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Published on 04/22/2010 at Thu Apr 22 23:04.
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Demaryius Thomas

On His Workout Last Week and the Broncos’ Interest in Him

“I don’t think that they were there (at the workout). I didn’t think that they had any interest in me until Monday when I met with the head coach and the G.M. Basically, that was it.”

On Playing with QB Tim Tebow

“Tim Tebow is a good guy and is a good player, also. I’ll be looking forward to that when I come to Denver.”

On His Foot Injury Before the NFL Combine

“It was very emotional. I was actually going through drills getting ready for the Combine, I was going like 65 percent. I landed on my foot and it just popped. I got surgery about three days later, started doing rehab two weeks later and I’m like 90 percent now and feeling very well.”

On His Character

“Basically, when I was coming up, my mother and my grandmother got put in prison and I always told myself that I didn’t want to get into a position to get myself into no trouble. So, I’ve always been around the right crowd… Once I did that, everything changed in my life. I always wanted to be around the right crowd and didn’t want to get in no trouble. I didn’t want to be that guy that is always talked about that he’s a bad guy and so, I just put myself around the right crowd.”

On How He Fits with the Broncos

“I think that I’ll fit well… I’m a playmaker. I make plays and I know how to run routes…”

On Being Compared to WR Brandon Marshall

“We’re both big guys, probably the same speed, very complete receivers. I think that he has a little more experience than I have. I’m looking to come in and borrow stuff from the guys that are already there so I can be a specialist like Brandon Marshall was on offense.”

On His Experience at the Draft

“It was fun here. When I was invited, I was shocked. Because I figured there were a lot of stars here… When I broke my foot, everything just changed and I was basically scared, but I was like, ‘I’ll come down.’ Because my mom’s in prison and she wanted me to come down and have fun. So, I came and it paid off.”

  • cochkenny

    Demaryius “BAY BAY” Thomas will be a star and a leader in the community, on the field, and in the locker room!!! He is a GREAT kid!!!