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Published on 07/13/2010 at Tue Jul 13 13:16.
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If the Broncos are to succeed this upcoming season many of their players are going to have to turn it up to eleven.

A PSA for everyone before we begin. 

No! Not Tim Tebow! Just stop it!

Back to your regular scheduled broadcasting.

10. Ronald Fields & Jamal Williams

They may be two different players but they should rotate and play like one. Ronald Fields had a pretty good season last year, but he wore down in the stretch due to the lack of rotation at the nose tackle position. If the Bronco’s defensive line is going to hold up, these boys are going to have to hold their end of the bargain.

9. Darcel McBath

Sadly enough, Brian Dawkins won’t be around forever. The Broncos will need the young Darcel McBath to fill his size 116 tackle shoes. This year the Broncos brass will find a way to put McBath in some plays, and he will have to make the most of it. Before his unfortunately forearm injury McBath was having a decent season, as far as rookies who back up hall of fame safeties go. McBath’s best game was the same that ended his season, the Indianapolis Colts game. Game footage found here.

If you watch the first touchdown you’ll notice Dawkins and the secondary getting beat on the touchdown by a worthy Dallas Clark (You’ll also notice Elvis Dumervil looking clueless in coverage). As you continue to watch the first part of the clip you’ll see that Dawkins and Wesley Woodyard take turns on being burned by Clark (Woodyard really blew the coverage on the 3rd touchdown).

Finally, in the first part of the second half, Peyton Manning throws an interception to McBath, whose timing and coverage is perfect (McBath in the game due to Dawkins getting banged up). What the video clip does not show is McBath laying the smack down to Dallas Clark on a third and long. McBath managed to hit Clark so hard that he lost control of the ball on a critical third down. Unfortunately McBath would leave, and Woodyard would yet again blow the coverage on the goal line and let Clark go in wide open.

8. Mario Haggan

It was a surprise to many that Mario Haggan survived the 2009 roster massacre. It was even more surprising that Haggan became the starter at the right outside linebacker position. Now going into the second year in the McDaniels era, Haggan is primed to be the start at the inside linebacker position, replacing the long forgotten Andra Davis. This prospect is a little scary for me, but knowing the surprising nature of Mario Haggan I will wait to hold judgement. What I do know is that D.J. Williams can’t do it all by himself.

7. Demaryius Thomas

Josh McDaniels said that he hopes to have a lot of “number one” wide receivers this season. While that sounds nice and all, the rest of us are hoping that the first overall pick of Denver’s draft can shine in that spot. Now, I don’t expect Thomas to immediately rise the the number spot (thanks to the Lions I have nightmares about rookie wide receivers). What I do expect though is to see flashes of greatness. I want to see plays like Brandon Marshall made against the Seahawks his rookie year.

6. Eddie Royal

Eddie Royal didn’t have a disappointing sophomore season. I wouldn’t call a punt return and a kick return on Monday Night Football in the heart of San Diego disappointing. However, I would call nagging injuries, a new offense, and a severe case of over targeting Marshall unfortunate. Now that the offense is more clear and his body is healthy Royal should produce. Eddie needs this year just as much as the Bronco’s need him to have it.

5. Robert Ayers

Come on Rob, Denver already has one Jarvis Moss on team, and the sad part is that he’s beating you out. Mike Mayock once said in three years that Robert Ayers will be the best defensive player of the 2009 draft. The population of Denver is waiting for those words to reign true. If Ayers can put it together this season Denver’s linebacking corps would be solid. Without a good right outside linebacker to set the edge Denver’s defense will be quite susceptible.

4. Knowshon Moreno

It is apparent that Kyle Orton can’t do it all by himself, so this year Knowshon needs to give him some help. The bar was set quite high for Moreno last season, not even 1,160 combined yards and 9 touchdowns could clear it. Knowshon showed some flashes of brilliance last year that excited the cult of Orange and Blue. However, he would often fumble or fall over his feet which had us rushing to drink the kool-aid. Moreno attributed some of  his rookie blunders to over thinking and lack of preparation for a full NFL season. This season Moreno will have to rush for over at least 1,000 yards to deem the season as a success.

3. J.D. Walton

It’s fair to say that J.D. Walton is the Center of attention. Nearly everyone is expecting him to start on day one. I don’t think this is too tall of an order for Walton, seeing how light Denver’s roster is Center-wise. What I do think is that if Denver wants to be successful offensively, it all starts up front. Despite the fact that he made the Pro-Bowl a season earlier, Casey Weigmann’s  play really fell off. Some people say it was becomes of the shift in the system, but I don’t think it was much to ask for him not to false start at least once a game. Walton should put some more youth on the line and keep them intact at the season wears on.

2. Andre Goodman

The man across from Champ Bailey. Andre Goodman has some good plays and some not so good plays last season. For this aging corner to see another season as a Bronco he will have to play much better than he did last year. There are plently of young corners vying to take his job, so Goodman has a lot to worry about.It doesn’t matter that Goodman was one of McDaniels’ first free agent signings. Not a draft has gone by where McDaniels hasn’t taken a corner. Denver cannot stand another season with another corner getting burnt on important plays.

1. Kyle Orton

Obvious, but true. Denver can not will not succeed behind an ineffective Kyle Orton. Unfortunately for Orton, he has little room for failure. Every “expert” in the sports world expects Kyle Orton to fail in 2010. Given the nature of quarterbacks, they’re being over dramatic. This will be Orton’s second season in McDaniel’s complex offensive system. A season under his belt should make him more comfortable and confident, and if my memory serves me correct, his last season was far from abysmal.

