get team defense and guys are going to step up and that’s just how we’re going to have to go about things. We’re going to have to keep working and keep trucking.”

On the challenges presented with the loss of Dumervil

“We’re still going to keep trucking, it’s not the end of the year, it’s not the end of the world. It’s a big loss and you know, Elvis wouldn’t want us to bow our heads and think it was the end of the world so that’s not what we’re going to do. We’re going to keep moving, we’re going to keep working and we’re going to try to win.”

On the key players the Broncos that have been injured in training camp

“It’s football, you know? Injuries are going to happen. We’re going to go through adversity and we just have to keep doing what we do, keep working, keep competing and that’s all we can do. We can’t worry about what happens on the field, what happens – that’s just it, it’s football and we’re going to keep moving and when those guys come back it will help the team.”

On how Dumervil’s injury presents an opportunity to him

“I don’t think it presents an opportunity for me at all. I approached it the same way whether Elvis was going to be here or not and I don’t see it as an opportunity, I see it as a loss but I have my goals and we have our team goals and we’re going to keep trucking towards them, you know, with or without Elvis and that’s what Elvis would want for me to say and that’s how he would want me to approach it.”

On his personal connection to Dumervil

“It’s very tough for me. He’s a guy that I looked to for a lot of advice and a lot of information but Elvis is hurt, and that’s the first thing he said to me, he’s like, ‘I’m going to be hurt,’ but he’s going to be here for us and I know if I need something, if I need him to help me with anything, he’s going to be here and I can always go to him asking for advice and a lot of the guys that I’m going to play against, he’s already played against and had success against them so he’s always going to be there to help us so from a mental aspect, he’s going to be there for me but it just hurts not to have him on the other side and to help us, but like I said, we’ve got to keep the show going.”


On LB Elvis Dumervil’s injury

“It’s tough. I almost cried. I feel bad for him because he had a new mindset. He got all of the contract stuff out of the way and he was on a mission. It’s a major setback for him, but if I know Elvis, he’s going to come back when he’s 100 percent and ready to go. I’m praying that he heals up fast, that his surgery goes well and we can have him back as soon as possible.”

On how the defense is going to need to step up

“Absolutely, that’s the game. It gives other guys the opportunity to step in and play in this league.”

On whether the loss of Dumervil is because he is such a force or the personal relationship between them

“It’s more personal. I know him, spend a lot of time with him. I talked to him a lot during this whole process with his contract. It (stinks) because the guy is the perfect professional. That’s what I always tell him. But he knows every time you step out on that field there is a chance you will get hurt. I know that once he gets over this initial pain, he’ll bounce back and be ready to play.”

On how tough the injuries at training camp have been

“It’s tough but that’s the name of the game. Every year there are teams that lose people, just like we have this year. You just have to find a way to get through it. Guys have to step up. It’s an unfortunate part of the business, but it happens.”

On if the team will have to try and generate the pass rush more

“We have to see how things go with what we are doing. If no one can do what Elvis is doing – or effectively, at least, because he is a hard guy to replace – then we might have to. But, right now, we’ll keep doing what we’re doing”

On if the team needs to bring in outside help

“I can’t say that. I can’t imagine that we need to. It’s not my call but if it comes to that, it comes to that. Right now, we like what we have, we’ll work with that.”

On if he’s been talking to LB Jarvis Moss about changes and the position he will be in now

“Well, not really. I mean I’ve been talking to Jarvis, anyway, and (LB) Robert Ayers and all the outside linebackers because we do so much stuff together on the field. So I don’t think there is any reason for me to start talking to them any more than I do now. I know that they understand what is in front of them. They just need to take it like a professional and keep on pushing.”

On how it feels to see DL Jamal Williams return to the field

“It’s great. That’s a guy I’ve been looking forward to playing with and to have him out here for the first time makes me look forward to many more practices with him.”


On if he would move back to outside linebacker

“When (Head) Coach McDaniels got here, he stood up in front and told everyone that this team was about versatility – being able to play more than one position. At this point, we’ve got (LB) Jarvis Moss out there, who we have a lot of faith in, but if the time comes, say something happens to another outside linebacker and they call my number, I’ll definitely be ready and go out there and give what I’ve got.”

On if he thought LB Elvis Dumervil’s injury was serious

“No, man. I actually prayed last night that it wasn’t. You have a roster, you build depth to replace situations, but everyone knows it’s hard to replace a guy who gives you 17 sacks. That’s a big number. That’s a blow to our defense, but that’s what we practice for. That’s what camp’s for. That’s what the draft is for and that’s why you have a depth chart.”

