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Published on 04/14/2010 at Wed Apr 14 06:26.
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Brandon Marshall

Wide receiver Brandon Marshall‘s tumultuous, spectacular, and controversial career as a Denver Bronco has come to an end.

The Broncos on Wednesday agreed to trade Marshall to the Miami Dolphins for two second-round draft picks, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports. The Broncos will receive the Fins’ 43rd overall pick in the 2010 draft and an additional second round pick next year.

Per Schefter, the trade is contingent upon Marshall passing a physical in Miami Wednesday. The Dolphins are expected to sign him to one of the “most lucrative wide receiver deals in NFL history.”

A 2006 4th round draft choice of the Broncos, Marshall asked for a trade during the 2009 offseason but played through the season. In four calendar years with the Broncos, Marshall had multiple run-ins with the law and was suspended for one game in 2008. He also had back-to-back 100-catch seasons, netting him Pro Bowl honors in 2008 and 2009.

Barring a face-off in the 2010 playoffs, the Broncos are next scheduled to play the Dolphins in 2011.

Another long-rumored unhappy camper is out of Dove Valley. For one reason or another (or, say 12), Josh McDaniels and Pat Bowlen decided signing Marshall wasn’t worth the risk, and now Marshall gets to head back to his home state. We’re sure The Beast is thrilled; many Broncos fans aren’t.

One thing’s for certain: the Broncos don’t have a veteran player packaged into this deal like they had when they traded Jay Cutler (Kyle Orton). If they don’t capitalize on those draft picks, this deal is a disaster. And that’s not a particularly comforting thought, given last year’s draft class’ production.

Sources: Marshall headed for Miami [ESPN]

  • Mike

    We will miss you Mr. Marshall.
    I am sad to see you go. Good luck in Miami (when you aren't playing the Broncos)
    Hopefully with this we can draft Iupati and Pouncey!
    Part of the new, nasty, offensive line.

  • Frank

    And he and Marshall torched the Chargers game after game. Remember Scheff has 2 two-touchdown games against them the past two years. So don't talk like im some idiot. I watch the games, I know what i see. I saw Marshall catch 21 balls last year and also SINGLE HANDEDLY beat the Cowboys and Patriots.

  • S.F.Broncofan

    I know B-Marshall was a pain in the ass during his stay with the Broncos, but you cannot say he didn't produce at a high level. I don't agree with a lot of the moves Josh Mcd has done, his draft picks and free agents. We haven't gotten any better, and just seems are wheels are spinning but we're not going anywhere. Our offense is weaker and our defense is about the same. We still need better D-lineman. In the draft I'd go for Defense early and Offense in the later rounds

  • Scordova07

    you obvioiusly dont understand the importance of marshall

  • Scordova07

    Brandon Marshall wasnt worried about his stats he just simply wanted to WIN!

  • ETL

    Do you want to pay Marshall the most expensive contract in the history of the NFL (for WRs)? Kid hasn’t had a season without being a bitch.

  • Tom9798

    I’m on the fence with this one . . .

    BM has issues and might be one away from being suspended . . . a twenty-five year old baby? . . . maybe . . . . tantrums and pouting . . . definitely . . . distraction? . . . sure thing . . . I hope he straightens out . . .

    We can all bicker about draft picks, compensation and blah . . . blah . . . blah . . .

    We lost a Pro-Bowl Playmaker . . . period. . . . . and please with the top five in the NFL crap . . . he is the best WR in football . . . Welker is the best Slot . . .

    Fan’s pay ridiculous amounts of money hoping to see what BM made look normal . . .

    When he would be surrounded by three defenders and jump eleven feet in mid-air and snag a pass with one hand . . . every single person’s eyes were popping out of their head . . . you watch the highlights a year later and still can’t believe that anyone could have caught the passes he did . . .

    Twenty-one passes in one game? . . . at least we don’t have to worry about any of that happening again soon . . .

    We sure don’t want any distractions on our team . . .

  • Hope

    Any time Brandon Marshall played a good cornerback he got shut out.So the Broncos got a grate deal from him.Mark my word next year when Brandon Marshall is on a loosing team every one will forget him.THE BRONCOS MADE MARSHALL.HE WILL FALL JUST LIKE EVERYONE WHO LEAVES DENVER.Denver Brooncos make player and coaches good not the other way around.Mike Shannahan will suck ass too.It has always worked like that since day one.Maybe it's the milehigh air or alt.

