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Published on 07/24/2010 at Sat Jul 24 08:17.
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Mile High Salute

The Mile High Salute® was popularized by Ring-of-Famer Terrell Davis during the Broncos glory days, and at the time was one of the most prevalent touchdown celebrations in the NFL. Davis did it in honor of his father who served in the military. The tradition carried on to the present day, with fans and players being saluted to by the likes of Mike Anderson, and more recently Peyton Hillis, among others.

Mike Anderson spent four years in the United States Marine Corps. While in the military, he played for the 11th Marines football team, where he was discovered by an assistant coach from San Jacinto of Mt. Junior College – where Anderson attended before joining the Broncos in 2000. Coming from a Military background, Anderson frequently saluted the fans and his teammates during his Rookie of the Year season, and throughout his Bronco career. In 2005, the Broncos released Anderson, since then only one Bronco running back has rushed for 1,000 yards. 

Mike Bell was undrafted in 2006, but was signed by the Broncos as an free agent. Continuing where Anderson left off, Bell picked up on the Mile High Salute. After a slow sophomore season the Broncos cut Bell in 2008. He then signed with the Saints, where he just won a Super Bowl.

Last season, seeing the Mile High Salute was scarce, and since Peyton Hillis was released during the off-season, it will probably be rare to see it this upcoming season. Unless of course another Bronco decides to carry on the tradition.Knowshon Moreno

Knowshon Moreno and Terrell Davis share the same alma mater, so I assume Knowshon knows a bit about Davis, and the notorious Mile High Salute. Despite that, Moreno didn’t once salute the fans after scoring nine times as a rookie, he did however have a few post-touchdown gestures, including but limited actions such as his Wind Kiss, “We’re cool“, Hand Clap, and whatever this is.

I do like that he is original, but I’m also a traditional. Every touchdown doesn’t call for a Mile High Salute, but throwing it out the window shouldn’t be an option either.

Undrafted free agent defensive end Ben Garland (who played for the Air Force Academy), could possibly pick up the torch – if he makes the team. I for one think it is time somebody starts saluting again, in honor of the military, and in honor of the Broncos historic past.

While researching the Mile High Salute, I read that it had been banned by the NFL. I asked around to see if that was true, and found that; It’s explicitly banned when one player salutes another, but saluting the fans is permitted.
  • Chrisguzman99

    Stokely also honored the Mile High Salute!

  • DenverBroncos19

    In that picture im 99% positive its the game against Baltimore last season when the blew a kiss to the crowd

  • DenverBroncos19

    Nvm i see what picture you're saying “whatever this is” now lol

  • Anthony33

    I think the rule for a running back is you have to be at least over 1,000 yards in a given season before you are allowed to use the TD Salute. Moreno has no business using it.

    Speaking of traditions… when are they going to get rid of that stupid “in-com-plete” chant?

    Also, love the now 10 year old new logo, but it's time to change back to a more traditional uniform. Maybe take out the white and add silver to the scheme.

  • LevonZevon

    I agree with tinkering on the uniform and logo. We may not need to bring back the “D” on the helmet. But the whole “orange isn't tough enough” nonsense that U of Florida and Clemson disprove needs to be rolled back.

    After all, Tebow and B-Dawk need to be made to feel at home.

  • Jon

    I think the Orange should be the norm, and make the Blue alternate

  • Prima

    Dez Bryant is such a prima donna. This is exactly why we didn't draft him!

  • robtink242

    i was just about to ask where does he get off not carrying a Vet pads… Tradition is everything…. There is NO absolutely NO Hall-of-famer that didnt get hazed… its a part of life deal with it… D. Thomas should and will be carrying Jaffney pads… I'm pretty sure Cox and that other corner drafted will carry champ's and goodman equipment… Its a trade you carry my stuff i teach you the sport… cause Dez Bryant hasn't caught a ball since 08-09 season and Roy Williams has made it in the NFL for years

  • Doom92

    I agree and wish we would go with the Orange and use the blue as the alternate. Adding Silver to a Broncos uniform is just strait up the gayest thing I have ever heard of…lol. Aren't our biggest rivals Silver? Yuck!

    I don't think the Uni's need revamping either they are cool… Colors NEVER make a football team tough or not… Tennessee is plenty tough and they are powder blue????

  • Janice Castro

    I remember the glory days of the salute and the Broncos have had some excellent players and times. Meanwhile, what I would love to see a return of more than anything else is the orange crush commercials.

  • Janice Castro

    I remember the glory days of the salute and the Broncos have had some excellent players and times. Meanwhile, what I would love to see a return of more than anything else is the orange crush commercials.