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Published on 04/04/2010 at Sun Apr 04 23:49.
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Brandon Marshall celebrates a touchdown with Spencer Larsen and Chris Kuper. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)

Brandon Marshall celebrates a touchdown with Spencer Larsen and Chris Kuper. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)

By now Broncos Nation have undoubtedly seen that The Denver Post has reported that Brandon Marshall got married to his fiancee Michi Nogami-Campbell last week on April 1st, by a Judge in Arapahoe County (near Denver).

Now, I’m no forensic scientist, but I am a blogger… That doesn’t give me much of a license at all, but here it goes:

According to ESPN The Magazine the newly nuptialed Marshall’s wedding date was scheduled to be June 19th, 2010. So unless the Marshall’s are merely trying to cash in on some type of pre-April 15th (tax day, also happens to be the final day for teams to sign other teams restricted free agents to offer sheets) incentive, they felt the need to get married now and they chose to do it in Denver.

Possibly as a spur of the moment romantic gesture, but more likely because sub-consciously he feels that he’s not going anywhere.

Now I could be completely off my rocker (and I often am), but from the moment I saw that, one- this marriage was pushed forward and, two- that they chose to do it in Denver; not Orlando, not Las Vegas, not The Cayman Islands or Jamaica… I felt as if something was up.

You don’t, “Hate this ****** city,” (Denver) and chose to personally immortalize it as the place where you get married to the person that you hope to spend the rest of your life with.

The fact that he was in Denver period should mean something (he could be in Orlando or Atlanta, eek), look at what trades have transpired around the NFL this offseason.

A trade from the Arizona Cardinals to the Baltimore Ravens for Anquan Boldin and last night a trade between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins for Donovan McNabb. The thing that they all have in common is that they were all possible landing spots for Marshall and now they’re not.

The other thing those trades have in common is that none of them involved a first round draft pick. Marshall’s worth a first round draft pick not just because of his talent, but because of his age.

The Broncos shouldn’t give Marshall up for anything less than a first round draft pick and I don’t see them doing that unless there’s a player available while the draft is occuring that Brian Xanders and Josh McDaniels feel as if they just can’t live without at that pick. Marshall will be in a Broncos uniform in 2010 barring a Jaimie Dukes style, ‘Bombshell’.

Let’s have it Nation. I can definitely see Marshall being a hold out, but given his recent statements message it is about the money and he would like to stay in Denver. So Marshall is going to force Denver’s hand and the Broncos may very well end up stacked at the wide receiver position as a result.

  • depressedSF

    Don't really have anything to say on this story as I don't think we can read anything into Marshall's mindset at all. Remember his statement last offseason on his website.

    But, I just need to know, am I the only one who looks at the McNabb trade Shanahan just pulled off as the quintessential reason why it was absolutely necessary to fire him last year. The Redskins are far from a Super Bowl contender and it's clear that no matter what situation Shanahan finds himself in he is always of the mindset that he's just one player away from being on top. That is exactly why we were always a mediocre team after Elway left.

    No it's time to just sit back and watch the Redskins go 9-7, 8-8, 8-8 before Shanahan calls it quits. Thanks Redskins for making me feel better.

  • Rob_Bronco

    I think we all wish that Marshall would mature at exactly the same time that the Broncos sign him to a long-term deal, but that's not going to happen. Giving that guy $50 million isn't going to resolve anything. That being said, I suspect he'll be traded on draft day.

  • Ian Henson


    Couldn't agree more regarding the Redskins/Eagles trade. It made my throat drop for a second, sense memory kicked in and I had flash backs.

    Best of luck to him though, I think if he can somehow figure out the line they may be trouble. However, speaking of trouble they tried to deal Albert Haynesworth apparently… That's trouble.

  • DenversFinest

    If we don't get a 1st and a 3rd, exactly what the Lions got for Williams, then I'm not going to be happy. Williams and the Beast are even on the same planet as far as talent goes. Character issues have to be looked at, but the guy is emotional. He lets his emotion get the best of him and time will change that. He has never been a distraction like T.O. or 85 on the field. Get a 1st and a 3rd or keep him in Denver.

  • Hope

    I miss the way Steve atwater plays.That guy was a the real beast.

  • Ian Henson

    Dennis Smith too, what a tandem. Denver's had a great history in safeties though Smith, Atwater, Lynch, now Dawkins.

  • Ian Henson

    I'm concerned the best Denver will get is a first in 2011… Though, if I'm McDaniels I'd be worried about being around to spend that 2011 pick.

  • Dreaming Fools

    Denver your still dreaming if you think your going to get a #1 draft choice for Marshall. Where's all the takers? It would have already happened by now. He's not worth it. Get a clue!

  • Josh McDaniels

    I tried to trade Brandon Marshall to Seattle for a super-sized Double Big Mac meal. They offered me a regular Big Mac meal and I'm considering taking it. I won't be that full, but at least that POS will be gone.

  • dogheadbrew

    I think when McD came to Denver he had a private meeting with BM and Cutler. He laid out his plans to weave such an elaborate tapestry of off-the-field controversy that some network would beg for the “reality style” program. At the very least they would get a tabloid rag out of it.

    PS Brandon's PR firm… McD in a Beasty Boys Sabatoge-esque disguise.

    I just hope they option the Graphic Novel rights to Frank Miller. Just imagine when the anti-hero neo-three amigos slaughter the boss man Bowlen by simultaneously ripping out his wallet and heart.

