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Published on 06/15/2010 at Tue Jun 15 20:23.
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Kolby Smith then of the Kansas City Chiefs is set during a game in 2008. (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

Kolby Smith then of the Kansas City Chiefs is set during a game in 2008. (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

Former Kansas City Chiefs running back Kolby Smith, released Monday by the Chiefs was assigned to the Denver Broncos via waiver claim earlier today.

Smith had his best season as a rookie coming off the bench to replace the retired Priest Holmes and the injured Larry Johnson in the 2007 season. His career in Kansas City consisted of 27 games with nine starts. Though he was never able to replicate his professional debut as a starter and career day against the Oakland Raiders in which he ran for 150-yards and a touchdown.

With the news of Smith also comes bad news for punter A.J. Trapaso and linebacker Korey Bosworth (nephew of Seattle Seahawks Oklahoma great Brian Bosworth). Trapaso’s exit means the punting competition is likely complete and the Broncos will go with Britton Colquitt for this season.

The Denver Post points out that the Smith signing slims chances that the Broncos will acquire Brian Westbrook. My opinion is that the same could be said for the teams prospects of drafting Tim Tebow after trading for Brady Quinn though (and that concludes my BT mandated Tebow mention per post).

It’s odd how in the NFL it seems for every one player that joins, the teams seem to cut two. Take this as a sign that the Broncos are opening up money for Smith or that more likely the Broncos plan to sign an unsigned draft pick soon.

  • Billy

    Bosworth was a Seahawks bust, not a great. College great, NFL bust.

  • NavyBSU_fan

    Well, like Indianapolis did to us with the Tom Brandstater signing. Bleed what you can out of the play book and then drop him! We can only beat the Chiefs once a season so we sign their drop outs and get all the info we can then give them a cookie and kick them out the door.
    The punter move is boring. Once you decide on a punter you don't waste time faking interest in the rest. I have even forgotten his name. He would be lucky if Trivia Pursuit got his name right on a $1000 question.
    To bad about Bosworth, though. Not that I didn't expect it, just that it would have been a feel good story that he picked up where the rest of his family left off. Oh well, maybe Paul Tonovasi will have a son or a nephew who will come in and make the Broncos. I will just have to hold my breath.

  • Ian Henson

    Sorry, that was sarcasm. I guess that's my fault for not giving a smiley face…

    I fixed it and made it obvious. I was tongue and cheeking about how the nephews couldn't be mentioned without that fact added.

  • Ian Henson


  • Doom92

    I know, I know… I'll get dogged for this BUT… If you look at the Boz and his over all work in Seattle he wasn't a bust… He just didn't live up to the full hype that he basically put on him self but did have a decent body of work while there :-).

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