  • Hope

    The Denver Broncos will hire another walk on WR. and turn him into a hall of famer.I rest my frigen case.

  • Isaac

    It Funny to me how The broncos went from a Championship coach and a championship caliber team. 2 a mediocor coach to and average team i dont even think broncos will be even a 8-8 team this year. the only reason the clown of McDonald's won any games last year was because of the team the shannahan left there for him. im thinkin of becoming a redskins fan i belive in the system that shannahan has i think they go to playoff this year and maybe even the superbow.. and jay cutlers bad year last year was because he had no runing game and no receivers but should be a lot better team this year.. and marshall Is going to have a even better season with miami since his going to have someone that can actually trow the ball deep to him..Im a bronco fan but im dissapointed with everyone in denver organization for all the stupid moves they done till now and problably more to come

  • rct930

    Unfortunately for Brandon, he is a target now that he has the $50 million deal in Miami. With a history of trouble, any A-hole who spots him in a bar will pick a fight and hope to sue him. As a result, he'll probably wind up in trouble again. But I wish him the best.

    I think it's interesting that Cutler and Marshall got their dream scenarios. Cutler longed to play for the Bears. And Marshall gets to go back to Florida, where he wants to live.

    Anyway, this draft will be a fun one to watch. If in the first round we trade down and pick Pouncey or Iupati, we'll probably have five picks in the first 80 selections. That would be huge in this draft because the talent pool is so deep — and 2nd and 3rd rounders don't cost that much dough.

    Still, I'd be happy to see Rolando McClain or Dez Bryant in a Broncos uniform.

  • Gary_in_SD

    Sad to see him go, just wish that things could have worked out with him and Broncos management. The guy was trouble, but he did bring it like a madman on the field and if you ask me, that's all that really matters. I guess that 2 second rounders is a good, make that “fair” trade (considering), but I'm sure going to miss watching his circus catches and game winning TDs… Good luck BM, I wish you the best and hope you can be a good team citizen now that you've been given the big paycheck.

  • isaac

    Mcdaniels should be call mcdonalds the clown the only reason he won any games was because he ahd all of shanannas player the only good things he did was to hire nolan even they fired him for some dumb reason and the other was to hire dawkins.. but besides that it was all shannahan team..he should be fired

  • Anonymous

    he’s the sole reason we won the first six games think about it

  • Jarrod

    where are the 100-catch seasons gonna go….who do you think will actually replace that? a draft pick? please….eddie royal? maybe gaffney? I'm just not seeing where that production is shifting to. what about the dallas game last year he took on his shoulders? for that matter, the colts game too…Look, I know he has off field issues, but you have to ask yourself, are we really a better team without him? i don't think so

  • NMBronc

    Along this line; what will be interesting is how many more Int's Orton has because Marshall is not out there making those Int saving catches.

  • Peter the great

    Here we go again get the F#$& outta here go with your shanny and root for them you are or never have been a true broncos fan.

  • Peter the great

    And Cutler is a joke he has won nothing not one playoff game just lead the league in picks. All the excuses in the world does not cover up the fact he sucks as a leader and as a man.

  • DenversFinest

    I for one love this trade. 1. He would have been gone next year anyway if we didn't franchise him. 2. McD strengthens his control of HIS team and sends a message of a team first concept. 3. We got 2 2's, which is a whole lot considering the trade market right now. 4. We can use the pick this year on a top talent, Jerry Hughes, Golden Tate, or an OL. 5. There will be no cancer in the locker room anymore, everyone is on board. Marshall was a great talent, but lets face it, he didn't want to play for us. I wish Bmarsh luck in Miami, he's going to need it considering the Clubs don't close till 7am. :)

  • Nick Shadow

    The Broncos, courtesy of Brandon's agent, had a pretty good idea what it would take to sign him to a long term contract as is shown by the Miami numbers. What would make me lose sleep at night is having that much money tied up in a player who is one misstep from a major suspension. With this much $ in his pocket and the high he is getting from the lime light, I would be even more nervous, if I was Miami.

    Signing Marshall to those numbers, with his history is a very risky proposition. If suspended for several games the team would have a big hole in the offense and a crater in its wallet. Money is better spent other places.


  • broncoinva9986

    I don't know How i feel about this trade except the fact that we should have gotten a first period…because if he was coming out in the draft he would be worthy of a first round pick…good move not good enough compensation

  • sancher

    I can’t agree with that, if he acted a bit more like a professional during the last week of the season, maybe he would of been able to play in the season finale, to help his team win, but No he has mad about one thing or another. I hope he enjoys Miami, good bye and good rittens.