    For any of you who is questioning my intentions here, yes this is all tongue in cheek…

  • Dan

    While I hope Brandon and Michi have matured since their last domestic violence incident, an argument could also be made that the risk of domestic violence will now increase because they will be around each other more as a married couple which would subsequently increase the risk of suspension from the Goodell. That said, I think Brandon is worth the risk, but if he stays, I am sure we will have to pay more to put a higher quality back-up behind him to take some of the heat off of Eddie if Brandon gets suspended.

  • Andy

    The only meaning about Brandon getting married is, he will be nagged like the rest of us married guys til they divorce! :)

  • TD30isMVP

    I hear you, there is no way Shannahan can take a mediocre team with a veteran QB that can't win the big one, that crazy zone blocking scheme, average defense and lack of star receivers and win a Super Bowl…ummm, wait a minute….

  • gjraider

    let's have it nation? The reference to a football “nation” was brought about 40+ years ago by the Oakland Raiders; and they are still the only football nation. Now the Donkey's have joined the Patsies in trying to tag their teams as “Nations”. Get real. Please try to be more creative in trying to label your team, fans and franchise as a NATION. You, your blog and donkey fans are; well ASSES. Just like your mascot. Oh! and by the way, how's that new “wan a be Belechick coach working out for ya?

  • Ian Henson

    Denver fans got two first round picks for Cutler. I don't think that it's absurd for anyone (Bronco fan or not) to assume that the Broncos could get a first round for a 26-year old top five receiver.

    Just may not be a 2010 first round pick.

  • Ian Henson

    Yeah, I'm sorry to hear about McNabb not working out for you guys too. Would have been fun to play him twice a season.

    I would lay off the Patriots though, you guys are basically their farm team.

  • Raider Hater

    lmao he is working out a lot better than your owner. If your team is so bad you have to go find other peoples teams to bad mouth, well, let's just say that you need to find something more productive to do with your life.

  • herc_rock

    It's not a tax thing. You're filing your 2009 return.

  • herc_rock

    You sir, are a dipshit. Why don't you smoke some more meth, Junktown?

  • herc_rock

    Also, I hate to be this guy, but ArapahoE county does not include Denver.

  • Joe

    Lol your joking right? Your team sucks so much ass that you couldn't trade for Donovan due to the fact that he would retire before playing for you guys. How does it feel to just hope and pray that your team wins 4 games a season? Your franchise is an embarrassment to the NFL. Just keep signing people like Javon Walker to $55 million dollar deals, obviously that has worked out for you guys so well. You raider fans are the most trashiest people I have ever seen. The Raiders should go to the European league, or maybe play some high school teams, either way you gotta switch up so you can win games. You guys straight up just suck ass. So quit with all your trash talking on our sweet blog just cause your team doesnt have one. So the entire Raider organization can blow us, you punkass fags.

  • Hope

    Denver broncos would just keep Brandon Marshall.So 1st rounder for B-Marsh or get shit.Like it or not Denver said he's werth a first then they will get a first rounder and thier in control. Personaly I think he werth more then a first rounder.So just keep Brandon Marshall.

  • Ian Henson

    This is what we would refer to in psychology as projecting.

  • Ian Henson

    Stop messing up my punchlines herc!

  • Ian Henson

    What did you just call me?

  • pony27

    Steve Atwater was the best safety of the 1990's. He deserves to be in the hall of fame along with a top 5 safety of the 1980's Dennis Smith. I miss the way they play too athough Dawkins is great as was John Lynch.

  • Bob Watters

    How about this on Brandon Marshall , Rams trade there 33rd pick or first pick of the second round and also flip flop there 3rd round picks with Denver , meaning Denver would pick 1st in the 3rd round and the Rams would pick 16th.
    Take the 33rd pick and grab Pouncey Center from Florida and you have your next Tom Nalen for 10 years. You move up in the third and all is well.

  • herc_rock

    LOL. My joke was always “I'll rap a ho”

  • BroncoJoe1

    McDaniels isn't going anywhere!!! The Broncos will not fire him after 2 seasons. Look how we started last year. Granted the finish sucked but McDaniels is definately changing both sides of the lines for the better in my opinion. Will be better if we somehow draft Pouncey. Give him a chance already!!!

  • jojay

    if we dont get a first rounder keep marshall, hes our only good player other than dawkins and champ

  • Boulderdude

    Actually, the trade rumors are going crazy, I think Marshall agent did him a favor. Offensive tackles don't score touchdowns…..

  • andrew

    i still understand what philly is thinking… i thought they were in the playoffs last year , so they change qbs for a kid who never did nothing. lmao thats a good 1. and i do think shanny will draft a rb and tighten up the o-line.
    i dont remember who said it but the skins were avg. without shanny , they will be alot better with him imo.the eagles are lost and stupid .

  • andrew

    only goodplayer … lol how do u think that ? u ever herd of harris and clady the best bookends in the game.

  • andrew

    i think the eagles are lost … and now there not a playoff team anymore lol. real smart……….

  • thechelo757

    They did not get married in Colorado. They are getting married this Saturday July 17th in Florida. WooHoo Congrats Brandon and Michi ,, Luv Ya Both ,,Meemaw

  • Marriage Counseling New Jersey

    The Broncos shouldn’t give Marshall up for anything less than a first round draft pick and unless there’s a player available for it available also there are better option to share in the blog.

  • Thechelo757

    They are very Happy and very much in Love. The wedding in South Beach was GREAT and very touching !!! Go Dolphins and Brandon and Michi ♥♥♥

  • Thechelo757

    They are very Happy and very much in Love. The wedding in South Beach was GREAT and very touching !!! Go Dolphins and Brandon and Michi ♥♥♥