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Published on 07/30/2010 at Fri Jul 30 10:15.
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DenverBroncos.coms header had a clitch Wednesday night for about half a hour the header read: Houston Texans's header had a glitch Wednesday night for about half a hour the header read: Houston Texans

Your wittiest, most cleverest captions in the comments. Previous winner after the jump!

Tebow Madden 11

QB Tim Tebow directs the Denver offense and Knowshon jumps off-sides

Winner: denverfanindallas

There were plenty of funny and original captions, it was hard to pick a winner, here are some that came oh-so-close:

  • “Next on Sportscenter, what it would have looked like if Tebow took a snap in today’s game. Maybe. Stay tuned Colorado, because it’s the only Bronco’s “highlight” we are bothering to air this week.”  — dogheadbrew
  • “What do you think about me know Mel Kiper?” — dasouthstands
  • “Moses parted the Red Sea, now watch me part the 4-3” — denverfanindallas
  • “Orange sunset in the background casting over another blue skied Denver day with Tim Tebow at QB. Do you need any more evidence that God is clearly a Bronco fan?” — Triston27

There were plenty more humorous captions that I deemed inappropriate, you can view them all here.

  • Mellifluous

    Kubiak: I can't believe I'll have to wait 5 years to lure him away.

  • Igner Ant

    The curse of Mr. East's Jersey Roulette escalates to a whole new level of evil, causing the entire franchise to be traded.

  • Triston27

    Internet plays cruel joke, getting Texans fans hope's “Mile High”

  • Bhouchen


  • HomerHead

    Reminds me of when Homer Simpson kept trying to prove to everyone the Isotopes were moving to Albuquerque.

    “The proof that the Isotopes are moving to Albuquerque is right behind this door!”

  • MrEast

    Is nothing safe?!

  • Igner Ant

    I'm just saying, apparently, no.

  • bjones20

    CAPTION: “Can you hold that stance for a minute? I've gotta go number one.”

  • Colton

    Occasionally I'll be quirky. Wait a minute! I'll be quirky? Albuquerque! They're moving the team to Albuquerque!

  • areferee

    Clever idea Houston. First the city, THEN the team. All this time I thought Bowlen owned the Broncos Denver!

  • Jay831

    “hey look its Tebow again”

  • jay831

    “all we need now is tim tebow in a white jersey”

  • denverfanindallas

    how does this happen? strange….

  • denverfanindallas

    homer speaking “not the denver broncos”
    “you obviously know nothing about football”

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