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Published on 06/21/2010 at Mon Jun 21 13:50.
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A lot of people (including myself) have been giving Albert Haynesworth a lot of flack for acting like a selfish and petulant child. However, there is one person close to Bronco fan’s hearts who has Haynesworth’s back throughout his selfish turmoil. That man is Al Wilson.

Yes, the same man that was the backbone of the Broncos defense for almost a decade. The connection between the two players is Tennessee football. They were never on the same team, (Wilson’s final season was 1998 and Haynesworth’s first was 1999) but if you know Volunteer football you know these guys have each other’s backs (except for Lane Kiffin). Wilson said these comments while on the radio show GoVolsExtra with Dave Hooker.

Wilson believes that Haynesworth’s teammates have not been supportive enough.

“I think his teammates should support him a little more,” Wilson said. “I do believe that.”

In addition, Wilson thinks that Haynesworth is a victim of the spotlight.

“A lot of times players, when [players] get in front of cameras, they allow emotions to take over.  It shouldn’t be that way.  Some things should be in house.  Some things you should keep to yourself.”

I understand that Al is just defending a fellow Volunteer, and I respect him for that, but in no way do I concur with his sentiments. The botton line is, Albert Haynesworth took a $21 million check with no intention on playing for the team who provided it. That has nothing to do with the spotlight or his teammates. I really just hope that Wilson was just being politically correct and supportive a fellow Vol.

In summation I believe that same thing that made Wilson the terrorizing leader he was on the field is the same thing that makes him wrong in this situation. But it’s Al Wilson, so I’m okay with that.

  • Dan

    Anybody else hear Elvis on the Jim Rome show? He sounded pretty bummed that he does not have his deal yet. Hang in there Elvis…Xanders is tough, but you will get your deal.

  • MrEast

    Is just me or does Pat Bowlen hate spending money?

  • AtomicLeo

    No it is not you. Looking at all the changes the past 24 months and money is a common theme. Look for Elvis in another uniform next year or in 2012 if the lockout happens.

  • MrEast

    I mean I can understand where he's coming from, it is his pocket book. I wonder who is being more difficult on getting the deal done, the front office or Doom.