  • BroncoMan24

    “Also, how are some of u fans for 20+ years and now you are going to just up and root for someone else? So, your new team is playing the Broncos and you are actually going to root against the Broncos? Have to raise the bullshit flag on that one. If you are a fan, then there is no magical switch to flip. You may be jaded, like Kerry, and rightfully so….but you will still root for the Broncos.'


  • Rev_Rock

    Okay, I'm confused. We've got one numbskull saying that McDaniels is dismantling the team, and you saying that they were good because they were Shanahan's guys. You two need to put your heads together and see if you can figure it out.

    The bottom line is that Marshall has character issues, and that's putting it in a nice way. If the Broncos would have kept him and signed him to a big contract, one arrest would have left them holding the bag (an empty bag, that is!). Let some other team try to keep him on his leash. They can have him!

  • Anonymous

    Actually I would said this is pretty close to the value of a 1st rd pick or more. What’s to say (I prefer to keep the 2 2nd rd picks) that we don’t trade both picks for a 1st rd pick or 2011 2nd for a 2nd this year? You act like that isn’t a possible solution. I am definately not on McD’s Bandwagon, but if we were looking for a 1st rd pick, I would said that is comparable value. I know some people will say that the 2011 pick is a risk due to the lockout, but I believe even with a lockout they still will have the draft.

  • Anonymous

    I hear what you are saying, but curious do think that mild upgrade should come from the draft or FA? Go Broncos!

  • Ha Ha

    Maybe if we get rid of all our playmakers, we could go Semi-Pro!

  • Rev_Rock

    No. Defense was the sole reason for those wins.

  • Rev_Rock

    You obviously don’t understand Marshall’s character flaws!! T.O.’s got nothing on the guy, except that T.O. stays out of trouble OFF the field!

  • rockease

    Great move for the Broncos – got rid of a troubled, talented player who will not complete two seasons without re-offending and being suspected by the comissioner for a season. He is a cancer who will spread his diva, spoiled brat crap in Miami.

  • d_e_e

    I've stayed quiet this offseason, I've watched the moves and trades as they've developed. I only have 2 comments about this trade:

    1)Is anyone surprised? If you are you haven't been paying attention.
    2)The Shanahan factor is slowly going to be totally moved from this team.

    Good luck Beast, I hope you earn your 50 million…but I fear you will only disappoint again. But hey at least your consistent you wont make the playoffs again next year! You and Jay have missing the payoffs and still getting paid down.

    P.S. Please don't go see you ex-gf, just let it go… you can buy a lot more Blackberry's now.

  • rockease

    Hope we never see another receivee who catches 21 passes in a game…remember we lost the game – or isn't that important?…BM doesn't care about W/L either – all he cares is about BM. I say, we did good by treating him just like every other BM – flush him down the toilet and out of our lives.

  • rockease

    Get back on your medication.

  • rockease

    Maybe if we got rid of all fans like you we'd have some intelligent support for our team.

  • Stav

    Hate to say it but he had to go. Let's not fool ourselves into thinking he was a gamebreaker, 11.1 per catch last year and 12.3 per catch career. Gamebreaker? No. Worth $10mill per year? HEEEELLLLLL NOOOOOOO!!!! Give me a break guys, there was no way Mr. B was giving this guy $10mill per, is he worth more than Fitzgerald? Is he better or worth more than Andre Johnson, Wes Welker, Reggie Wayne, Steve Smith, or Vincent Jackson, or possibly even an aging Randy Moss? Maybe one or two of those guys. He IS NOT a gamebreaker or true deep threat and any Bronco fan who says he is, is full of it.

    Dez Bryant? I don't know. Honestly, if they gave me the pick to make and Rolando McClain is there, that's our first pick. Package some picks to move into the 13-20 spot and go get Demaryius Thomas, rated #2 WR in draft and and 92 rating by Scouts Inc., or Arrelious Benn (4.48 in the 40). WE NEED McCLAIN if he's there at 12, trade back up into the first round to grab either Thomas or Benn, Bryant is way too much of a risk. They had to have someone wake this guy up for games and practice at Ok State, we'll be awake for any games when he goes pro and no ne is there to baby him?

    Now that we have BEEF on the DLine, can you imagine DJ next to McClain blowing people up? Not to mention the ELVIS situation, pay the guy. Hopefully Ayers lives up to Mike Mayock's prediction as being the sleeper potential/talent in last years first round.

