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Published on 05/14/2010 at Fri May 14 10:58.
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Elvis Dumervil

Or, at least, he will be this weekend.

Restricted free agent linebacker Elvis Dumervil is expected to return to Denver Sunday, the Denver Post reports, a day before the team begins its next round of OTA’s (organized team activities).

Whether Dumervil participates in on-field work remains to be seen, but he is expected to be at Dove Valley when practices begin Monday.

Dumervil, who has not participated in any of the team’s voluntary workouts this offseason, has been offered a $3.168 million paycheck from the Denver Broncos if he signs his tender by June 15. The league’s sack leader in 2010, Dumervil has been seeking (and, frankly, earned) a long-term deal from the Broncos that would categorize him with some of the league’s most elite defenders financially. The Post’s Lindsay Jones speculates he could be aiming for something on par with Baltimore‘s Terrell Suggs, who netted $38 million guaranteed a year ago.

Dumervil’s size and struggles in run support, however, may be preventing the Broncos from committing to him so. He’s become a bit of a one-trick pony in the NFL; still, he’s supremely talented at that trick (pressuring the quarterback).

Either way, whether it’s to sign short-term or try to hash a deal out long-term, Dumervil’s returning to Dove Valley is a delight.

Broncos’ Dumervil to return to Denver [Denver Post]

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  • denverfanindallas

    well, we are 2 for 2 in NOT giving superstars what they want… I'm sitting here thinking, “well, we will pay him…he's too good to let walk” Right? Right? Oh NO, Bronco Nation is “sure” of something again (ala Cutler will settle down and play here or Marshall's hug with MCD was truly him saying he loves denver) oh great… another seemingly no brainier decision… here we go again.

  • broncoinva9986

    The Patriot Way is don't pay so He will be gone soon and the riot will start

  • Gary R.

    I love Elvis' hustle and heart as much as anyone, but most Broncos fans put on Orange blinders when it comes to his ability to track down RB screens, help in run-support and do any pass-rush moves that aren't based on speed to the outside.

    So, although I know what Kyle meant by calling him supremely talented at rushing the passer, a more physical OLB like Suggs can fake to the outside and get the linemen on their heels before pivoting or spinning inside on a bull-rush.

    For $38 million, that's a whole lot of elements to playing OLB/DE that aren't being contributed (which you can compare and contrast with a more rounded OLB like LeMarr Woodley or James Harrison, for example).

    I'm a McDaniels fan too. But I'm not so desperate to re-sign a good character, high-producing star who isn't a problem in the press or the locker-room to prove that the critics are wrong about our head-strong young Coach and the so-called “Patriot Way.”

    Sure, New England gets ripped in the short-term for trading Richard Seymour for valuable picks or for letting Lawyer Milloy and Deion Branch leave after they contributed so much to title-runs. But all those were correct decisions, just like their moves to re-sign key building-blocks like Brady, Welker, Light, Rodney Harrison and Tedy Bruschi once were.

    For if McDaniels overpays Doom to defuse the charges that the new regime isn't capable of rewarding our top young defensive-star, it would be prioritizing image over the best long-term interests of the franchise.

    Sure its tempting (especially after what transpired with the hard-to-initially-understand moves with Cutler and Marshall). But is it in the best interests of the franchise to open Bowlen's checkbook– in an uncapped year– before we can see if Elvis makes more progress in the missing parts of his game in his second season in the 3-4?

    The Nuggets opened their wallets for K-Mart a few years ago– even though his game also had some obvious deficiencies– and look at the complications they endured from sending maximum dollars to a hard-working, team-first but incomplete star (who, even if healthy, isn't long enough to battle with the Lakers power-forwards).

    Part of that was injuries, but part of it was paying more than they needed to.

    I just hope we keep our wits when negotiating with Elvis (as he seems like the kind of bright and understanding sort who won't jeopardize his home and following in Denver by demanding more than the Broncos can set aside).

    So, I think Elvis will be back in the building (provided that the posturing in the media doesn't force either side to lose face and overplay their hand).

    Considering that both sides have a stake in resolving it fairly– and closer to $28 million instead of $38 million guaranteed– I think we'll all be happy with the result (and Elvis won't end up feeling devalued after playing for fourth-round dollars that don't even equal Jarvis Moss' base-salary until recently).

    After all, its not the Broncos fault that he was a high-producing 4th round pick who's contract came due in an uncapped year (when there were more questions than answers to the coming NFLPA re-negotiations).

  • Jon

    He is a class act, I have a Blue, and a Orange #92 jersey(s). Hope he gets rewarded for not being a baby, pay the man!

  • kerry

    Dumervil isnt worth Suggs money. not even close. cant stop the run, cant cover a TE and isnt a sideline to sideline guy. i say sign him to a modest deal and let him play. that or trade him. McD hates a Pro Bowl player. its too bad we passed up on Orakpo and Matthews last year. Dumervil would be an afterthought had we gotten them. and both of them are complete players. both had monster years and Orakpo is gonna be a monster with Shanny moving to the 3-4. oh the humanity. no way McD pays him big time money.

  • Tom

    Orakpo also had the huge benefit of having Haynesworth in the middle in addition to a pretty good DE on the other side. Not exactly a straight up comparison.

  • anthony33

    Love Dooom, but he is one demensional. Worth good money no doubt, just not Suggs money. I think they'll figure this one out.

  • kerry

    um yeah it is a straight up comparison. Orakpo has ALL the tools he can cover, he can stop the run and sack the QB. dumervil does only one of those. and who was in the middle is irrelavant especially when Orakpo was playing OLB last year.

  • denverfanindallas

    ever heard of the straw that broke the camel's back? i'm trying my darndest to get on this new way of broncos football bandwagon, but every time i turn around the faces on the wagon are different. it's like rooting for an all freshman college team… who knows?! i'm a bronco for life, but geez McD, give me a break!

  • Tom

    I'm not sure what crack you are smoking but Orakpo sucked in coverage last year. Good effort but watch the games before ya flap ya gums :)

  • Tom

    Also if you think who was in the middle is irrelevant to an OLB you have a VERY low football IQ.

  • iskabibble

    Tom I played NT… Kerry plays with himself… You are exactly right.

  • stav

    Sorry, but 17 sacks is 17 sacks. No denying the stats fellas. Suggs money? NO. Is he worth more than $3.16 mill? YES, undeniable yes. Sign the f—–g guy already. Every time we get a guy who puts up sacks numbers, we let him walk – Hayward 10.5 sacks goodbye the next year, Berry 11.5 sacks same story, shit dude even Trevor Pryce was still good for 5-8 sacks when he left.

    Just pay the damn man. If the DLINE holds up this year we're looking at another 12+ sacks easy. Gimme a break now, this guy is not a jerk ala CUNTler or Marshall, this is a quality guy with get to the QB skills.

  • robtink242

    Dummervil should be paid a decent amount there is no doubt about that…. As far as comparing him with Orakpo there coverage is about the same…. Only reason orakpo played the run better was because he play OLB in a 4-3… Doom played in a 3-4… which made him more of a DE taking up the block… and Orakpo was free to hit.

  • 12508

    What do you want to do let him walk? Then what? Go into next years draft looking to replace him? Other teams are going to line up for a LB that gets to the QB. Pay the man!

  • stav

    Tell me about it – we ALWAYS have let our sack guys walk (except for Fletcher and the Meck, and I guess we got the most out of Pryce but we could have kept him for 2 more years of productivity). He walks and someone is going to pay him properly within 24hrs.

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