On if he has spoken to Dumervil

“Yeah, we’ve spoken to him. Nobody hates this more than Elvis. He hates it more because he was expecting to do big things this year himself. There’s the opportunity that hopefully he can come back and play. Our job is to when he comes back give him several opportunities to continue to play this season.”

On his preference on playing inside or outside linebacker

“Man, right now I’m just going where they want me. I think I have the ability to contribute, inside and out.”

On the injuries at key positions

“Once again, when you come to training camp, it’s preparation for the season. To not have (RB) Knowshon (Moreno), to not have (RB) Correll (Buckhalter) and now to lose (LB) Elvis (Dumervil) and a couple of other guys we have down, obviously, it hurts our team’s preparation, but that’s why we pick up guys in free agency. That’s why we have a depth chart. That’s why we go through the draft. At that opportunity, one man’s loss should become another man’s gain.”

On the difference between inside and outside liebacker

“There’s more reads, you’re more involved in everything on the defense (when he’s at inside linebacker.) I’m like the quarterback of the defense. I have to get things lined up and (RB) D.J. (Williams) helps make that job a little easier with his experience in there, so it’s just a matter of knowing I have to be in on every single play now.”

On the play of LBs Jarvis Moss and Robert Ayers

“That’s what you come to work for. If you would have seen them behind the scenes – the way they work – to be presented with the opportunity they are presented with… Robert has played tremendous in camp, and now Jarvis has an opportunity to prove his worth. So we’re wanting him to succeed and do his best, and we actually need him to do his best.”

On whether the team has experienced bad luck in training camp

“Man, I don’t think of bad luck. I’m a firm believer in what the Lord brings and that everything happens for a reason. Maybe it’s an opportunity for Jarvis to stand up and keep his confidence and rebuild his career. Maybe it’s the opportunity for some other guys to shuffle around and show what they can do. It all happens for a reason.”


On the injury to Broncos LB Elvis Dumervil

“I was just sad for him because I know how important this year is for a guy like Elvis. I really just was sad for him. I caught a few tears in my eyes but that’s part of it and that’s football. I mean, when I broke my ankle and the doc told me I wasn’t going to play anymore (that) year, it was tough but I worked through it and Elvis is every bit as tough as I am and as motivated as I am and that’s pretty apparent so I don’t think this will be anything other than another stepping stone for Dumervil.”

On the opportunity presented to him due to Dumervil’s injury

“It’s huge, it’s important to me – this means a lot. I want to step up for (Head) Coach McDaniels, and (President and CEO) Mr. Bowlen, for (Defensive Coordinator Don) “Wink” (Martindale) and (Assistant Linebackers Coach Roman Phifer) Coach “Phif.” I want do well for all of them, but most importantly, I want to do well for myself. It’s important to me now and everything happened for a reason and when there are opportunities in front of you like this, you can’t let them pass, you can’t let a day go by without you feeling like you didn’t give it your all before you lay down at nighttime so that’s my focus. I have ability and if I keep working at it like this, I’ll be just fine and I’ll be able to help out just fine.”

On his confidence level

“That’s part of it – everything happens for a reason and my confidence is pretty high. I’m never relaxed out here but I’m pretty comfortable in the scheme and in this linebacker thing now and it feels good moving in space and I always knew I could do this stuff. There’s still a long way to go, as a team and myself too – I’m nowhere near where I want to be for the first preseason game yet – physically, or mentally or even in the playbook so we’ve got a long way to go, especially myself. I don’t want to get ahead of myself at all because there’s no room for that. I just have to take it one day at a time and make sure before I lay down at night I put in all the work and that I outworked everybody that we could play against this year.”

On whether he’s had a conversation with Head Coach Josh McDaniels since Dumervil’s injury

“I don’t really like to speak on what the coaches say inside the building because we’re family. A lot of the things were to just be myself, do good at the things that I’m good at. You know, I can’t replace Elvis – he’s a Pro Bowler and in my mind, the best pass rusher that the league has to show today.  So there’s no replacing him but I could definitely put forth more effort and be more attentive to detail and assignments and have more of a motor and just be more motivated to help this team and this organization out.”


On sliding in the mud at the beginning of practice

“It actually felt good – it felt like we were out there playing football and you know, at Florida we played a lot of games in the mud so I was used to it.”