    Later Brandon, its been real, but you're a COPS episode waiting to happen, $10mill a year – woah – highway robbery, but good for him.

  • Rockease

    Great move for the Broncos – got rid of a troubled, talented player who will not complete two seasons without re-offending and being suspected by the comissioner for a season. He is a cancer.

  • ocbronco

    I am not sure if I can ride the hate train here at all……..
    Brandon Marshall was a great player and while he has had trouble seems to have turned a corner. I hope he has. He is an absolute talent but #1 – wanted out and #2 – we were not going to pay him to stay.

    On the flip side, nor should we have made him the highest paid WR in the league. Though I will argue he is Top 3 or Top 5 talent, I don't want a WR to take that much of the cap. Marshall is a game changer and you can't argue he will be missed.

    McX got great value for him. While you can't replace him in the draft, recent history proves that 2 2's are pretty good. Especially when considering he wouldn't have been here past 2010.

    I want guys on the Broncs who want to be here…. I just wish B Marsh was one of them. McDaniels has a plan and he is carrying it out. The next 2 years will tell us if it works.

  • Anonymous

    Good … don’t need you anyway, fair weather fans do not contribute to the fan base anyway!

  • mikey55

    okay so we got two 2nds for brandon. If we got a 3rd for scheffler i'd be stoked. considering the jets got holmes for a 5th. yeah he has problems and is suspended for 4 games… so what a 5th round pick might not even make ur team! we got more for brandom marshall then philly did for mcnabb!!! whose gonna turn around a team more? and I wouldn't mind seeing denver trade DOWN in the first with an extra decently high 2nd to go with our 2nd and potentially another with a trade down. we could get an iupati or a maurkice pouncey solidfy our line for the next 10 years. in the second there is a good chance that first round talent but slow 40 time brandon spikes will be there to replace davis. maybe a terrence cody falls past san diego? i can't remember what his name is sorry but there is a top end 3-4 end in the draft predicted in the second somewhere potentially. and i would LOVE to see a demayrius thomas. he brings a big body close to 6-4 which is what marshall was listed as but is more like 6-5 but with massive speed similar physical attributes as Calvin johnson but no where near the production or Finely tuned as a WR but with gaffney moving up the depth chart and eddie royal looking for a bigger roll he could potentially have some time to grow. and also btw the draft is Filled with scheffler style TE's this year boo hoo scheffler i liked ya but you really haven't come close to establishing yourself as a consitant area for the d to pay attention to in this league. so as long as we don't draft richard quinns in the second round ( alphonso smith was taken to high in the draft right around where he shoulda been, just the fact that we gave up a first to get to him is what is bad about it so i won't hate on his potential as a 2nd round player) but i would really like to see us draft young OL and DL. food for thought the release of andra davis, say denver drafts a sergio kindle does robert ayers shift to inside?

  • JoeDoGG

    All that I have to say is good luck bitch. He is going to be bitching so much when he never gets the ball. I guess it won't matter when he is making that much money. FUCK Marshall.

  • JoeDoGG

    All that I have to say is good luck bitch. He will be bitching so much when he realizes the shitty ass dolphins have no decent QB. The better get someone better the Henne. Fuck Marshall.

  • billytomp2

    coach not only ran off two pro bowlers but ran off one heck of a defensive coordinator too.

  • JoeDoGG

    Marshall is a bitch

  • vic

    Or maybe Shanahan didn’t have enough draft picks to offer. I’m pretty sure McD wanted something this year

  • Vic

    I’m sure he’ll love miami, it’s is home town

  • jrodz19

    I agree with kerrysucks. He wanted out & became a major pain in the ass. Time to move on. I disagree with all the Dez Brayant talk. He's a reach at 11. Take McClain at 11 & the best WR & biggest f-in' pile moving Center available at 43 & 45.

  • Jon

    Haggan is very far from “gone” he’ll be around for at least this up-coming season

  • Punisher

    Marshall + Miami Beach + Strip Clubs + $49 Mil to play with = disaster waiting to happen

    I have serious doubts he will ever play a game for the Phins

  • Ian Henson

    Bottom line, Denver got more for Brandon Marshall than Philadelphia got for Donovan McNabb. That’s good for business… However, bad for the possibility of shipping Tony Scheffler there for any pick that’s worth it.

  • Ian Henson

    Wow, yes. I agree.