Now I’m not here to start up an Orton “lovefest”, the guy has a giant tick sheet of negatives that go beyond arm strength. The truth is, he is the starter and he found great success at times last year in a new complex system. Another truth is the leash will is very short for Orton. Every move he will make will be under giant scrutiny. He’ll feel the pain of Jake Plummer as he hears the Tebow and Quinn chants. Kyle will try as hard as he can to make every right move throughout the season.

Everyone knows that Orton has an expiration date, but just when will the milk spoil?

  • Jon

    2010 is Eddie Royal's time to shine >>

    Knowshon and McBath as well, good stuff Easty.

  • mikebirty

    Nice write up. Apart from the tackles – if they're healthy – I worry about the O-Line…. this year. Next year and in the future they'll be fine but this year, too many rookies.

    Only person I'd add is Alphonso Smith. Although I suppose you could argue his season isn't really that important because a lot of people decided he was a bust as soon as the trade went down and they aren't gonna change their minds. I suppose even if he grabbed 20 picks and returned them all for touchdowns, haters are gonna hate. Not much he can do about that but it would be nice to see him on the field a lot more.

  • Kawika27

    Totally agree with this, well done!

  • Thomas Barnett

    I definitely agree with Eddie Royal. After his rookie season I expected big things from him. Without Marshall there, I think this is his opportunity to emerge. Usually it's the third year where wide receivers have their break out seasons, too.

  • OldcoachB

    Great post Mr.East I hate this time of year not enough Broncos news to suit this fan. I have been a fan since the early 60's and have never had more questions about the team,yet I am an optimist and feel this years team will be better than last years. However as an old HS coach I think it will be the two lines that will ultimately determine our success. Here is to more depth and beef

  • Ian Henson

    Robert Ayers I would put at the top, if not very near it… Alphonso Smith, like Mikebirty said is very absent from your list… I love what you have to say though.

  • MrEast

    There are way too many young corners to put Smith on this list. Also the Broncos brought in Nate Jones to play the nickel, so his progress isn't a make or break year for Denver, just him.

  • MrEast

    Haha! That's probably true. I held off on putting Smith on the list because of how many corners there are on the roster.

  • MrEast

    Good points. It is a very big “if” year.

  • hope

    Rod Woodson said that Champ Baily isn't in the top five best cornerback in the NFL.He is Byest if i ever seen one.I still don't know how he is a hall of famer and not Steve Atwater.Atwater was a way better player then he was.Hell Champ is way better then he ever was.I think the Nfl has a big problem with my Broncos.The most wining team in the NFL.

  • NMBronc

    Good stuff East! I will be focused on NT, Ayers and Walton. The rest will come along or be replaced. Orton sucks, he has his moments, but we are biding our time. Everyone knows it. So unless Quinn starts, we are rebuilding..ish.

  • NavyBSU_fan

    lol, I am not sure even Pete Prisco could find it in the back void where his soul should be to hate on the phonze if he ran back 20 picks for touchdowns. At worst he would criticize the music he warms up to pre game.

  • bleedorange

    East – good stuff.

    I would add one big one… Josh McDaniels. He started off strong last year. Nobody can deny that. But his game-planning and play-calling became predictable and mundane, especially for a so-called offensive guru. It felt like Dan Reeves was calling the plays. And after saying we would see stuff we've never seen before, no less. He more than anyone needs to step it up.

  • bleedorange

    And, yes, I know it says top 10 players… but still. This is a make or break year for the young head coach.

  • Simpsonbrandon

    Awesome ability to take a shot at Denver fans while defending a player that was horrible in his rookie year getting beat out by a retired guy 1st, then by a undrafted rookie free agent. Then that Mcd guy went out and signed a corner and drafted another one. That McD guy must be a hater right, haters gonna hate.
    If Smith actually plays like a 2nd round pick he will get respect from the fans you dis, currently he is getting the appropriate respect his play deserves but hey, koolaid drinkers can never stop drinking koolaid or some other real witty saying.

  • dmvegasbronco on points.. glad you did not include Coach McDaniels. Some say he faded in the second half but he really was a master with the injuries.
    I still do not know why they did not put Barrett on Clark, his coverage of TE's is excellent.
    Walton, big key for the Oline, w/wo Clady.
    D will be fine with the excellent youth bu's.
    My favorite surprise will be Kevin Alexander to push (make) OLB.

  • Cousvinny33

    I would say the Ryan Clady and Ryan Harris combo is THE most important factor, at least on offense. If those two don't come back close to completely healthy… this offense is sunk.

  • OldcoachB

    You once again are correct. Smith is a long shot to make the roster in my book; although, teams tend to keep numerous D-backs because of their effectiveness on special teams. Nate Jones and Perish Cox will both play ahead of him. Thanks again for writing intelligent posts for we starving fans.

  • Ian Henson

    Bailey's one season from being unsigned, aging and you can put Goodman and Jones in that same “aging” category. I'd say it's time for Smith to step up or we're going to draft even more corners next season.

  • MrEast

    Smith needs to step up but merely as a nickel corner. If he has to step up as a starting corner then that's some bad news for Denver. I think his progression is vital just not top 10 for this year. However, next year you can bet he'll be in the top 3.

  • MrEast

    I don't think McDaniels is on the hot seat yet because of Tebow. Ironically that pick extends and shortens his time in Denver at once. He has more time to develop Tebow, but if he ends up busting McD is out.

  • Dave B

    I think our linebackers are the weak link. Doom is good on the rush, but not so good on coverage and run stuffing. Marrio is a question mark as is Ayers. If Orton cannot average more than 20 points a game early on, he will lose his starting job

  • pwdrhead

    McDaniels needs a QB that he trust to throw the ball further than 10-15 yards. Until, you can stretch the field opponents know they can stack the line to prevent the run and man cover the first 10-15 yards to shut the Broncos offense down. You would think this would be obvious to an offensive guru like McDaniels…