On why he doesn’t look as muddy as the rest of the rookies

“No, since then I don’t think I was on the ground, so I’m good.”

On whether that was the end of the veterans giving the rookies a hard time

“No, I don’t think that’s it. There have been a few other things. I’m sure they’ll keep coming along the way (laughing).”

On his improvement

“I think I’m improving every day. I think I’m getting better, more comfortable just with coming up to the line – the procedures, the audibles, the calls. Still got a long way to go but just the speed of it I feel I’m improving at.”

On whether the game has slowed down at all for him

“A little bit – it definitely does (slow down) every day and the more chances you get to go and see all the looks that our defense shows – that’s going to make it a lot easier because our defense does a lot of different things so to be able to see that every day really gets you used to playing at a fast level.”

On playing in the mud

“You get pretty muddy (in Florida) but yeah, I’ve played in some pretty muddy games.”

On what he learns from watching Broncos QBs Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn

“Every time they go up to the line of scrimmage, I have to get a mental rep of the call, who our ‘Mike’ point is, if we’re changing it. You know, the footwork – everything going into it. That’s really something that you’ve got to try to stay disciplined in – every time one of them are getting a physical rep, I’m getting a mental rep. That’s something that I really try to do.”


On returning to Colorado where he grew up

“It feels great. I’ve been here for awhile just working out so it just feels good to be back out here on the field, getting to meet my new teammates, smelling the grass. Just being out here is definitely fun, man. I’m happy to be here.”

On signing with the Broncos

“When you’re sitting on the sidelines and you’re watching NFL Network and you get to see all of your friends around the league play and all that stuff, you definitely get an itch. Good thing I was working out, (Broncos Head) Coach (McDaniels) gave me a call and I was ready to go. I’m just definitely fortunate, I’m humble and I thanks God that I’m out here and I’m just going to keep doing everything I can to get better.”

On if he thought he might never play in the NFL again

“No, that was never in my mind. It had never crossed my mind. My whole mindset was to stay in shape because when you do get the call, you have to come work out or whatever you have to do, you can go out there and kill it. That was just my mindset – I thought maybe a little later than sooner but I’m thankful (the Broncos) gave me a call early – gives me a chance to learn the playbook, get in with the guys, learn everything – you know, have fun.”

On whether other teams were interested

“Oh yeah, I had other calls but what better than to come home and play right here. My mom, she’s ecstatic, she cried. My grandma, she would have loved it if she was still here. I’m glad I’m a Denver Bronco – this is where I want to be.”

On whether he grew up dreaming about playing for the Broncos

“It’s always been a dream. I used to watch the games back when (former Broncos QB John Elway) John the Great was playing with (former Broncos RB) Terrell Davis and me and my grandma would sit there – we watched every game faithfully and she’s like, ‘One day, you’re going to play for the Broncos.’ Thank you, Grandma – rest in peace.

On what he can add to the team

“I’m just going to contribute hard work. I’m coming out here to compete. I just want to go out there and try to make everybody better as well as get myself better. Whatever takes place, takes place. (Broncos Head) Coach (McDaniels) told me I can create my own goals here, I can create my own (role) so I’m just going to keep coming out here every day, work hard as I possibly can and hopefully everything will work out.”


On his first practice of camp

“It felt great, man. It’s been a while – knocking out the kinks – I’m glad to be out here. It’ s something special we are building out here.”

On whether he’s been itching to get back on the field

“Oh, no question about it. (I’ve been) working hard – making sure I am doing my job and when I get back out here, it’s time to work.”

On whether his teammates gave him a good reception

“Yes (laughing), I’m here.”

On his physical conditioning

“I’m great, you know, I’ve been out here doing my conditioning with (Strength and Conditioning )Coach (Rich) Tuten. He’s getting me right there, ready for the season.”

On whether other players are ready to fill in for Dumervil

“No question about it, whoever is playing behind him needs to step up and be ready to fill in.”

On his first practice during camp

“Quite frankly, I was kind of nervous the first nine-on-seven because I haven’t been in pads in a long time so I was kind of shaking in my boots a little bit. I’m not going to tell offensive line – well it’s too late now (laughing) but once I got my first thump out there I was good to go.”

On playing for the Broncos after 13 seasons with San Diego

“It’s just a different jersey, you know? It is always going to be a competitive sport so we are just going to get out there and just play our best ball.”

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  • Rcsodak

    Jarvis Moss, Comeback Player of the Year!